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From: David Spurr

Subject: Margaret (VAN HORNE) AGAR, Tupperville, NS

Asa TUPPER, born 1759 in Lebanon, Conn. Son of Elias Tupper and Jerusha Sprague. He married Margaret (VAN HORNE) AGAR, born 1765 and died 3 Nov. 1827 Asa Tupper was a farmer who lived at Clark's Ferry (later Tupperville) and Round Hill, N.S. He died at Round Hill, N.S. 25 June 1810. His parents moved from Conn. to Cornwallis, Nova Scotia in 1760. Does anyone know anything about Margaret (VAN HORNE) AGAR and her ancestors? I have been informed that the name AGAR may in fact be AGARD - (thanks Vernon) Any help would be appreciated.

From: Karen Small

Looking for parents of William Bishop,and Gertrude Ford his wife. Believe these two were born Annapolis Co. N.S. William was WW1 vet who died in USA ca.1940's.

From: Shirley Benoit
Subject: McGRATH Annapolis Co., N.S.

I am trying to locate information on an Ann PARR b. 1827, d. 1928 in Victoria Beach, Annapolis Co., N.S. m. to Samuel McGRATH (1828-1904). She was the d/o William and Sarah PARR from Windsor, Hants Co., area.


In the History of the County of Annapolis, Calnek lists the following: Susanna, dau. of Silas MARGESON and Mehitable REAGH, m. Bayard MARGESON. To which MARGESON does Bayard belong?

Sarah Ann REAGH, dau. of John REAGH and Sarah GATES, also m Bayard MARGESON. Is there an error in these two listings? Did one of Bayard's wives die and he remarried? If so, which one died? First, that is!

Elizabeth REAGH, dau. of John REAGH and Sarah GATES, m. Adam BOWLBY - whose son is he?

George HAWKSWORTH, s. of Adam HAWKSWORTH and Elizabeth WEDGWOOD, m. Catherine ZEIGLER. What happened to George and Catherine? I can find nothing further about them. And what is the correct spelling of Catherine's surname? I have found it spelled "SIGLER"

From: Thomas Giammo
Subject: Tupper connection?

I noticed your posting to GANS and was struck by the name Tupper. My wife's GGgrandmother, Elizabeth Conrod of Lawrecetown NS, had a brother named Charles Tupper Conrod - and we've always wondered where the "Tupper" came from. That Charles Tupper Conrod was the son of Thomas Conrod and Cecily McManamy (or McMahon, depending on whether you believe the marriage bond or the church marriage register). They were married at Saint Paul's in Halifax on February 11, 1808.

I would image that Tupper was a surname somewhere in Cecily's ancestry, but have never found anything on her. The timing is about right for Cecily's Tupper ancestor to be a sister of your Asa Tupper. Any bells ringing?

From: Jim Gillick

There was an ANDREW MARSHALL in Wilmot who had at least 7 children and there was an ANDREW MARSHALL m to SUSANNAH who had at least 10 children ... also in Wilmot. I have no dates, but we're looking at the early 1800s. Can anyone give me any ANDREW MARSHALL info to sort this out?

Is anyone familiar with this group: ELIZABETH MARSHALL m 1835 STEPHEN BROWN. Two of their children were LUIZEN and MARY. Also, that marriage was officiated in Wilmot by REV. INGRA(HA)M BILL. Does anyone know anything about him?

Lastly, I'm looking for the parents of Abel, Catis, Asaph, and Obadiah Marshall. Any ideas?

From: S. Burton
Subject: MAHONEY

I am trying to locate my Grandfather, he was a railway employee in Annapolis County. All I know is that his name could be Arnold, Anthony or George. I do know he remained a bachelor and did not marry my Grandmother because he was so much older. My Grandmother was born in 1905, and my mother was born in 1927, so he could have been born 1877>1900. He had at least two brothers. I would really like to finish my family tree, I have finished the others branches. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

From: Dianne Elliott
Subject: Banks and Ryder

I am looking for info on Unis RYDER who married Andrew Brown at St. Luke's Anglican in Wilmot Townchip in 1794. Also interested in Seraph BANKS married to Andrew Brown Jr. in 1829. Any info on siblings or children whould be helpful.

From: Joan Conrad
Subject: Cashman Ancestors

I am at a standstill when it comes to my Husbands grandfather who was George M. Cashman b. 1851 in Maitland, Annapolis Co. Some of the family lived in the Bear River area. His wife was Mary Elizabeth Rebecca Wile b. Jun 24 1860. Now here is my problem. George's father was Edward Cashman b. abt. 1819 and his mother was Jane Forest b. Apr. 11 1828. I don't know where or who their parents were. I have a few other Cashman names that I am sure in some way connect but since I haven't the parent's names, I have come to a grinding HALT.

Any help whatsoever would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance

From: Fred Roisum
Subject: Hudgins/Margaretsville

I am researching Cora Hudgins born June 22 1878 died Oct 24 1944 married to Andrew Malcolmson Bent of Granville. Any information would be very welcome. Thank You

From: Diane Epperson
Clarendon A. FOSTER was born in Bridgetown, Annapolis Co. His dau. Mary Havila (sp?) FOSTER was born 1889 in Boston, Mass. He was a physician. Unknown when Clarendon moved to Boston, where married or when, wife's name, where schooled, his parentage. Seek any info related to him.

From: Lucy Traves
Subject: Mills Family of Granville, N.S.

I am compiling a book on the Mills family of Granville, N.S. I am looking for descendants of Robert and Ann (Milner) Mills who came to Granville, N.S. in 1774 with the Yorkshire Settlers. I am looking for the family of William Botsford and Amanda (Webb) Mills. They married in Granville, 12 Oct 1883 and had the following children:

1. Frances Ann B 1885. She married Francis Rogers in 1907.

2. Guy Walter B 1886. He was a witness to the above wedding.

3. Sarah Caroline B 1888. She married ? Clark.

4. Oscar Leopold B 1889.

5. Violet Emily B 1890. She was unmarried in 1919.

6. Reta Muriel B 1892. She died in 1919 unmarried.

Amanda the mother was granted guardianship in Sep 1924 of her granddaughter Ruby E. Mills age 8. One of the son's must have married and produced Ruby. Amanda was living in Clements in 1919 when named in her daughter, Reta's will.

