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Robert MacDonald

Robert MCDONALD 1805-1889,
son of Finlay/Philip MCDONALD & Elizabeth ANDERSON
1833 = Catherine MCDIARMID.

Robert arrived about age 19 from Lairg Sutherlandshire to 'New Scotland' .
 He worked at his uncle Hugh MCDONALD's store at Lower South River then
moved to Cape George where he cleared land for the beginnings of a farm.
In the 1891 census he is listed as Postmaster, Deacon in the Church,
Justice of the Peace, merchant, farmer and one of the first citizens of
Cape George. He was considered a successful businessman. He spoke the
Gaelic and, as well, his mastery of the english language was excellent, as
was his penmanship. There were 11 children .  Robert's property was part
of an original land grant to John GRAHAM, The house was the location of
the Post office for 79 years, beginning with Robert MCDONALD. Robert sold
his property to Captain Hugh MACEACHERN, and moved to Antigonish, buying
the house on College Street, later occupied by John PUNCH. He moved to
Antigonish circa 1885 and died soon after.

Issue :

1.   Elizabeth MCDONALD = Captain John Reuben GRAHAM
2.   Hugh Philip MCDONALD
3.   Christina MCDONALD = Rev Charles ROSS
4.   Ellen  MCDONALD = Rev James D. MURRAY
5.   John MCDONALD
6.   Annie/Anne MCDONALD = David SINCLAIR
7.   Sophia Caroline MCDONALD
8.   James William MCDONALD = Anne Jane MACMILLAN
9.   Katherine (Kate) MCDONALD = Adin Storey BABSON
10. Henrietta (Ettie) Janet MCDONALD  = John George MACMILLAN
11. Robert Norman MCDONALD

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Location :
Lower South River, Cape George, Anigonish