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Updated 15-Jan-2006

05 Jan 2005
Jon Armstrong
Subject: Researching James Armstrong in Nova Scotia

My name is Jon Armstrong and I need assistance with a few questions.  I have found a document that related that a possible ancestor of mine, James Armstrong, giving power of attorney to his son (the document does not say which son) in October 1827. This action was taken in Annapolis County Nova Scotia.

As this document says, James gave power of attorney to his son to sell his property, and settle his affairs, and pay his debts.

Question #1.  In 1827 was the giving of the power of attorney a legal process?

Question #2.  In the event it was a legal process, would it have been recorded            

Question #3.   Would these records be available?

Question #4.   In the event you don't have the answers to these questions, would you
                     please pass this e-mail along to someone you think could help me?

If someone is willing to help me, I will be more that happy to pay for any expenses such as copying, mailing, etc. incured.  If  there is an hourly fee, please let me know that amount.   My phone number is (517) 351-5354. If necessary to call please leave a phone number and a best time to call you back as I work most days and will not be at this number to answer it. 

The ducumentation I am looking for is that James really did give power of attorney to his son, and which son name was.  I am looking for information on the son and I am hoping that the son's name was William. If it was William, then James would be my ggg grandfather.

Please let me know if anyone can help, or if not, maybe you can direct me to some one who does or can answer my request

10 Jan 2005
From: Dawn Archambault
Subject: Poirier

I am looking for some information on my grandfather. His name is Arthur Chester Poirier, born November 23,1922 in Port Royal,NS. I do not know his father or mothers name. It is unknown to me. He can not remember. I was wondering if anyone can help me? I am going up to Canada with my husband whose family comes from Canada as well and my daughter. We would like to give her some history on both families.

30 Jan 2005
From: Joy Heselton
Subject: Rogers
am researching several Annapolis surnames.
My John Rogers (abt 1835) died in 1871 leaving his young wife Mary Jane Barteaux Rogers with 5 young children. (one of which was my great grandmother Clara Louise(a) Rogers born 1864.
In 1881 on the Census I see that James Rogers his brother was living them (John's widow and family helping run the Mill) in Nictaux, Annapolis, NS.
After 1881 I lose all track of James Rogers.
Anyone have a James Rogers (abt 1834) that might connect?  If so his parents were William Rogers and Margaret McDowell Rogers.  James had a brother John was born in PEI, and an older Brother Alexander was born in Monaghan Ireland. (they had 3 sisters Elizabeth Eleanor (Ellen) and Margaret.) The Rogers were Scottish then Irish Tenannt Farmers. I am not sure if they came to NS first or directly to Prince Edward Island.  They emmigrated sometime between 1833 and 1835 I believe.  (Possibly from Emyvale Monaghan Ireland)

07 Feb 2005
From: Ralph Portter
Subject: Asa Porter of Granville

Wanted info on Asa (s/o William) of Granville TWP Perhaps Karsdale???

13 Mar 2005
From: Sandy
Subject: Family of William W. Rockwell

I'm looking for the Family of William W. Rockwell born in Annapolis Valley in the 1850's. I think he left Annapolis for the states and married Margaret Humphrys. They had a daughter Lena. I later found her married to a Freeman Sanborn in Dedham, Mass.

07 Apr 2005
From: Lana Poole Veinotte
Subject: Shaw/Poole

I am looking for the parents of William Alward Shaw, born 14 Jan 1841, d. 11 Jul 1921, buried Torbrook Mines Cemetery, Annapolis County, NS. My grandmother was Cora Bell Shaw, William's daughter, born 16 Jan 1875 (1901 Census), d. about 1907. She married 4 Feb 1902 Charles Rupert Poole. Also I would really like to know a date of death or burial for Cora Shaw Poole.

24 Apr 2005
From: Paul Layte
Subject: William Layte descendents - Annapolis County

I have been researching the Layte Family Tree of Annapolis County since 1980 - descendents of Joseph Layte [veteran of Napoleonic Wars who received a land grant at the Dalhousie Settlement about 1817 [pg 264, History of the County of Annapolis]]. I have travelled fairly extensively collecting information and meeting distant relatives. I have been reasonably successful on tracking down the majority of Joseph's descendents except his son William. Details on William & his family follows. They were in the Annapolis County up to 1885; however, I found no census record of them in 1891. I did find info on his daughter Nellie & her children in 1901; but, that's it. I have searched census info in Kings & Hants with no
luck. Conducted several searches of US Census Data with variations of Layte [Lake, Leate, Late, Laite] but no success. I would appreciate tips from anyone on where I might look or if anyone has possibly come across them.

