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MacEachern Family Tree
contributed by Lawrence Naugle

(See the MacEachern Land Grant & Land Grant Map, also contributed by Lawrence)

The earliest MacEacherns known to have come to the Nova Scotia area arrived at Arisaig, Antigonish Co. having embarked at Druiraindarroch (near Arisaig) on the Jane in July 1790. John MacEachern ("Red"), his wife Mary and son John came to the Dunmaglas, NS area in 1791.He was from Arisaig,Scotland,and he was married to Mary MacGillivary, whose family apparently was from Arisaig or vicinity. Both Strath Nairn and a larger area around Arisaig were the Clan MacGillivary lands. In NS settlements adjacent to each other were named Dunmaglas, Arisaig and Lismore, all three related to Clan MacGillivary lands in Scotland.

John MacEachern(Red")(17 -1802 ) married Mary MacGillivray(17 -18 ) in Scotland.
Rankin writes that he was from Dunmaglas; how-ever, her family was from the Arisaig area, about 80-90 miles from Dunmaglas. They emigrated to Arisaig, NS in 1791 and settled at what was known as "The Gusset." Mary had 1-4 brothers who had come to the area the year before.

Unto his Excellency Sir George Prevost Baronet Lieutenant Governor and Commander in Chief and over his Majesty’s Province of Nova Scotia and it dependencies. The Petition of Widow of Mary McAchran settler second divison in the rear of Knodard Gulph of Saint Lawrence.

                                  Humbly Sheweth
That your Excellency’s Petitioners was born in the parish of Arasach Shire of Inverness North Britain emigrated to said Province September 1791 with husband John McAchran. Received land from Governor Parr in said second division and continued thereon.Eight years ago,my said husband died and left three boys to whom he ordered the land, therefore your petitioners pray that your excellency would grant then a deed of confirmation of their fathers land and that in the following manner John the youngest to have #30, 100 acres, Donald #31,100 acres and Angus the oldest #32, 200 acres.

Mary McAchran,
Widow of John McAchran

John MacEachern(1771 -1863 ): m. Isabella MacGillivray.
Angus MacEachern (17-18 ): m. Kate MacDougall (or MacDonald).
Donald MacEachern(17-18 ):"lost in the woods, and never found.

Dunmaglas is an area stretching from the north coast southward several miles. "The Gusset" is a bowl-shaped(triangular?) meadow about 1 /3d mile in diameter, the center of which 0.6 miles south of the coast road. It is (Jul '91) reached via a rutted dirt road up from the coast road through a glen. There were originally two McEachern homesteads. In 1991 only the roof of the John McEachern home could be seen, in the center of the meadow. The Donald MacEachern home, several hundred yards to the southeast, was totally gone.

John MacEachern (1771 -1871  )  was born in Scotland and came with his parents to
Dunmaglas, NS in 1791. He Married Isabella MacGillivray(17 -18  )

Last Will and Testament of John McEachern (Senior)
of back settlement McCara Brook in the County of Antigonish Farmer deceased.

