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St. Mary's Cemetery
(aka Old Catholic Cemetery, Main Street)

Antigonish, Nova Scotia

(Donated by Marleen Hubley)


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A Memorial of


Wife of Angus MacIsaac


Died October 5, 1867

Age 30  She was the
daughter of J. MacKinnon

Sacred to the Memory of

Janet (Jennet) Chisholm

Wife of the

Honorable J. McKinnon M.L.C.

Who died November 3 AD 1867

Aged 51 years

In Memory of

Ann MacDonald

Wife of Lochlan MacKinnon

Died November 12, 1869

Aged 62 years

Lochlan MacKinnon

Died April 17, 1875

Aged 74 years

Sacred to the Memory of John MacKinnon
who departed this life 20 March 1846

Aged 82

And Ana (Una) MacLeod his spouse who
departed this life 11 April 1847

Aged 85

To the Memory of Allen, Son of

Neil and Sarah MacKinnon
an Ecclestical Student

Died November 9, 1860

Aged 22 years 9 days

In Memory of Alexander MacAdam

Died November 11, 1861

Aged 77

His son Alexander died Dec. 28, 1838

Aged 25 years

Archibald, son of Allan and Catherine


Died June 26, 1866

Aged 19 years and 6 months

In Memory of Hugh who died

June 9, 1861

Aged 27 years

Also Alexander who died

February 24, 1861(9)

Aged 20 years

Sons of Allan and Catherine

MacAdam R.I.P.

Peter Grant a native of

Invernesshire Scotland

Died June 10, 1864

Aged 74 years

Mary, wife of P. Grant

Died June 16, 1869 (59)

Aged 54 years

In Memory of Donald MacDonald

Died January 21, 1858

Aged 85 years

In Memory of Sarah

Wife of Donald MacDonald

January 27, 1857 (4)

Aged 74 years

Allan MacDonald

Died November 28, 1859

Aged 67

In Memory of Roderick

Son of Angus and Catherine


Died November 17, 1870

Aged 26 years R.I.P.


J. MacDonald

Departed this life December

11, 1847

Aged 51 years

Catherine Campbell

Wife of Joseph MacDonald

Died November 17, 1836

Aged 20 years

In Memory of Angus

Son of Duncan MacGillivary

Williams Point

Died, November 13, 1873

Aged 48

John Smith

Died September 16, 1860 (8)

Aged 64 years

In Memory of Margaret Boyd

Born December 26, 1827

Died September 11, 1877

In Memory of Duncan MacGillivary

Died March 31, 1842

Aged 66

Erected to the Memory of Andrew Mooney
who departed this life March 21, 1847

Aged 85

Sacred to the Memory of

Michael Gallivan, a native of

Ireland, County of Kilkenny

Parish of Moncoin who departed
this life January the 23

Aged 61 years

A.D. 1842

In Memory of Margaret Gillis

Wife of James MacNeil

Died August 11, 1878

Aged 58

Also their infant son, Hector

Died A.D. 1854

Aged 2 months

In Memory of Hugh

Son of Angus MacDonald

Died January 17, 1862

Aged 27

He was an Ecclesiastical Student


In Memory of J.W. MacDonald

Who died 21 July 1869

Aged 34 years

In Memory of Mary, Wife of

Alexander MacGillivary

Died March 20, 1871

Aged 39 years

In Memory of Ann

Wife of Duncan Chisholm

Died August 31, 1873

Aged 36 years

In Memory of Hugh

Son of Angus and Mary MacAdam

Died April 14, 1868

Aged 2 years

In Memory of Margaret

Daughter of Donald and Isabella


Died November 5, 1864

Aged 17 years

In Memory of John J.

Son of Donald and Mary MacMillan

Died October 28, 1856

Aged 2 years


Wife of John Fraser

Died February 4, 1850

Aged 92 years

The deceased was the mother of the late
 Rt. Rev. William Fraser, Bishop of Arichat


In Memory of Mary

Daughter of Archibald
and Sarah MacDonald

Died December 1, 1869

Aged 31 (34) years

In Memory of Catherine MacDonald

Died June 5, 1869

Aged 67 years

Murdoch Campbell

Died February 12, 1868

Aged 68

In Memory of Donald Campbell

Died August 14, 1851

Aged 46

Sarah, Wife of Angus Smith

Died February 1855

Aged 52 years

In Memory of John McLelland

Died October 17, 1857

Aged 21 years

In Memory of Colin F.

Who died April 22, 1862

Aged 2 years

Son of Angus and Mary MacIsaac


J. MacIsaac

March 8, 1851

Aged 43 years

Also her son, John died

July 15, 1843

Aged 6 years

J. MacIsaac R.I.P.

Sacred to the Memory of

Peter Ronan who departed this
life March the 13th, 1837

Aged 42 years

In Memory of Mary

Wife of John MacPherson

Died, April 14, 1872

Aged 65

In Memory of Catherine

Wife of Kenneth MacPherson

Died December 16, 1871

Aged 61

Kenneth MacPherson

(no dates)

In Honorem

R.D. Alexandri MacGillivray

Qui Obiet A.D. MDCCCLIV (1854)

Aeruites XXXVII (37 years)

Et Sacerdotii IX

In Memory of Colin MacPherson
who died September 15, 1868

Aged 23 years

Rev. William Chisholm

A Native of Invernesshire,

Scotland, whoi departed this life

31 Day of August A.D. 1819

In Memory of Angus Grant

Died March 21, 1866

Aged 51 years


To the Memory of Nelly

Wife of Duncan Grant Esq.

Who departed this life the

29 January 1845,

Aged 34 years

To the Memory of Mrs. Grant

T. Chisholm, Rev. Colin Grants’

Sister who departed this life the
8th of September

Aged 62 years

In Memory of Hugh McDonald

Died December 6, 1855

Aged 70 years

L.W. Walker

In Memory of Mary MacDonald

Wife of Duncan Grant Esq.

Who died on the 5th of August 1847

In the 33rd year of her age

Sacred to the Memory of

Donald Chisholm

Died January 11, 1852

Aged 23

Sarah Kell

Wife of Alexander Fraser

Died September 4, 1870


In Memory of Angus MacEachern

Died, September 27, 1868

33 years

Mary MacEachern died January

15, 1865

Aged 75

And of Donald MacEachern

Died December 4, 1866

Aged 51

Sacred to the Memory of

Roderick MacNair

Native of Invernesshireshie,


Who departed this life October

22, 1856

Aged 77

In Memory of Archibald

Infant son of John and Ann


Died September 19, 1859

Age (?)

Sacred to the Memory of

Archibald MacKinnon

Died January 12, 1844

Aged 30