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Annapolis County, Nova Scotia Cemetery Listings

Surnames - N


Given Name



NalthalMax M.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 149 A
NanglarJoseph O.South Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 48
NanglarMaynard W.South Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 48 A
NanglarRaymondSouth Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 48
NanglarRussellSouth Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 48
NanglarSusan B.South Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 48
NanglarVernonSouth Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 48
NatarangeloMichael A.Falkland Ridge, Baptist Church Graveyard36 A
NatarangeloNina M.Falkland Ridge, Baptist Church Graveyard36
NathanielFlorence MaeNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 153
NathanielHerbNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 153 A
NathanielRussell EdwardNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 153
NauglerArthur H.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery373 A
NauglerArthur H.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery375 A
NauglerArthur W.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery339
NauglerBabyLawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery330
NauglerBernice L.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery330
NauglerClara AlbertaLawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery339 A
NauglerElsie L.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery415 A
NauglerEugene P.South Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 73 A
NauglerFred S.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery341 A
NauglerHarold F.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery330 A
NauglerIsabellaLawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery347
NauglerJanet E.South Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 73
NauglerJean L.South Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 81 A
NauglerJohn L.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery463 A
NauglerLaurence S.South Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 73
NauglerLuola M.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery375
NauglerObediahSouth Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 74 A
NauglerRenfred L.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery375
NauglerRosamond P.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery340 A
NauglerSusan M.South Williamston, Whitman-Cunningham Cemetery 74
NauglerVernon H.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery330
NauglerWallace O.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery347 A
NaussArchibald GordonHampton Cemetery 16 A
NaussJane ElainePort Wade, United Baptist Church Cemetery69 A
NaussLillas MSpringfield Cemetery 175
NealMinnie A.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery475 A
NearyStella B.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery933
NeavesAlberta O.Port Lorne, Fundy View Cemetery 63
NeavesAlonzoRound Hill 2 Cemetery 156 A
NeavesAlvinaRound Hill 2 Cemetery 156
NeavesBessie A.Port Lorne, Fundy View Cemetery 44
NeavesBlanche M.Port Lorne, Fundy View Cemetery 59 A
NeavesGeorge M.Port Lorne, Fundy View Cemetery 45 A
NeavesRalph H.Port Lorne, Fundy View Cemetery 44 A
NeavesStephenPort Lorne, Fundy View Cemetery 63 A
NeavesWilliam H.Port Lorne, Fundy View Cemetery 116 A
NeileyAbner P.Granville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 49 A
NeileyElizabethWilmot 1 Cemetery34 A
NeileyHarry M.Granville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 50 A
NeileyMaria M. Granville Centre, Wadeville Cemetery 49
NeilyAlexina L.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 29 A
NeilyAliceMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery220
NeilyAlice ReaghMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery297
NeilyAllen E.Torbrook Mines, United Church of Canada Cemetery88 A
NeilyAmeiliaNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 537
NeilyAnna B.Torbrook Mines, United Church of Canada Cemetery80
NeilyAnnie B.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery550
NeilyAnnie EBridgetown Riverside202
NeilyAnnie ENictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 366
NeilyAnnie S.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery559 A
NeilyAvard LNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 180 A
NeilyB. LouiseMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery296
NeilyBertha L.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 180
NeilyBurtonBridgetown Riverside111 A
NeilyBurton ANictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 407
NeilyC.A.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery220 A
NeilyCarman B.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery296 A
NeilyCarolineMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery549
NeilyCassieMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery697
NeilyCassie G.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery696 A
NeilyCatherineMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery134
NeilyCatherineMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery315 A
NeilyCecelia BealsMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery784
NeilyCelia G.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery219
NeilyCharles M.Melvern Sq., Church Grove Cemetery97 A
NeilyCharlotteMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery214
NeilyClara BelleMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery495
NeilyClarance E.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery250 A
NeilyE OwenBridgetown Riverside202 A
NeilyElizaBridgetown Riverside111
NeilyEliza M.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery313
NeilyElizabethBridgetown Riverside15 A
NeilyElizabeth A.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 537
NeilyElsie D.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 179
NeilyElsie L.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery503
NeilyErnest ANictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 366 A
NeilyErnest R.Torbrook Mines, United Church of Canada Cemetery80 A
NeilyErnest T.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery297 A
NeilyFrankNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 537 A
NeilyFred E.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery550 A
