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Lower South River Cemetery
Antigonish County

Thanks to Joe Quirk for providing this transcription!!
(Transcription was done in 2003.)

  CHISHOLM, Alexander                    09May1889 (83 yrs)
      (wife, Mary Chisholm)

  CHISHOLM, Alexander                    14Mar1840-07Jun1896 (56 yrs)

  CHISHOLM, Alexander                    1887-1909 (22 yrs)

  CHISHOLM, Alexander                    07Jul1837 (65 yrs)

  CHISHOLM, Ann                             06Nov1836 (25 yrs)
      (husband, John McKenzie)

  CHISHOLM, Annie                          1844-1899 (55 yrs)
      (husband, Colin Chisholm, son Christopher J.)

  CHISHOLM, Archibald                     08Aug1872 (33 yrs)
      (parents, Donald Chisholm ESQ. and Mary Chisholm)

  CHISHOLM, Catherine                     31Dec1889 (85 yrs)
      (husband, Colin McKenzie, sons Kenneth and Charles)

  CHISHOLM, Christopher J.                1880-1932 (52 yrs)
      (parents, Colin and Annie Chisholm)

  CHISHOLM, Christy                          23Jan1876 (6 months)
      (parents, William and Christy Chisholm of Briley Brook)

  CHISHOLM, Christy                          26Sep1895 (79 yrs)
      (husband, Christopher Chisholm)

  CHISHOLM, Christy                          03Jul1875 (73 yrs)
      (husband, John McIntosh)

  CHISHOLM, Christine                        1844-1927 (83 yrs)
      (husband James McLaughlin)

  CHISHOLM, Christopher                    17Dec1858 (16 yrs)

  CHISHOLM, Christopher                    08May1887 (81 yrs)
      (wife, Christy Chisholm)

  CHISHOLM, Colin                              1883-1910 (27 yrs)

  CHISHOLM, Colin                              1837-1904 (67 yrs)
      (wife, Annie Chisholm, son Christopher J. Chisholm)

  CHISHOLM, Collin                              19Oct1858 (78 yrs)
      (Native of Strathglass Inverness Chire Scotland)

  CHISHOLM, D.D. "Sheriff"                    23Apr1924 (75 yrs)

  CHISHOLM, Daniel                              1880-1916 (36 yr)

  CHISHOLM, Daniel Archibald                23Jun1878-04Apr1880 (1 yr, 9  months)

  CHISHOLM, Donld ESQ                       29Apr1875 (68 yrs)
      (wife, Mary Chisholm, son Archibald Chisholm)

  CHISHOLM, Donald                              18Sep1816 (Age ???
      (father, James Chisholm)

  CHISHOLM, Donald                              01Feb1844-09Aug1867 (23 yrs)
      (parents, Donald and Christy Chisholm)

  CHISHOLM, Isabella                    21Aug1914 ( 67 yrs)
      (brother, D.D. Chisholm)

  CHISHOLM, James                     (no other info)
      (father, Donald Chisholm)

  CHISHOLM, John                        22Jan1895 (59 yrs)
      (wife, Margaret Chisholm)

  CHISHOLM, Margaret                  07Dec1916 (75 yrs)
      (husband, John Chisholm)

  CHISHOLM, Mary                        12May1883 (73 yrs)
      (husband, Donald Chisholm ESQ and son Archibald)

  CHISHOLM, Mary                        19Sept1891 (80 yrs)

  CHISHOLM, Mary                        1846-1927 (81 yrs)
      (husband, Colin MacIntosh)

  CHISHOLM, Mary Agnes              03Oct1885-04Oct1885 (1 day)
      (parents, Alexander and Mary Chisholm)

  CHISHOLM, Roderick D                22Feb1901 (42 yrs)

  CHISHOLM, Roderick                   21Oct1868 (27 yrs)
      "Christopher's son" engraved on stone

  CHISHOLM, Willie Douglas           12Mar1888-06Oct1890 (2 yrs)
      (parents, Alexander and Mary Chisholm)

  CHISHOLM, William                    24Mar1884 (42 yrs)

  CHISHOLM, William                    (no other info)
      (wife, Mary McRae)

  CHISHOLM, William                    1876 (48 yrs)

  FRASER, Archibald
      (wife, Margaret McDonald)

  FRASER, Ellan                           11Nov1901 (74 yrs)
      (husband, William Fraser)

  FRASER, John                            22Mar1888 (83 yrs)
      "Died at Tracadie" engraved on stone

  FRASER, William                        03Oct1877 (63 yrs)
      (wife, Ellan Fraser)

  GRANT, Colin P. (Rev.)                31Mar1839 (52 yrs)
      "Native of Strathglass, Scotland"

  GRANT, Lydia                            1810-????
      (husband, Rod Grant)

  GRANT, Mary                            04Aug1904 (68 yrs)
      (husband, Alexander McIntosh, daughter Christina McIntosh)

  GRANT, Rod                             1828 (60 yrs)
      (wife, Lydia Grant)

  MACINTOSH, Colin                    1841-1914 (73 yrs)
      (wife, Mary Chisholm)

  MCDONALD, Catherine                        02Jul1817 (40 yrs)
      (husband, Farquhar McKenzie)

  MCDONALD, Margaret                        29Jan1869 (49 yrs)
      (husband, Archibald Fraser)

  MCINTOSH, Alexander                        09May1878 (35 yrs)

  MCINTOSH, Alexander                        27Feb1907 (76 yrs)
      (wife, Mary Grant, daughter Christina McIntosh)

  MCINTOSH, Alexander                        25May 1862 (55 yrs)

  MCINTOSH, Christina                          21Nov1909 (44 yrs)
      (parents, Alexander McIntosh & Mary Grant)

  MCINTOSH, Janet                              03Mar1852 (82 yrs)
      (husband, John M. McIntosh)

  MCINTOSH, John                              24Jul1855 (88 yrs)
      (wife Christy Chisholm)

  MCKENZIE, Charles                          07Mar1860 (20 yrs)
      (parents, Colin McKenzie and Catherine Chisholm, brother Kenneth)

  MCKENZIE, Colin                             (no other info)
      (wife, Catherine Chisholm, sons Kenneth and Charles)

  MCKENZIE, Donald                          (no other info)
      (wife, Isabella McKenzie)

  MCKENZIE, Farquhar                       (no other info)
      (wife, Catherine McDonald)

  MCKENZIE, Isabella                        23Apr1889 (Age ???)
      (husband, Donald McKenzie)

  MCKENZIE, John                            09Oct1859 (66 yrs)
      (wife, Ann Chisholm)

  MCKENZIE, Kenneth                      11Dec1858 (22 yrs)
      (parents, Colin McKenzie & Catherine Chisholm, brother Charles)

  MCLAUGHLIN, James                    (no other info)
      (wife, Christine Chisholm)

  MCRAE, Mary                                07Jun1852 (18 yrs)
      (husband, William Chisholm)

  PUSHIE, Catherine                        08Oct1868 (30 yrs)
      (husband, Henry Pushie)

  PUSHIE, Henry
      (wife, Catherine Pushie)
  That completes the Lower South River transcriptions.