There are two Mills men I am missing. They are the sons of George William and Hannah (Hall) Mills. They appear in George's will in 1914.

1. St. Clair (maybe Sinclair) E. Mills B 1874 was living in Cambridgeport, Mass in 1914.

2. B.Burpee Mills B 1876. He is mentioned as "Esquire of San Francisco" in 1914.

I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has any info on any of these people. I would like to have the book as complete as possible.

Subject: Annapolis County

With hope I post the following names that form part of my "tree:" BAKER, CHESLEY, DURLAND, MARGESON, REAGH, SAUNDERS, SLOCOMB, STRONACH, WELTON, YOUNG. And with hope perhaps some of you are researching some of those names too! If so, would you be willing to exchange information?

From: Shirley Benoit
Subject: GRANT Research In Annapolis Co., N.S.

I would appreciate help in finding information on my 3rd gt-gdmother, Mrs. Barbary GRANT Barbary (_____?_______) b. ? place ? d/o ? m. ? to John GRANT, b. 1807 d. ? Had daughter Elizabeth GRANT b. 1840-1930) Family was living in Annapolis Co., N.S.

From: Phil Johnson
Subject: Johnson Family

I am stuck on searching back to Scotland for our progenitor, Guillaume (William) Johnson. He arrived at Port Royal NS with the invasion fleet in October 1710. He married an Acadian (Isabelle Corporon). I need to find a way of tracing Guillaume to Scotland, but his birthdate and place would really help. Any help would be appreciated.

From: C B Knox
Subject: PARKER links?

I have Annie Elizabeth PARKER, b. 8 Jun 1880, Annapolis Co, N.S. Came to Maine with parents in 1888; m. 24 Nov 1902 to William Warren NORSWORTHY. She d. 3 Apr 1947 at Caribou, ME. Her parents: Albert PARKER, b. Annapolis Co, N.S., d. in Maine; m. Hannah Maria RAND.

Can anyone connect these names with other Annapolis County Parkers?

From: mike

I believe both these families are of Dutch origin and are from N.Y. and, or N.J. They came as Loyalist in 1783 and settled in Clements (DEEP BROOK, CLEMENTSPORT ETC.) Any and all info would be appreciated.

From: Russell Smith
Subject: Bolby ancestry

Does anyone have info on Achsa Bolby from Annapolis county? She married Herbert Smith. They had a son Ora B. Smith. Any info would be greatly appreciated.Thanks.

From: Jim Gillick
Subject: Re: Annapolis Valley people

Alfred Dudley Brown, b 1845, left Nictaux to become a teacher, then principal, at Park St School, Bridgetown, then store manager and postmaster at Bridgetown. He was still in Bridgetown in 1923, and is buried there. He m 1. Laura Ruggles 2. Sadie Wheelock; his children were Leta Brown, who m HF Scudamore, and Elroy Brown; his parents were James R Brown and Amelia Marshall; his grandfather was Andrew Brown.

I am wondering 3 things (well, actually, 300 would be more like it!)

1. the name Dudley....was it somebody's last name?

2. grandfather Andrew Brown....does anyone know anything about him?

3. any such thing as a Brown genealogy group in NS? (There were/are a lot of Browns in NS!)

From: Carol Barker
Subject: Re: Annapolis, NS

Hi everyone, Thanks for being so nice to me. I would like to ask your help again. My GGGgrandfather was ROBERT ST CLAIR STODDART b 23 July 1778 where I don't know and don't know his parents m. 8 April 1797 to Mary Roop in Springfield, Stoddartville, Annapolis or Dalhousie (whatever they call it) died 18 Sept 1863 in Springfield. Jessie found him listed in "NS immigrants to 1867 by Leonard Smith and it said "Enlisted at Longford, Longford, Ireland, 30 Dec. 1804, age 35; disbanded at Frederiction 24 June 1818; carpenter; "located" Dalhousie Military Settlement 1820. Even though there's a difference in age by 9 years. I think he the right guy. Here's my question

1. How would I get his military record? IN Ireland? Canada?

2. How do I find out his parents and his birth cert??

3. Do all the place names mean the same place????

From: Eric McAllister
Subject: David S. and David R. HALL, Annapolis Co.

Looking for information on David Shaw HALL b. 1793 in Granville, I believe a son of James Hall and Havilah SHAW; and on David Reed HALL, whom I believe is a son of the above (b. 25 Apr 1828) by Catherine WADE. I would appreciate confirmation of the connection, and think I can track a line back and forward from there.

From: Robert Stanley Decoteaux
Subject: MORIN dit BOUCHER

HELLO FELLOW RESEARCHERS: I am BOB DECSOTEAUX of FREMONT, CA, USA. I am a grandson of MARIE-PAMELA MORIN of ST-EPIPHANE her original ancestor in NOVA SCOTIA was PIERRE MORIN dit BOUCHER whose father PIERRE MORIN married MARIE MARTIN in PORT ROYAL in the early days of NOVA SCOTIA. I have been told that I have relatives still living in NOVA SCOTIA, if your out there here is your chance to make contact.

Date: 15 Apr 1997
From: Pat Tanner
Subject: MCGRATH - Annapolis Co

I am looking for information on the family of Phoebe McGrath (nee ??). She would have been born approx 1820-30, and was the mother of Margaret Anne (m - George Westhaver), Phoebe (m - ________ Matthews), and Delilah Alberta (m - _________ Polleys). I have been told that she was widowed when McGrath was lost at sea. She remarried a man named Hicks, and had a son, William Hicks, who lived in Eastport, Maine.

