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July 31, 1960 - Furnished by Edna Moore Jarrell-(daughter of Anderson

(Anderson Moore talking)

This is the History of the Moore Family as told by my Grandmother
(Lucinda Miller Moore) this 14th day of Jan, 1933. A.L. Moore's great
grandfather Moore, whose name was James A. was born near Dublin, Ireland;
came to this country with a Regm't of Irish soldiers attached to the
British Army during the Revolutionary War. In fact, his name was not
Moore, but Fitzpatrick, but being Irish and not at all in sympathy with
the British cause and enlisting in the Continental Army under Washington
and took the maiden name of his mother, which was Moore. Since that
time the name of Moore has been borne by all his descendents [sic].
After the close of the Revolutionary War he settled in Pittsburgh, Pa.,
married and entered into the iron business. This trade not proving
profitable to him --he liquidated his affairs and with his family moved
to Tazewell County in Virginia. After a short stay there, he moved to
what is now known as Lawrence Co. Ky; where he settled on land that was
probably given him as a grant for his service during the war. He is
buried at or near the mouth of Little Blaine Creek. Grandmother did not
remember his wife's name, but stated that she knew she was Pennsylvania
Dutch. He was the father of 15 boys and 2 girls.

James Moore- the eldest settled in Tenn. near Nashville; about his
family I know nothing.

Alec Moore - settled near Lexington, Ky. He was a glass maker by trade
and lived and died there, leaving many descendents [sic].

John Moore - who was a Hatter, settled in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Chris & Sampson Moore - settled on Beech Fork of Twelvepole Creek in
Wayne Co. - Then Va. and afterwards moved from there to Martin Co. Ky.
on Tug River.

Nicholas Moore - settled in Texas and

Sam, David, Harry & William Moore - all remained in Laurence Co. [sic]
Ky. leaving many descendants who still live there.

(The two girls also married-)

Nancy - to a Mr. Stevens who lived on Twelvepole Creek in W. Va.

Isabelle - married a Mr. Caldwell of Boyd Co. Ky.

The William Moore as given above, was my Grandfather. He was married
twice.- 1st to a lady named Thompson who bore him the following
children: James, William, Jr., Samuel T., David, John, Nancy, and
Betsy. His 2nd wife was Lucinda Burgess Miller - to this union was
[sic] born; Joseph, Wesley T.(my father), Ephraim, Garland, and 5 girls
- Emma R., Polly, Amanda, Cynthia, and Polina. My father, Wesley T.
Moore, married Ledocia McKinster and their children were Lucinda-
married Bill McKinster; Juliann - married Cockram; Martha Jane - married
Davis Spencer; Mary Elizabeth - married Mont Adams; William Thomas -
married (1st wife) Trinnie Thompson & (2nd wife) Amanda Moore & (3rd
wife) Sarah (Moore) McKinster -one son was born dead; Dr. James Oliver
Moore - married (1st wife) Ida Hayes & (2nd wife) Stella Shannon;
Cynthia Bell - married George Cramer; Albert H. - married Lizzie Cordle;
Lillie - married Scott Thompson; Charles Warren - married Cora Jane
My father, Wesley, served as a sargeant in Union Army during the Civil
War. So did the father of my wife (who at that time was barely 15 yrs.
old) and was [sic] company clerk in my father's company.

I, Anderson L. Moore, was born during his absence in the service in
1864, and he did not return home until the following year at the end of
the war.

Wesley T. Moore died March 6, 1903 - was born August 17, 1837 - in
Laurence [sic] Co. Ky.

Ledocia McKinster was born in Laurence [sic] Co. Ky. on Nov. 13, 1840 &
died April 28, 1908. They were married in Laurence Co. Ky. on Feb. 16,
1857 (my parents)

William Moore married Lucinda Burgess Miller on May 2, 1824 (my

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