NeilyG WesleyMiddleton, Old Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery80 A
NeilyG.F.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery495
NeilyGeorgeMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery318 A
NeilyGeorge A.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery219 A
NeilyGeorge E.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery317 A
NeilyGeorge W.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery215 A
NeilyGeorgie L.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery502
NeilyHarold F.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery250
NeilyHelen M.Torbrook Mines, United Church of Canada Cemetery44
NeilyHenrietta S.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery312
NeilyInfant sonMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery303 A
NeilyIngram ENictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 409 A
NeilyIngram S.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 179 A
NeilyIsaac BentMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery549
NeilyIsaac K.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery249 A
NeilyJ. HavelockMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery503 A
NeilyJ. OscarMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery248 A
NeilyJ. ParkerMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery299 A
NeilyJ. ParkerMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery502 A
NeilyJ. PrimroseMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery495 A
NeilyJames AlburnBridgetown Riverside109 A
NeilyJames B.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 537
NeilyJean ArdissMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery250
NeilyJosephMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery316 A
NeilyJosephMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery434 A
NeilyJoseph C.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery313 A
NeilyJoseph H.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery298 A
NeilyJune EMiddleton, Old Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery80
NeilyKinsmanMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery214 A
NeilyL RichardMiddleton, Old Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery64
NeilyL. RayMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery503
NeilyL.V.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery495
NeilyLauraNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 133
NeilyLeah M.Torbrook Mines, United Church of Canada Cemetery62
NeilyLelaMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery893 A
NeilyLloyd RMiddleton, Old Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery64 A
NeilyLouisa A.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery550
NeilyLucy CNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 407 A
NeilyMark W.Torbrook Mines, United Church of Canada Cemetery44 A
NeilyMaryMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery248
NeilyMary BMiddleton, Old Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery64
NeilyMary ENictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 409
NeilyMary M.Torbrook Mines, United Church of Canada Cemetery88
NeilyMinnie BNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 408 A
NeilyMinnie L.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery249
NeilyNina MNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 358
NeilyObadiah P.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery550
NeilyPearl F.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery312
NeilyRalph MorseNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 367 A
NeilyRaymond E.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery250
NeilyRebeccaMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery299
NeilyRebecca S.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery14
NeilyReginald B.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery496 A
NeilyRobertNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 551 A
NeilyRobert A.Torbrook Mines, United Church of Canada Cemetery62 A
NeilyRobert V.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 550 A
NeilyRosalynMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery900 A
NeilyRuby D.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 180
NeilyRupertMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery213 A
NeilySamuelBridgetown Riverside110 A
NeilySarah F.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 184 A
NeilySarah J.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery558 A
NeilySophiaNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 552 A
NeilySophieNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 409
NeilySusannaMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery318
NeilyTheron A.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery312 A
NeilyWardMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery549 A
NeilyWiliam L.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery14 A
NeilyWillard R.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 549 A
NeilyZelpha A.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery314
NelsonAliceKarsdale, Christ Anglican Church Graveyard165
NelsonFlora EMiddleton, Old Holy Trinity Anglican Church Cemetery189
NelsonJames R.Port Wade, United Baptist Church Cemetery25 A
NelsonMaria H.Round Hill 2 Cemetery 248
NelsonMary B.Port Wade, United Baptist Church Cemetery25
NelsonMary CKarsdale, Christ Anglican Church Graveyard164 A
NelsonSamuelBridgetown Riverside645 A
NelsonSarahBridgetown Riverside645
NelsonThomasKarsdale, Christ Anglican Church Graveyard165 A
NevilleAnnie MaudeLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery80
NevilleEdward FraserLeQuille, Woodland Cemetery80 A
NewberyJohn EdwardLawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery319 A
NewcombeAlfarettaBridgetown Riverside725
NewcombeBarbara MarieTorbrook Mines, United Church of Canada Cemetery79
NewcombeByron VictorTorbrook Mines, United Church of Canada Cemetery79
NewcombeEmily S.Bridgetown Riverside725
NewcombeGlendon OwenTorbrook Mines, United Church of Canada Cemetery79
NewcombeI.C.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery23 A
NewcombeLillie GraynellTorbrook Mines, United Church of Canada Cemetery79
NewcombeMax D.Bridgetown Riverside725
NewcombeOwen MillageTorbrook Mines, United Church of Canada Cemetery79 A
NewcombeRufus A.Bridgetown Riverside725 A