Date: 16 Apr 1997
From: Richard Wadden
Subject: Troop Family

We were hoping to obtain all information that is available on the Troop family from the Granville Ferry region.

Date: 19 Apr 1997
From: David G Allen
Subject: Coffill Family Bible

I have a family Bible in my possession which came out of the house known locally as the "Ditmars House in Clementsport, Annapolis County, NS, occupied at one time by Robert Leslie & Emma (Coffill) Ditmars. The Bible was published in 1866 by William Collins, Sons & Company, Glasgow and London.

It has a typical family register and it contains information on the Freeman & Louisa A. Coffill family.

The Bible has no family or genealogical significance for me and therefore if an interested party would like to have the Bible, please contact me. Presently, the Bible is in Mahone Bay, NS.

Date: 24 Apr 1997
From: Paul L Ward
Subject: Alpheus H. Ward

In searching for my Grandfather (Alpheus H. Ward, born March 16, 1860/61) birth place I have run into a dead end in Antigonish. It was suggested to me that Wards settled some where in the Annapolis Valley and also a Ward settlement in New Brunswick, northwest of Fredericton, both around the mid 1800's. GGrandparents (names unknown) also born Nova Scotia.

Date: 27 Apr 1997
From: Jim Gillick
Subject: Annapolis BROWNs

My latest Annapolis Valley BROWN info indicates that Andrew Brown, father of James R, father of James Leonard, father of Ada Belle b 1889, was from Scotland and thence Massachussetts. Experience has taught me that many emigrants didn't travel alone, but usually with at least siblings. So for the time being I have decided that someone came to NS with Andrew, maybe Thomas or Ebenezer or William. I know the William Brown b NS in 1818 was "Scotch" on the census. He was a caulker and was of the Baptist religion!

Date: 28 Apr 1997
From: Judy Bruce

Would like to know if there are fellow researchers working on any of these lines?

I have some info (willing to share) and looking for more. They seem to have been mainly in Annapolis and Kings Cnty's. Time frame from late 1700's to now.

My policy is a little info is better than no info so if you have these surnames in your tree will you please email me?

Date: 06 May 1997
From: Heather Waddingham
Subject: BERRY/CRESS Surname in Nova Scotia

I am looking for information on the ancestors/descendants of Joseph Howe BERRY and his wife Lavinia "Lemma" CRESS. Joseph was born April 12, 1840, d. Nov 28, 1872. Lemma was b. May 2 1832, possibly in Clements, NS. They were married December 1858 in Bear River, Nova Scotia and had 5 children. John E b. 1859, Dorothy Ann b. 1860, Sarah "Lavinia" b. 1862 d. Jan 30 1935, Ezra b. 1867, and Joseph b. 1870.

I have extensive information on the descendants of Sarah Lavinia which I would be more than happy to share.

Date: 08 May 1997
From: Nancy Story Adkins
Subject: Capt. FRANCIS STORY

I am researching my STORY line. Capt. FRANCIS STORY of Halifax, Nova Scotia and his wife SARAH ______ STORY, who was born Dec. 21, 1784 in Annapolis Royal. I don't know their parents names, or siblings, or their marriage date. I will gladly share information.

Date: 09 May 1997
From: Doug Goff
Subject: TUPPER in Kings and Annapolis County

For anyone with Kings or Annapolis County Tupper relations traced back to Eliakim (1711-1761) and Elias (1715-1800), the immigrants and founders of these two branches of the Tupper family, I wanted to share with you my recent experience in tracing their mother. Joanna (b. May 20, 1689), the wife of Eliakim Tupper Sr. (1681-1760) and mother of Eliakim and Elias, was said to be Joanna Gibbs in the register "Thomas Tupper and His Descendents", by The Tupper Family Association, New Eng. Hist. Gen. Reg., Jan., 1945, pp. 59-67. This information has permeated numerous records and files but is incorrect.

Joanna was the daughter of Ambrose Fish (1650-Oct. 21, 1691) and Hannah Swift (Mar 11, 1651 - 1721). Ambrose was the son of Nathaniel Fish (1619-1693) and Lydia Miller of Sandwich, MA while Hannah was the daughter of William Swift (d. Jan 7, 1706, s/o William and Joane) and Ruth (Dillingham?), also of Sandwich, MA. Ambrose and Hannah had Ephraim (Dec 16, 1676 - 1677), Abia (b. Sep 2, 1678, m. Samuel Tobey), Mehitable (b. May 19, 1680, m. Gershom Tobey), Seth (b. 1682, m. Mary Turner), and Joanna (b. May 20, 1689, m. Eliakim Tupper). Hannah m. 2nd, after 1691, Thomas Tobey (b. bef 1629, d. Jan. 9, 1714), the father of Samuel and Gershom.

There are several sources from which this information was compiled, the most important of which is Barclay, Mrs. John E. of Whitman, Mass., 1959, Hannah (Swift) Tobey, Daughter of William Swift and the Family of Ambrose Fish of Sandwich, Mass., American Genealogist, 35:40-44, January, 1959. Another independent piece of evidence was published in the NEHGR 117 (1963): 190, which provides independent confirmation of Mrs. Barclay's article. Two other important documents are Swift, George, H. 1900, William Swyft of Sandwitch and some of his descendents, 1637-1899, Round Table Press, Millbrook, NY, and Allaben, F. 1922. William Swift, Senior and Junior, of Sandwich, MA, J. Amer. Geneal. 2(1):19-29.

Having searched a long time for the parents of Joanna Gibbs, only to find that she was Joanna Fish, I thought this information would be useful and may help others.

Doug Goff (a native of Truro, NS and descendent of Eliakim Tupper (1742-1810) of Stewiacke, NS).

Date: 14 May 1997
From: Bill Phinney
Subject: Clark Family

My name is Bill Phinney and my father came from Port Lorne, Nova Scotia. Many of my ancestors are also from Annopolis county in and around the Granville, Wilmont areas. I am attempting to find out infromation on the following families.

