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Laura MOORE b:____;
child of Michael Frederick MOORE and Jo Ann ???.
Margaret MOORE b:circa 1767, Mount Bethel, Northampton Co PA; M:(1785
Mount Bethel, Northampton Co PA) Andrew FARRAR.
Margaret Martha MOORE b:1 Oct 1871, Old Indianola, Calhoun Co TX; M:
(21 Aug 1890 Ashby, Matagorda Co TX) "Gil" Robert Gilden KUYKENDALL;
d:4 Jan 1950, Buda, Hays Co TX; buried Kuykendall Masoleum;
child of "Will" William Erastus MOORE and Mary C. SWIFT.
Martha MOORE b:1741; M:(1760) Joseph ROOT; d:1811.
Martha MOORE b:____, .of/ Oxford, Newton Co GA; M:Rev. Charles
Crawford JARRELL.
Mary MOORE b:____; M:(30 Jun 1606) Isaac GAWKROGER;
Mary MOORE b:____; M:(circa 1541) Thomas PAULET;
Mary MOORE b:1841; M:(1859) Edward King BRYAN.
Mary Louise MOORE b:24 Dec 1832, Morgan Co OH; M:(30 May 1850
Morgan Co OH) Thomas Wylie WADSWORTH; d:18 Nov 1918.
Matilda MOORE b:13 Mar 1805, Barnwell Co SC; M:(7 Jul 1826) William
DeWeese BRYAN; d:2 Aug 1867, Stillwood .(Allendale county)/, Beaufort
Co SC;
child of William MOORE and Margaret DEWEESE.
Matthew MOORE b:roughly 1819; M:(15 Sep 1840) Elizabeth FAIRCLOTH.
McClanahan MOORE b:____; M:(2 Apr 1786) Elisabeth METCALFE.
Michael Frederick MOORE b:____; M:Judy ???; Married Jo Ann ???;
M:Wanda ???;
child of Harold MOORE and Elsie RIBBLE.
"Willey" Miriam MOORE b:roughly 1646; M:(circa 1689 East Haddam,
Middlesex Co CT) Samuel SPENCER.
Moses MOORE b:1870; M:Tennie ???; d:.probably/ Ada, Pontotoc Co OK;
child #2 of William K. MOORE and Virginia Katherine HARRIS;
[Note:large family].
Mrs. MOORE b:____; M:Francis BROWNING.
Narcissa MOORE b:roughly 1825; M:James J. JARRELL.
Nellie Maria MOORE b:roughly 1902; M:James Kent HARDIN.
Nora MOORE b:roughly 1867; M:Leonard HARDIN.
Paul H. MOORE b:roughly 1934; M:Bonnie Jean NELSON.
Rachel MOORE b:____; M:(17 Nov 1709) Thomas HUNT.
Rachel MOORE b:roughly 1843; M:(circa 1843 Washington Co AR) Jacob
Rebecca MOORE b:1807; M:(1824) Joseph GRANT; d:1849;
child of Charles MOORE and Mary COATES.
Robert MOORE b:____; M:Mary (Mollie) GRUBBS.
Robert C. MOORE b:1878, Greene Co MO; M:Sara R. HANNA; d:1964,
Greene Co MO;
child of George W. MOORE and Margaret E. COOPER.
Robina B. MOORE b:roughly 1847; M:(10 May 1870 Fayette Co TX)
Alonzo T. (P) ROSS.
Roma MOORE b:____, Shelby, Linn/Oregon Co MO; M:John Goode FARMER;
child of Tandy G. MOORE and Virginia RUTTER.
Roxanne MOORE b:____;
child of Michael Frederick MOORE and Judy ???.
Ruth MOORE b:circa 1648, St. Mary's Co MD; M:(before 1660) Ninian BEALL.
Sam MOORE b:____; M:(1 Mar 1906) Eva Euroa OSBORNE.
Sarah MOORE b:____; M:(13 Jan 1774 Southampton Co VA) Thomas JARRELL;
living 13 Jan 1774, Southampton Co VA.
Sharon MOORE b:____; M:(30 Jul 1971) Russell POWERS.
Sherre Marie MOORE b:23 Apr 1954, Crestview, Okaloosa Co FL; M:(31 Dec
1984) Randall Stephen MCKINNEY; living 19 Jul 1990, Crestview,
Okaloosa Co FL;
Sophia B. MOORE b:____, Newbern, NC; M:Dr. Charles DUFFY;
child of William Powell MOORE and Mary Ann JONES;
[Note:Submitter for DAR lineage # 99277].
Susan Diane MOORE b:circa 1965; M:(3 Jun 1989 Selma, Dallas Co AL)
Martin Wesley HARDIN.
Tandy G. MOORE b:1850; M:(1877) Virginia RUTTER.
Thomas MOORE b:____, Ireland; M:Sarah ???; d:Craven Co NC.
Van Della MOORE b:4 Mar 1899, Savannah, Chatham Co GA; M:(26 Aug 1917
Savannah, Chatham Co GA) Alla Purse MULLIGAN; d:20 Jun 1991,
Hillsborough Co FL; buried Bonaventure Cemetery;
child of Charles Ellis MOORE and Iola May BLACK.
Will S. MOORE b:____; M:Kate Catherine Jane PYEATT.
Willene MOORE b:____; M:??? DERNEHL; living 1888, Springfield, Greene Co
child of Robert C. MOORE and Sara R. HANNA.
William MOORE b:circa 1755, NC; M:(before 1805) Margaret DEWEESE;
d:circa Dec 1810, Barnwell Co SC;
child of Thomas MOORE and Sarah ???;
[Note:some sources have place of birth as South Carolina].
"Will" William Erastus MOORE b:____; M:(before 1871) Mary C. SWIFT.
William Grant MOORE b:____; M:Sarah MCCONNELL;
child of John Whiting MOORE and Mary GRANT.
William Grant MOORE Jr. b:____; M:Etolia LEVIS;
child of William Grant MOORE and Sarah MCCONNELL.
William K. MOORE b:7 Aug 1837, AL; M:(before 1870) Virginia Katherine
HARRIS; d:8 Jul 1904, .behind the plow/ Millwood, Collin Co TX.
William Powell MOORE b:1815; M:(1851) Mary Ann JONES; d:1872.

If you or anyone can add, subtract, or change any of the data listed
above please contact me on this echo. If anyone has any questions
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