NewcombeSteadmanBridgetown Riverside725
NewtonJohnAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 146 A
NewtonRobert SBridgetown St Alphonsus RC 29
NewtonWilliamBridgetown St Alphonsus RC 29 A
Nicholl  Bear River, Mt. Hope244 A
NichollAnnie JeanLequille, St. Albans Community Cemetery63 A
NichollArthur AllnuttLequille, St. Albans Community Cemetery62 A
NichollFrank M.Bear River 33
NichollGeorgeBear River 33 A
NichollJames D.Bear River, Mt. Hope256  
NichollJames DavidLequille, St. Albans Community Cemetery62
NichollJohn L.Bear River, Mt. Hope178 A
NichollLizzieBear River 33
NichollLouise J.Bear River, Mt. Hope256  
NichollMargaretBear River 34 A
NichollMariaBear River 34
NichollMaria A.Bear River, Mt. Hope256  
NichollMary J.Bear River, Mt. Hope256  
NichollMotherBear River 33
NichollPhebeBear River 33
NichollStuart EassonLequille, St. Albans Community Cemetery56 A
NichollWilliamBear River 34
NichollsEdward JBridgetown, Anglican Church 121 A
NicholsAdeliaBear River, Mt. Hope159  
NicholsAlbert F.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 86
NicholsAnnieNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 682
NicholsAzubahMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery345 A
NicholsCarl ManningBear River, Mt. Hope24 A
NicholsDanielParadise Cemetery28 A
NicholsDavid M.Clementsvale Cemetery371 A
NicholsDavid ManningBear River, Mt. Hope24  
NicholsElizaParadise Cemetery27 A
NicholsFrank E.Bear River, Mt. Hope159 A
NicholsFred T.Clementsvale Cemetery371
NicholsFreddie W.Round Hill 2 Cemetery 34 A
NicholsHenry A.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery314 A
NicholsJ. ManningClementsvale Cemetery235 A
NicholsJames AustinMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery346 A
NicholsLennie HopeClementsvale Cemetery19
NicholsMargaret JoyceBear River, Mt. Hope24  
NicholsMary E.LeQuille, Woodland Cemetery118
NicholsMary E.Clementsvale Cemetery371
NicholsMary L.Clementsvale Cemetery235
NicholsPearleBear River, Mt. Hope24  
NicholsZelpha A.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery314
NicholsonJanetBridgetown, Anglican Church 2 A
NicholsonJohnBridgetown Riverside698
NicholsonMalveniaBridgetown Riverside698
NicholsonPeterBridgetown, Anglican Church 1 A
NicholsonPeterBridgetown Riverside698 A
NickersonB.C.Bear River, Mt. Hope400  
NickersonHarrietBear River, Mt. Hope400  
NickersonM.M.Bear River, Mt. Hope400  
NixonAllister J.Maitland Bridge, Maplewood Cemetery80 A
NixonAnita E.East Margaretsville Cemetery 173
NixonCharlotteNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 530 A
NixonEmelineMaitland Bridge, Maplewood Cemetery82 A
NixonEna MaeNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 390
NixonEwart (Evart or Ervart?) F.East Margaretsville Cemetery 171 A
NixonFlorence EileenMelvern Sq., Church Grove Cemetery161
NixonFredEast Margaretsville Cemetery 173
NixonHattie M.East Margaretsville Cemetery 170
NixonIsaacMaitland Bridge, Maplewood Cemetery81 A
NixonIsabellaEast Margaretsville Cemetery 174 A
NixonJohn InglisEast Margaretsville Cemetery 173 A
NixonMargaret LouiseEast Margaretsville Cemetery 173
NixonMaryEast Margaretsville Cemetery 190
NixonMary AnnEast Margaretsville Cemetery 193 A
NixonMosesNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 533 A
NixonNellie L.East Margaretsville Cemetery 171
NixonOtto W.East Margaretsville Cemetery 170 A
NixonOtto WilburMelvern Sq., Church Grove Cemetery161 A
NixonRobertNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 528 A
NixonRuth A.East Margaretsville Cemetery 170
NixonSadieEast Margaretsville Cemetery 191
NixonThomasEast Margaretsville Cemetery 173
NixonThomasEast Margaretsville Cemetery 190 A
NixonVera L.East Margaretsville Cemetery 173
NixonVera M.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 132
NixonWilliamEast Margaretsville Cemetery 191 A
NixonWilliam H.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 132 A
NixonWilliam H.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 529 A
NobleJean MarleneMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery767 A
NoglarMargaretNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 577 A
NoglearPowlisNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 578 A
NoglerEarl G.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 106 A
NoglerFlorence L.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 625
NoglerHorace H.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 625 A
NoglerJosephineNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 576 A
NormanJosephAnnapolis Royal, Garrison 59 A
NormanPercy A.Centerlea, United Baptist Church Cemetery59 A
NorrisChesterMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery973 A
NorrisDonaldMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery972 A
NorthAbigailNictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 531
NorthAda E.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 28
NorthAnnie L.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery272
NorthAnnie L.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery273
NorthCatherineMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery378
NorthCharles W.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 174 A
NorthDanielMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery272 A
NorthIsaac H.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 531 A
NorthJoseph N.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 28 A
NorthJoseph S.Port George, Hillside Cemetery179 A
NorthLewis F.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 174
NorthNellie L.Nictaux, Community Centre Cemetery 174
NorthRuth AnnMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery271 A
NorthStanley E.Port George, Hillside Cemetery178 A
NorthWilliamMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery273 A
NorthWinnifred A.Port George, Hillside Cemetery179
NorthrupAltha MaryLawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery123
NorthrupTheodore H.Lawrencetown, Fairview Cemetery123 A
NortonJacob B.Granville Ferry, Parker/Gilliatt Cemetery49 A
NorwoodSusanMelvern Square, United Baptist Church Graveyard27
NoseworthyDarin MichaelMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery116 A
NottMargaret E.Centerlea, United Baptist Church Cemetery41
NoyesJessie M.Middleton, Pine Grove Cemetery396
NullerLucyBridgetown, Anglican Church 5 A
NullerMary EBridgetown, Anglican Church 4 A
NybergJ. WalterMiddleton, Pine Grove Cemetery860 A