Eleanor Clark, married John Hall Jr. abt 1817, they had nine children. Unfortunatley I have no other vitals but there children were. Sara Ann, b 1819, Mary Mitilda, b 1821 David, b 1823 married Ann Foster, Eleanor, b 1825 John Allen, b 1827 Elizabeth, b 1829 Wm Clark, b unk, Uriah, b unk. I am descended from David Hall and Ann. Any assistance on the Clark familey would be appreciated.

My next venture is to attempt to tie a Benjamin Rumsey I to the line of Rumsey in U.S. Benjamin Rumsey came to Nova Scotia abt 1750. He was of Scottish Orgin and was the Clerk of the Cheque to the Board of Ordinance at Port Royal. He had a son Benjamin Rumsey II who married Amy Chesley and they had several children. I do have the Genealogy from the Public Archives of Nova Scotia, but does not give Benjamin Rumsey I parents or how he arrived in Nova Scotia. Any help in this line would be appreciated.

Date: 16 May 1997
From: Donna Lee Butler
Subject: Historic Restoration announcement(Annapolis Royal)

I have been asked by the Historic Restoration Society of Annapolis County to make an announcement regarding their establishment of a Genealogical Centre. May I post it here?

Donna Lee BUTLER

Date: 17 May 1997
From: Daryla Cuthbertson
Subject: Young/Levy Family

My grandfather Albert Borden Young was born December 13, 1886 Bridgewater, Nova Scotia and died September 23, 1942 in Winnipeg Manitoba. His father was Edward Cunningham Young born July 27, 1853 and married Hannah Elizabeth Levy of Lunenberg Nova Scotia in 1877. I am trying to find out if Edward C. Young was born in Nova Scotia. I have been told that his parents were David J. Young (1825-1899) and G. Mary Robinson (1831-1887). I have all the descendants of Albert. Appreciate any help you can give me.

Date: 17 May 1997
From: Wendy Hudson
Subject: HUDSON - Annapolis County

I am looking for any information or descendants of the following family:

James HUDSON married Sarah Ann GOLD March 4, 1829 in Granville, Annapolis County, Nova Scotia. They had the following children born in Granville:

1. Mary Elizabeth HUDSON b. Feb 21, 1830

2. Jeremiah HUDSON b. May 29, 1831

3. Rachael HUDSON b. June 22, 1833

4. James Edward HUDSON b. Nov 5, 1836

The last record that I have of this family is in the 1838 census of Annapolis County. Any help will be appreciated. I am tracing all HUDSON descendants in Annapolis County.

Date: 20 May 1997
From: Pat Tanner
Subject: APT/ APTT: Digby, Annapolis Co.

Hi. I'm researching all descendents of APT/APTT in NS and New England. If you were lucky enough to have one in your family, or know of one, I'd like to hear from you! Many thanks.

Date: 30 May 1997
From: Jim Gillick

Do any of these names sound familiar to you?

Stephen TAYLOR, b 1785 NS

James TAYLOR, b 1780 Granville, NS, d Sep1857, m 10Mar1801 Elizabeth FOSTER, dau of Benjamin, b c1792, d 1888 Cornwallis

Amy TAYLOR, b c1779, d 1854, m Andrew BROWN

Date: 1 Jun 1997
From: Ron McClennan
Subject: MURPHY/Granville/1850 - 1900

The following MURPHYS are believed to be a family from the Granville/Granville Ferry area of Annapolis County, Nova Scotia (1850 -1900):


Walter MURPHY, b.d.m.???? - Ann FLEMMING, b.d. ????
Fred MURPHY; m. Lulu Laura ROSS, b. 9 Jul 1884, Culloden
Josephine MURPHY; b. ca 1877, m. 1903, Walter D. SWEENEY
Margaret Grace MURPHY, b. 23 Apr 1886, m. 17 Jan 1905,
Harry Chester ROSS

Can anyone add some vitals to the above, and, more important, are they truly a family and not a collection of like surnames?

Date: 3 Jun 1997
From: Beth Duley
Subject: Hudgins or Walker- Annapolis Valley

Anyone out there researching Hudgins or Walker from Annapolis Valley? I have very little information on that "branch" and don't know where to go for help. What I have is the following:

Gravestone inscription from (I think) St. Mary's Church Auburn Nova Scotia reads: Thomas and Susan Hudgins died January 13, 1854 It looks like they must have died the same day. Don't know how.

They were probably parents of Provost Hudgins (1837-1908) who married Matilda Alice Walker (1852-1913)

Provost and Alice Matilda are parents of
1) Aubrey A. (1886-1906) who lost his life in a railroad accident out West,
2) Earl (1888-1870), who married Mary Belle Chisholm (1888-1963)
3)Thomas (1886-1879)
4) Ella
5) Maud who married Roy O'Brien
6) Lil who married John Rock
7) Carrie.

That's all I know. Anyone have any tips on research books or where I could go for Annapolis Valley research?? Thanks very much.

Date: 14 Jun 1997
From: Kathryn Coombs
Subject: Annapolis County Queries (2)

Query No. 1: - British Garrison -- North Essex Regiment

Seeking any and all information on the British Garrison at Annapolis Royal during the Acadian period, especially 1710-1740, and especially any information on the North Essex (Massachussetts) regiment. My ancestor, William "Billy" JOHNSON served in that regiment and settled permanently at Port Royal. His commanding officers included Lt. Col. SALTONSTALL, Capt. HESELTINE, Capt. David PIDGEON. Did many of the members of the early garrison settle in the area, or did they mostly go home when their tour of duty was up?

Query No. 2 - DAVIS

Seeing any information on decendants of John DAVIS, b. ca. 1680-1690, who came to Annapolis Royal as part of the British Garrison, but by the 1730's had retired and was the keeper of an inn / tavern in Annapolis Royal. He married ca. 1731, Marie JOHNSON, b. 1713, daughter of William JOHNSON, a fellow member of the garrison (see my other query) and Isabelle CORPORON, an Acadian.