I John McEachern of the back settlement of McCara Brook in the County of Sydney and Province of Nova Scotia Farmer being of sound mine and memory do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament that is to say I give and bequeath to my son Donald McEachern one hundred acre of land to be laid off from the west side of  the lot of land I now own and occupy. And to my son Hugh McEachern I give and bequeath the remaining Eastern part of my laid lot, this division to be made in a manner most suitable to the interest and conveniences of both my laid son. I also bequeath to my son Angus McEachern the sum of forty pounds Twenty pounds of which shall be paid by each of my two sons Donald McEachern and Hugh McEachern in manner and by the instalment following that is to say to be paid in stock at the valuation of to men chosen by the parties in case they themselves cannot agree on the price, and in four equal instalment by my laid sons Donald and Hugh respectively at the end of every year and after the date here of. And also to be paid in a manner to clear them this laid Donald and Hugh so far from a security by which they are now bound for a debt heretofore contracted by my laid son Angus McEachern. I also give and bequeath my daughter Sarah McEachern one cow and four sheep to be kept in good condition by my laid son Hugh and to my beloved wife two cow and five head of sheep during her natural life. I further will and ordain that my laid son Hugh McEachern shall from time provide for his mother sufficient meat drink and lodging with all necessary Attendance according to her degree in life; and that he provide for my daughter Sarah McEachern sufficient meat drink appard and lodging with all necessary   Attendance she helping and obeying him in all reasonable thing as becoming a good sister. And I here appoint and constitute my son Donald McEachern sole Executor of this last Will and testament so far only as regards justice to my laid wife and daughter. And I hereby utterly disallow revoke and disannul all other Will Testament leagacies, and bequest by me heretofore willed named or bequeathed satisfying and Testament.
                                                                                         John McEachern (X) his mark.
Sealed signed published and pronounced by John McEachern as his last Will and testament in the presence of us, who on his presence and in the presence of each other have here tosubscribed            own names.   Ronald McDonald and Angus McEachern.

Court of Probate of Wills the county of Antigonish LL

Be it remembered that on the nineteenth day of April in the year of own lord one thousand eight hundred seventy the last Will and Testament of John McEachern of the back Settlement of McCara’s Brook in laid county farmer deceased was proved approved and registered (only) on the oath of Angus McEachern one of the subscribing witnesses to laid Will.

                                                                                   R.F Forrestall
                                                                                                        Reg of Probates
Compiled by: Larry Naugle

a.Donald MacEachern m.Jan 23 1848 to Mary MacAdam.
b.Mary MacEachern m.? Duncan Thompson.
C.Angus MacEachern m.Jan 30 1859 to Ann MacDonald.
d.Isabella MacEachern b.1830-1871 m.Jan 20 1855 to Ronald MacDonald.
e.Hugh MacEachern(18 -16  ): died young."
f.Kate MacEachern m..Jan 24 1847 Archie MacGillivray of Bailey's Brook, with no issue.
g.Margaret MacEachern M.May 16 1864 to John MacDonald from Keppoch.
h.Ann MacEachern(1829-1903)age 30: m. Ed Bigley of Brown's Mtn.(1830-1909); they later lived in Picton.They are buried at Lismore.
i.Sarah MacEachern :m.Sept 08 1867 Ronald MacGillivray, with
no issue.

Angus MacEachern (17 -18  )Was born in Scotland and came with his parents to Dunmaglas, NS in 1791. He married, Kate MacDonald.

a.John MacEachern(18 -   ): m. Sarah Smith of Bailey's Brook.
b.Archie MacEachern(1 8 -   ): m. Mary MacGillivray.
c.Hugh MacEachern(c. 1811 -after 1881): m. Mary MacDonald.
d.Allan MacEachern( 18 -   ): m. ________MacDonald. Per Rankin they had 2 sons and 5 daughters; they apparently moved to PEI and all but a blacksmith son thence moved to the US.
e.Alexander MacEachern(c.18 -after 1881): m. Catherine MacGillivray.
f.Kate MacEachern (18 -)m. Lauchlin MacLellan.
g.Effie MacEachern(18 -) m. Peter Gillis.

Donald MacEachern(c. 1814-after 1881) born in Dunmaglas, NS, married Mary MacAdam
(c, 1829-after 1881), also of Nova Scotia. They farmed at "The Gusset." In the 1871 census she, like many women of her generation, was listed as "over 20, unable to read or write." He did read and write, plus read Gaelic.

