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>>>>> "Phyllis" == PDKLEE <> writes:

Phyllis> My grandparents both died when my mother was just a child
Phyllis> so I never knew them.I have obtained their death
Phyllis> certificates, but am having trouble with the birth
Phyllis> certificates or any other information. My grandfather
Phyllis> was James LENT. He died December 28,1938. According to
Phyllis> his death certificate, he was born August 2, 1881. His
Phyllis> parents were Daniel and Katherine (FARLEY) LENT. My
Phyllis> grandmother was Violet (SNYDER) LENT. She was born April
Phyllis> 8, 1891 and died November 20, 1937
Phyllis> Would appreciate any information. Thank you. Phyllis Lee

Have you see "The LENT book", the 1902/3 book by Nelson B. Lent about
the NY Dutch Lent/Van Lent family? I have a copy at home and can do a
look up for you. It is readily available from various genealogy
reprinters for around $35. I can't vouch for it's accuracy...

Lorine McGinnis Schulze <>, the owner of the
excellent Olive Tree genealogy web site (
has quite a bit of information about old New York Dutch. She mentions
an article she wrote that may be of interest to LENT researchers, see

I don't know if it is published yet, but I'll be buying a copy it if


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