Date:17 Jun 1997
From: Mary Anne Bohaker
Subject: BOGART/BOGARDUS Annapolis Co.

I am trying to learn more about the ancestry of the Bogart family of Annapolis County. I would like to know the connection between Cornelius Bogart (b.1743) and Thunis (sp?) Bogart (b. 1750 d. 22 Oct 1822).

Cornelius married Margaret Covert on June 5th 1761; Thunis married Maria Remsen on June 17th 1778. It has been said that they were probably cousins who were descended from Evardus (Domine) Bogardus of New York.

Does anyone have any solid information to prove this connection?

Date: 22 Jun 1997
From: Caryn Cooke
Subject: COOK 's, Lake Pleasant, N.S.

I'm looking for info on the Cook family who lived in Lake Pleasant, NS and surrounding nearby areas. (Annapolis County) In late 1800's to early 1920's.

Specifically, I am searching for JOHN AMBROSE COOK, born May 5, 1891, or his father, John Cook and any other family members. Ambrose married Dorothy Rosella Crouse, born Sept 17, 1898 and migrated to B.C. approx 1920 (+/-) with their 3 children. Don't know if other family members also moved with them, before or after.

Also would like to know if anyone has leads to Native archival information that may be helpful. (Possibly Brandon?)

Date: 25 Jun 1997
From: Donna Lee Butler
Subject: William Kerr HENDERSON

Does anyone have any information on above gentleman. He was son to Andrew and Susanna SLACK HENDERSON of Annpolis Royal and married Jane HENDERSON (second) of Rothesay, New Brunswick. The family moved to Toronto, Ontario c 1880. I do not know of any children.

Have reason to believe Jane may be of my line but cannot confirm. Thank you for any help given.

Date: 12 Jul 1997
From: Mary Anne Bohaker
Subject: Stone Family

Is anyone researching the descendants of Col.Robert Stone of Wilmont Township, Annaoplis Co.?

Date: 14 Jul 1997
From: Terry Carter

Anyone researching Moshers and Hirtle's from Bridgewater, Nova Scotia? I am especially interested in the family of Harry J. Mosher and Dorothy Mosher nee Hirtle.

Date: 21 Jul 1997
From: Jim Gillick
Subject: EATON

Has anybody out there found a parent for John EATON or John HEATON or John H EATON or John HEAT(E) or John HEATH of Wilmot? He died 1846 in Nictaux where he likely had settled as a Loyalist. His daughter Margaret EATON was born 1788 in Wilmot. She married Obadiah MARSHALL. John and his wife Lydia (WARD)HARDY, also had Lydia, Robert (likely married Barsheba McDonald), Hepsibeth, Ann, George, and Bathsheba (married to AND separated from Patrick CARRIGAN) between 1790 and 1804.

Other names that are related to him are: William MARSHALL, Lucy HUDSON, Pamelia (Amelia) BROWN, Lydia Ann CARRIGAN, Sarah Jane CARRIGAN, Sophronia IRVINE, and William Fisher VIDITO.

There was a will for John H EATON dated 4Apr1846, registered 21Apr1846, stating him to be of Annapolis and mentioning his wife and children. In 1867 there was a petition of John MARSHALL re the estate of Lydia HEATE. In it the name was also spelled HEAT and HEATH! There also exists a will for Robert EATON, son of John and Lydia, dated Oct 3, 1873. In the Wilmot Records, there was a Robert EATON who married Maria WARD in 1817. Some of their children are listed as HEATONs! In the same records Obadiah MARSHALL married Margaret HEATON! (1805)

The long and the short of this is if there is anyone out there who is also stumped by John EATON and/or his assorted clan, I would be very happy to hear from you!

Date: 31 Jul 1997
From: John Helmut Merz
Subject: Buehler/Biehler/Beeler, Andreas/Andrew, Bear River, N.S.

I am interested in contacting any descendants of this Hessian settler at Clements Ts., Annapolis County, N.S.. I was contacted some time ago by a Mrs. Carol Hiltz of Kings Co., N.S. asking for info. on those names. Any help would be appreciated.

Date: 01 Aug 1997
From: Reg Ritchie
Subject: Bottermley

I am looking for any information about William Bottermley and Isabella (Spears) Bottermley. They had one child Fanny (or Frances)E Spears 1869-1958 born in Bear River N.S. , who married Charles Easson Ritchie, Annapolis Royal.

Date: 05 Aug 1997
From: L. Dwight Vidito
Subject: ADAM BOYD

Seeking information on ADAM BOYD , who married SARAH A. VIDITO 6 March 1869 in Middleton, Annapolis county. He died 1 Feb 1874 in Nictaux. Would like to know his parents/siblings and linage.

Date: 06 Aug 1997
From: Darrell A. Sherrin
Subject: Dodge family of Anapolis or Granville

I am looking for information on the family of Daniel Dodge, probably from Annapolis or Granville. There is also a Vermont connection possibly. Daniel would have been born around 1770-1775. He seems to have started his family in the US and emigrated to Ontario around 1800. It seems that he alone or his family had returned to the US.

I have noted that there are Annapolis Dodges with the same given names as Daniel used for his children later, so perhaps there is a connection here. The most unusual of the names are Adam, Permilia and Jesse (male). His wife's name was Elizabeth Steinberg from PA. Any info at all on Daniel would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou.

Date: 27 Aug 1997
From: rob & sandi bellefeuille
Subject: Stephen Tufts

Looking for ancestors of Stephen Tufts, born 1804 in Annapolis, NS, died Apr 18 1868 in New Germany, NS, married Apr 22 1832 to Louisa Marshall, daughter of Samuel and Nancy (Risteen) Marshall, born 1813 Wilmot, NS, died Apr 21, 1861 in New Germany, NS...issue William F., Margaret A, Abigail R., Major J., Adelaide, Henry M., George H., & Louisa J.

