Re: NYC Library
Sun, 1 Jun 1997 15:41:36 -0500 (CDT)

On 05/30/97 08:58:13 you wrote:
>Regarding the NYPL, I visited last March, during working house, and it
>wasn't as bad as describes.

Glad to hear this. Maybe I'll brave it again some time!
>>There's also the debit card system for copies: a machine in which you put
>>money in the amount you think you'll need. There
>>doesn't seem to be any way to be reimbursed if you over-estimate. And
>>some of the machines are better than others.
>On the same floor as the genealogy room, there's a booth at which you
>stand in line, then you hand them your material and pay for the no. of
>pages to copy, and they'll do the copying for you and tell you to come
>back in 45 minutes or so, depending on how busy they are. Not great, but
>it works. The copies came out just fine.

I was talking about the microfilm copiers. I don't think the staff copies from microfilm-- or do they? I know about the copies from paper sources and it's another annoying part of the system: no self-service copying from books, etc. (And of course they don't let anybody, including staff, copy from manuscripts-- but who can blame them for that? It means, though, that after finding something in a mss, you then have to find the same thing on microfilm and make copies there. But that's probably why they don't allow self-copying to begin with.)

Anyway, how can
>you hate a library that has such a great web site and on-line catalog?

Guess I've just been feeling grumpy, but I did want to warn people coming to NY from out of town for a few days that research at NYPL can really eat into your available research time. The National Archives and, as you note, NYG&B are much more "user friendly".


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