Descendants of William Layte
Generation No. 1
1. WILLIAM2 LAYTE (JOSEPH1) was born 1831. He married JANE PICKETT
November 10, 1851 in Bridgetown, Nova Scotia. She was born in Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia.
Note for Jane Pickett Lawrencetown United Baptist Church, Anna Co., NS Members & Records 1873 - 1926 - #212 Mrs William Late baptized 10 Feb 1884; removed 11 May 1885.

i. SARAH3 LAYTE, b. 1853.
ii. CHARLOTTE LAYTE, b. 1854.
iii. EMMER LAYTE, b. 1856; d. December 15, 1878, Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia.
Notes for EMMER LAYTE: Halifax Herald Dec 20, 1878 Mysterious Death At Lawrencetown. -
Our usually quiet town was thrown into a great state of excitement this morning, by the announcement that a murder had been committed near Lawrencetown, but upon inquiry into the case, it is found to be an accident. It appears that two men, named Hiram Late and Charles Taylor, together with a girl, a cousin of the former, started for a walk, and on their way met another girl, named Freeman, and persuaded her to go with them. They stayed out so late that they could not get into their homes, and they went to Morton's mill to pass the night. Sometime in the night, the Late girl got up and built a large fire and laid down close to it. The next thing they knew, she woke up Taylor by pulling at him, and when he opened his eyes she was in a blaze. They could not put the fire out, and coward like, ran away and left her to die. She was discovered and taken out of the mill by Dr. Morse and another man; but she died yesterday afternoon. I have not heard what verdict the Coroner's Jury gave, but they must have had some suspicion, as the men and the girl Freeman are now in jail here, awaiting a further examination before Justice Cox.
iv. MILLEDGE LAYTE, b. 1858; d. November 23, 1878,
Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia.
Notes for MILLEDGE LAYTE: Re: Bridgetown Monitor Dec 4, 1878.Deaths Late At Lawrencetown, 23rd ult., Milledge, eldest son of William Late, aged 19 years.
v. JOHN LAYTE, b. 1861.
vi. SAMUEL LAYTE, b. 1865.
vii. WILLIAM LAYTE, b. 1868.
viii. MATILDA LAYTE, b. 1874.
ix. STEPHEN LAYTE, b. November 15, 1874, Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia.
2. x. NELLIE M. LAYTE, b. June 02, 1876, Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia.
xi. FRANKLIN LAYTE, b. 1878.

Generation No. 2
2. NELLIE M.3 LAYTE (WILLIAM2, JOSEPH1) was born June 02, 1876 in Lawrencetown, Nova Scotia1. She married VERNON PETERS December 30, 1895 in Litchfield, Nova Scotia, son of JOHN PETERS and MATILDA. He was born June 22, 1877 in Litchfield, Nova Scotia.
Re: Census 1901 Parker's Cove Race/Nationality
Peters, Vernon M White Head Married 22 June 1877 23yrs African Mariner
Nellie M. F White Wife Married 2 June 1876 24yrs English
James M White Son 29 Jan? 1897 4yrs African
Clarence M. White Son 22 Dec 1899 2yrs African
Matilda F. White Daughter 10 Feb 1901 2/12 African

02 May 2005
From: Ralph Portter
Subject: Roop History

Wanted info on the Roop family of the Annapolis Valley, especially Kings County, on behalf of a friend.

20 Sep 2005
From: Bernie & Gail Quigley
Subject: Hyde Family

Hello, is anyone researching The Hyde Family of Annapolis Royal?

I descend from Thomas Hyde, daughter Alicia Maria Hyde born about 1724 in Annapolis Royal Nova Scotia.

04 Nov 2005
From: Elizabeth Burbidge
Subject: Jennie (Risser) Mailman 1904-1961 request

Would anyone possibly have an obit for Jennie Margaret (Risser) Mailman. The dates are 1904-1961 from monument listing in Nictaux Cemetery, (Annapolis County). Jennie was d/o John & Margaret (Creaser) Risser from Lunenburg County.

Jennie married Ward K Mailman and it would appear they are listed on the same monument - his only date given is a birth year of 1900.

Would anyone have any information on this couple - full death dates, or obits?

19 Nov 2005
From: Sister Georgianna Berry
Berry/Tufts Genealogy

I am trying to locate someone who has done some research on the family of Caleb Berry of Annapolis Valley, NS.  I am his granddaughter.  His son, Lawrence born in Kings County,NS (circa 1890), was my father.  Dad married Abbie Mac Neil of Brook Village, Cape Breton and raised a family of ten in Boston, Massachusetts.  His aunt,  Mary Berry Tufts raised her family on a farm in Northeaston, Massachusetts.  When I was a child we visited their farm quite often.   I have had a communication from her grandson, Jeff Tufts, informing me that  his family has done considerable research on their genealogy.  I would like to have access to their web site, if possible.

08 Dec 2005
From: Pamela Walker
Unknown Grandfather????? Stella Dauphinee (Victoria Beach) Anna. Co. N.S.

I am searching for a man who had some sort of a relation with my grandmother: Stella May Dauphinee (maiden name)m. Wear;(Sam)Donald Joseph. Stella had a daughter Carolyn Ann Theresa Dauphinee b. March 19 1950. We don't know his name but we do know that other family members know who my grandfather is. I am in desperate need to find his name !!!!!!!!!!!!! If anyone knows anything please contact me.

17 Dec 2005
From: Pamela Walker

I'm searching for the Kinghorn family in Annapolis Royal. Any leads would be helpful at this point.

22 Dec 2005
From: Ralph Portter
Subject: Dunbar Roots

I am not sure of the parents of William or John Dunbar. But possibibly they came from Joseph or John Dunbar the Loyalist, s/o Joseph the Loyalist, bp. Aug. 1786, Annapolis Royal.
Any help appreciated.

23 Dec 2005
From: Roxie
James Messom and Jennie Walsh

Saw an ad for a request on the family of James Messom and Jennie Walsh. When I clicked on it, it didn't show up. It was posted in 2003. Any help is appreciated.

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