Date: 03 Sep 1997
From: Gail Nelson
Subject: 69th Annapolis Regiment

I am looking for information on the 69th Annapolis regiment and/or a "Boers War (?)" great grandfather Joshua Simpson served in the Canadian Army in the regiment & a war - the name on the war is a guess - around 1900, a career man, lieutenant. Any info or if anyone knows of some info I would appreciate the help!

Date: 04 Sep 1997
From: L. Dwight Vidito

Seeking information about John McKay that married Mary Eliza Vidito 21 Mar 1854. Mary was born about 1824 in Nictaux, Annapolis County. I believe they were married in the Clemonsport area.

Date: 08 Sep 1997
From: Gwynne Edson

Looking for husband of MARGARET ELIZABETH EDWARDS, b Sept. 31, 1833, bpt Nov. 3 1833 in Halifax. Family later moved to Windsor and Annapolis Royal. Would have been 18 in 1851. HELP

Date: 26 Sep 1997
From: malcolm smith hamilton
Subject: John Hamilton

Does anyone know anything about the early British companies in Annapolis Royal about 1710-1716? I have a baptismal record there for a son born somwhere in June 1714 and baptized there on August 2 1716.The name of the son is illegible, the father was John Hamilton the mother Marie. In the book of the Olivestob Hamiltons by Rev. Eaton he mentions a John Hamilton in the military at Annapolis Royal __supposedly a brother or a cousin of Lt.Otho Hamilton at the fort in 1710. However I found little in my short stay in London and wondered if he was one of the New England soldiers there.

Where could I locate records of the soldiers in the New England companies in Annapolis in 1710-1716 at which time the Fortieth Regiment was formed.?

Date: 26 Sep 1997
From: Priscilla Haines

I' m looking for a death in Annapolis Co. for Emmanuel Haines/Henn. Emmanuel was born 1837 in Lunenburg Co. the son of Johannes Hen. If anyone has information about him I would appreciate it.

Date: 29 Sep 1997
From: Frank J. Butler
Subject: Hayes family

I am a Hayes and looking for information on the Hayes Family, of Port Lorne, Port George, Wilmot areas of Annapolis County Nova Scotia.

My Father was Clarence Edward Hayes, His Father was William also related to Isaac Hayes, Clarence Edward was born 1888. either Port George or Bridgetown or Middleton. He married a Vidito and were very much related to the Durlings. I'm trying to establish whether they were Irish or scots. Have had conflicting reports.

Date: 02 Oct 1997
From: Mary Anne Bohaker
Subject: Col.Robert Stone

Is anyone researching the STONE family of Wilmont, Annapolis Co? I am having trouble with the children of Col.Robert Stone and Abigail Elliott.

Date: 02 Oct 1997
From: John Morris

Searching for connections:

WILLIAM WALTER HERSEY b1867 Freeport,NS, d1923, Saint John, NB
(1) Sister MARY HERSEY ORDE d Apr 9 1923 a65, Annapolis Valley,NS
(2) Family - Shipbuilders.
(3) JOHN HERSEY lived Freeport, moved to Saint John, NB.
(4) Gregory Boats? connected to WW Hersey - J.S. Gregory?
(5) HARVEY HEARSEY(sp?) b April 23, 1827, dOct.22, 1890.

Father & Mother - JOHN HERSEY & MARY ELDRIDGE mMarch 19, 1806 - 9 children

New York State to Yarmouth N.S. 1800 to 1830.

(7) S. A. Deam. Yarmouth NS

(8) Manning Hersey, PEI?

Date: 03 Oct 1997
From: malcolm smith hamilton
Subject: 1710 troops and Viper prisoners

Does anyone know how to find the names of the New England soldiers and officers who were in Annapolis Royal 1710-1716? Also The British privateer" Viper" was seized in 1779? Where can one find info about the prisoners who were probably taken to New England until 1783.

Date: 08 Oct 1997
From: Reg Ritchie
Subject: Ritchie Marriage

On the gravestone in the Woodlawn Cemetary Lequille Anna. Co. NS the inscription reads : In loving memory of my husband ROBERT LESLIE RITCHIE. Robert Ritchie was born July 27 1902,Lequille NS and died Nov 25 1927. Who was his wife? A family member who is now deceased, thought he may have been married in Montreal. It is possible that he may have been living there when he died.

Date: 10 Oct 1997
Subject: Coffill Family

I am doing a geneology search of the Coffill family as it pertains to Nova Scotia. I would appreciate any info that may be available especially info from the 1800's

Date: 19 Oct 1997
From: Lucy Traves
Subject: Mills Family, Granville, N.S.

I am compiling a book on the Mills family of Granville, N.S. I am looking for the following descendants of Robert and Ann (Milner) Mills who came to Granville in 1774.

1. The family of William Botsford and Amanda (Webb) Mills m. 12 Oct 1883 Granville.
a. Frances Ann b 1885 m Francis Rogers in 1907.
b. Guy Walter b. 1886. He was a witness at the above marriage.
c. Sarah Caroline b 1888. She married ? Clark.
d. Oscar Leopold b 1889.
e. Violet Emily b. 1890. She was unmarried in 1919.
f. Reta Muriel b 1892. She died in 1919 unmarried.

Amanda, the mother, was granted guardianship in Sep 1924 of her granddaughter Ruby E. Mills age 8. One of the son's must have married and produced Ruby! Amanda was living in Clements in 1919.

2. Two sons of George William and Hannah (Hall) Mills. They appear in George's will 1914 a. St. Clair (maybe Sinclair) E Mills b. 1874 was living in Cambridgeport Mass in 1914 b. B. Burpee Mills b. 1876 is mentioned as "Esquire of San Francisco" in 1914.

I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has any info on any of these people. I would like to have the book as complete as possible.

Date: 20 Oct 1997
From: George W King
Subject: Robinson Ancestors

I'm searching for the ancestors of Margaret Robinson, bpt 8 Jun 1787 at St Lukes Church, Annapolis, m c 1810 Levi Rice. Calnek reports that the 1792 tax records included John Robinson, John Robinson, Jnr, and Edward Robinson. There were no Robinsons at Annapolis in the 1770 census. Family tradition says that Margaret Robinson's parents were John Robinson and Maria Marshall (Granville Marshalls from New England Planters??) One of the Yorkshire Planter ship's passenger manifests of 1774 lists a Robinson family with two John Robinsons and an Edward Robinson. I'd like to share information with anyone researching the John Robinson family line at Annapolis, NS.

Date: 24 Oct 1997
From: Bill Pontin
Subject: Tanch, Gibson queries

Looking for information on following:

Great grandmother, Hester Thorne GIBSON, b. 24 May 1850, Bridgewater, m. 1869, Robert Parker GESNER. Daughter of Charles Edward GIBSON b. 1816, Dalhousie and Emily Cecelia DAKIN b. 1826, Digby - can anyone help me get back further on the GIBSON surname?

Grandmother, Mary Florance TANCH, b. 11 Nov 1881; m. Cecil Milton HADLEY. Daughter of Robert Emery TANCH, b. 23 Feb 1848; m. 1876, m. Eunice Eliza TROOP, b. 1852. Can anyone help me get back further on the TANCH surname?

Date: 24 Oct 1997
From: Judy White

Hello to Nova Scotia. I am researching the above names (among others) in Kings and Annapolis Counties, and would like to know if there are any others out there working on them also. Richard Pirl ALDRED was a British sea captain, resided in Margaretsville in the early 1800's, married Abigail CROCKER 19 May 1851 in Boston, Ma, dau of John Crocker and Eliza BASS.

Margaret CHAPMAN m Jacob COLDWELL/CALDWELL of Fairfield, Ct, m in Horton 31 May 1774, both died in Horton. Have no info on her family.

Patrick NOWLIN of Wolfville, m Sarah EAGLES, approx 1825??? Probably from Ireland. Their son Robert NOWLIN m Aminella EAGLES, a first cousin, bef.1850.

John EAGLES/EAGELL, possibly from New York City, had land in Horton. Where was he really from, was his wife's name Laurena. His son William m Sarah STRONG 10 Dec 1733, dau of Stephen Strong and Elizabeth BARSTOW, of Coventry, Ct (I have the Strong family if anyone needs help).

Catherine BROWN, was the second wife of Alden BASS, he was b in Dorchester Ma 12 Jul 1750, their dau Margaret BASS b 24 Dec 1785 in Wilmot Parish. His first wife was Christina BURNS. Have no knowlede of her family, I think he met her in NS.

Date: 25 Oct 1997
From: frank j. butler
Subject: Hayes Family

Looking for information on Hayes again.

It is known from historical records that two disbanded soldiers bearing the name of Hayes settled at Wilmot N.S. Settled on a property granted to Joshua De La Croix in 1783-4. This property is believed to have included a strip from the Annapolis River to StCroix Cove, on the Bay of Fundy. These two were as follows:

Joseph Hayes-Disbanded Soldier of 1st Batt. New York Volunteers with one woman (wife), two children above ten & one under 10 Granted 300 Acres.

John Hayes Disbanded Soldier of 1st Batt. New Jersey Volunteers with no dependents-- granted 100 Acres

Date: 26 Oct 1997
From: Bill Pontin
Subject: Harris and Hall surnames

Looking for information on my 3rd and 4th great grandparents.

Mary HARRIS, born abt. 1784, Granville, Annapolis Co., d. 18 Sep 1852; m. 1809, Granville, John BENT, JP. Mary was the dau. of Henry HARRIS, b. 1757, Nova Scotia, m. 1783, Elizabeth HALL, b. abt 1760, Nova Scotia.

Date: 29 Oct 1997
From: Lucy Traves
Subject: Eudoa Eaton nee Mills b abt 1920, Granville, N.S.

One more Mills that I am looking for! Eudora (Dora) was the dau. of Avard Longley and Mary Elizabeth (Parker) Mills of Granville Ferry. She m. William R. S. Eaton who was an accountant in Lexington, Mass in 1924. I would like to contact any descendants she might have. Any info would be appreciated. Best of it, Lucy Traves

Date: 31 Oct 1997
From: Judy White
Subject: CHESLEY, Col William, Wilmot Parish, NS

Hello.....Is it possible to locate a British army officer, Col. William CHESLEY, who was in the Wilmot area in the early 1800's? He fathered a child, Eliza Bass, who was b abt 1803. Her mother was Margaret BASS, who later married Timothy Saunders BANKS, but he was not Eliza's father. Eliza married John CROCKER of Wilmot 31 May 1821, and d 27 Dec 1880. Their grave stone was found in a cemetary in Tremont, Annapolis Co

Date: 01 Nov 1997
From: Tom Beroney
Subject: Beroney - MacDow

Looking for help locating info on my grandparents & their ansestors.

David Ainsley Beroney b. 1860, maybe in New Ross. I have conflicting info that he came from New Ross, King's County & from Annapolis. I know that New Ross is in Lunenburg County. Rose Mae MacDow b. 1863, same location possibilities as David Beroney They supposedly were married in Annapolis, NS They emigrated to West Milan, New Hampshire, by way of Boston, around 1890.

Now it gets sticky. There is the possibility that the Beroney name was given upon entering the US. We are the only family with that name in the US & Canada, and anywhere else I have looked. I did find 3 people listed in the Lunenburg County Marriage records- Online with the name of Baroney in the late 1700's & early 1800's. That seems like a big possibility origin. I hope some of you smart, friendly, good looking Nova Scotians up there, can head me in the right direction.

Date: 03 Nov 1997
From: Winifred K Miller
Subject: Early Marriages

A William Clark Family came to Anapolis on the Jenny 1775 and had a daughter Rachel (3.) That Rachel Clark married ----------. , guessing around the 1798 or so. There should also be William Clark marrying someone else(1775-6-7) as he was evidently a widower in 1775 when son William, Mary and Rachel came from Hull, England.

Date: 04 Nov 1997
From: Bill Pontin
Subject: GIBSON surname

Looking for information on my great grandmother. Her name was Hester Thorne GIBSON, born 24 May 1850 in Bridgetown, NS. She married Robert Parker GESNER in 1869. Hester was the daughter of Charles Edward GIBSON, b. 1816, Dalhousie, NS. That is all I have on the GIBSONs, can anyone help me back further?

Date: 06 Nov 1997
From: Harry E. Williams
Subject: Wilmot Township

I am searching for proof of marrage and birth for these two individuals. Any help on where I could write to obtain certificates would be most appreciated. I am in need of these for my application to the Mayflower Society.

Birth Certificate of Margaret Ann CROCKER b 11 Sep 1834 in Wilmot Township. (Daughter of John CROCKER and Eliza Ann BASS) and the marriage certificate of Margaret Ann Crocker (above) and Franklin Alonzo ROBBLEE. The marrage occurred on 27 Nov 1856 in Wilmot Township.

My information suggests that the information is recorded in the Wilmot Township book, but some other information indicates that it is not. Isn't that just the way this hobby goes?

Date: 08 Nov 1997
From: Dianne Elliott
Subject: Hardy/Gaskell

Aaron HARDY Jr. married Eunice GASKELL before 1770. He is listed in the 1768 census in Annapolis County as having land and later two square rigged vessels. Does anyone have any info on Eunice Gaskell? Any way that I could find out about his boats. It says in History of Digby county that he had considerable trade with distant ports.

Date: 08 Nov 1997
From: Reg Ritchie
Subject: GESNER

I am working on a genealogy of the Annapolis County,Nova Scotia GESNER family. Looking for decendants of AGNES EMMA GESNER 1845-1945 and CAPT. ALBERT DESBRISAY MUNRO. Agnes died in Bridgetown N.S. She was a gifted artist who had sailed all over the world with her husband. Their son ROY B MUNRO moved to Chicago and it is believed that his family still lives there. Also seeking information on daughter STELLA ELIZA MUNRO and son ALBERT GEORGE MUNRO.

Date: 21 Nov 1997
From: Merle Armstrong
Subject: Armstrong Genealogy

William Armstrong was the son of William and Bertha (Thorne) Armstrong. In 1849, he married a Nancy Elliott at Mount Hanley, Annapolis County, N.S. They had five children before he died in 1859. I am interested in any information concerning three of the daughters, i.e. Harriett b:ca 1850, Abigail Elizabeth b:ca 1854 and Harriett b:ca 1856. They were still single and in Annapolis County in 1871, however, nothing further couald be located on them. Although the other two children lived in Massachusetts, no record could be found for these thrre daughters in Massachusetts.

Date: 30 Nov 1997
From: Diana Fox

Searching any of these names of Digby, Annapolis County,Nova Scotia. Also FOX, REDMOND, GAUDET, LEBLANC.

Date: 03 Dec 1997
From: Marc Anthony
Subject: Anthony of Granville and allied NS families

I am interested in completing a very detailed genealogy of the family of Joseph Anthony, a Loyalist, of Granville, his descendants, and allied families from Annapolis, Digby and Kings Counties. I already have completed a very comprehensive history but am still missing various names, dates and places. If you are researching any of the above-mentioned families, please contact me. I am also seeking anecdotes, photos, postcards and any other material concerning the Anthonys. (NOTE: This is not the same Anthony family as the Anthonys of Hants County who came to NS as Planters from Rhode Island)

Date: 05 Dec 1997
From: Pauline Moulaison Kimball
Subject: Port Royal Descendants

I am interested in sharing info with anyone who has lineage to Port Royal before Expulsion and any French-Canadian, especially in the Tusket/Yarmouth area with a lineage to Joseph Moulaison.

Date: 07 Dec 1997
From: Susan in Alberta
Subject: Charles Ritchie

I am still trying to find out if CHARLES RITCHIE (son of Thomas Easson Ritchie and Jane Thompson Ritchie) baptized September 18, 1833 is my g-g-grandfather. The family is from the Annapolis County area. I have that my g-g-grandfather Charles was born in Annapolis Royal on January 20, 1830 and died in 1900. He was a fisherman. Charles married Rebecca (b. 1824). They had four children two sons William (my g-grandfather), Hennigar (or Charles), and two daughters Elizabeth and Mathilda. William was born 1863, Elizabeth was born in 1855, Mathilda was born in 1858 and Charles(Hennigar) was born in 1862. At some point Charles and Rebeccan moved to the Morden area of Kings County. If anyone can help me out I would greatly appreciate it.

Date: 09 Dec 1997
From: Bill Canfield
Subject: Inglis Family

My Great Grandmother, Elizabeth Johnston Inglis was born at Anapolis, Nova Scotia on August 31, 1840. A daughter of Henry Inglis and Mary Ann (Aull?). Mary Anne was adopted by a family named Johnston.

There were seven children to this marriage. Besides Elizabeth were : Charles, Henry Jr., George, Jessie Eleanor, Agnes.

The family moved from Anapolis to Halifax about 1849. I believe that Henry Inglis was a descendent of Bishop Charles Inglis, probably a grandson. Any information would be appreciated.

Date: 11 Dec 1997
From: Diana Fox
Subject: TAYLOR

Am searching Taylor,Marshall,Sabean,Foster, FOX, CARTER, REDMOND, GAUDET, LEBLANC, ZWICKER, KERR, Any info would be greatful.

Date: 11 Dec 1997
From: Diana Fox
Subject: Fox



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