a.John MacEachern b.June 28 1864. The 1881 census lists him as a carpenter. Rankin states "not married, died in Texas." Family lore says he died of "lung fever"(pneumonia).
b.Mary MacEachern 1853-1927 did not marry. She spoke only Gaelic and is buried at Arisaig.
c.Catherine "Kate" MacEachern b.Oct 12 1864 d.1936): did not marry. She is buried at Antigonish.
d.Angus MacEachern(1856-1941): married 3 times; see below.
e.Stephen MacEachern(1858-1947): did not marry. He is buried at Lismore.
f.Ann "Annie" MacEachern(1860-1943): m. William J. Bywater.
g.James MacEachern(c.1862-before 1871)
h.John Allan MacEachern( 1864-after 1881): family lore reports that he died in an accident, after going "west" to work on the Canadian Pacific RR. Rankin reports him as dying at Arisaig.
I.Isabella MacEachern(1867~after 1923): married M.J. Holland.
j.Hugh MacEachern(b.May 02 1869 d.1959  ): "went west" in the 1890's to Prince Rupurt, BC. He apparently did not marry.

Angus MacEachern b.1821d. Feb 22 1900 age 81,  on 27 Feb 1859. married Ann MacDonald(c.1828 d.Nov 11 1913 age 85, who was born in NS. Census rolls list him as a farmer, in the Dunmaglas area and listed her as unable to  read or write.

a.Donald MacEachern(c.1863-after 1920): m.13 Feb,1908 Margaret MacDonald (1877  -after 1920) of Bailey's Brook.dau of Donald MacDonald and Ann MacGillivray.(Vamy)
b.John MacEachern(c.1864    ): did not marry and died of smallpox in the US(Rankin).
c.Isabella MacEachern(c.1866-prior to 1916): did not marry.
d.Catherine MacEachern(c.1869-after 1920): m. John MacDonald (18  -after 1920) of Brown's Mtn.
e.Hugh MacEachern(c.1874-after 1920): Rankin says he did not marry and went to Prince Rupert, BC, the same as his 1st cousin above .

Isabella MacEachern( 1830-1871) married Ronald MacDonald (c.1886-after 1881), who was born in Scotland. They farmed in the Dunmaglas area. In 1881 the household included a Mary MacDonald, age 56, likely to be Ronald's sister.

a.Flora MacDonald(c.1858-
b.John MacDonald(c.1859-
C.Alexander Macdonald(c.1964-
d.Mary MacDonald(c.1864-
e.Hugh Macdonald(c.1867-
f.Archibald MacDonald(c.1871-

Hugh MacEachern(c.1811 -after 1881)  married Mary MacDonald (c.18 -between 1871 & 1881). They farmed in the Arisaig area.

a.John MacEachern(c.1857-
b.Flora MacEachern(c.1860-
c.Angus MacEachern(c.1862-
d.Alexander MacEachern(c.1864-
g.Archibald MacEachern(c.1870-
e.Catherine MacEachern(c.1866-
f.Hugh MacEachern(c.1869-

Kate MacEachern dau of John,dau of John RED m.Jan 24,1847 to Archie MacGilivray of Bailey’s Brook. With no issue:

Margaret MacEachern dau of John dau of John RED m.May 16,1864 John MacDonald son of Ronald MacDonald and Kate MacDonald.with issue:
a.Mary b.Feb 24 1865 Antigonish d.Aug 27,1955 Portland,OR.
b.Margaret b.Aug 18,1868 Antigonish. D.?
c.Mary Anne b.1870 Antigonish d.June 25,1959.
d.Catherine b.Oct 31,1871 New Glasgow d.Sept 24,1952 Portland,OR.
e.Sarah b.Aug 02,1876 New Glasgow d.May 12,1965 Portland,OR.

Ann MacEachern dau of John dau of John RED b.1829 d.1905 Antigonish  m.Ed Bigley b.1830 d.1909.with issue.
a.John b. Apr 24,1863
b.Catherine b.Nov 10,1961
c.Augus b.July 07,1864
d.Isabella b.Dec 23,1865
e.Hugh b.July 06, 1867

Sarah MacEachern dau of John dau of John RED b.Antigonish  m.Sept 08 1867 m.Ronald MacGilivray.

John MacEachern son of Angus son of John RED m. Sarah Smith b.Bailey’s Brook.with issue:

Ronald MacEachern son of John son of Angus son of John RED b.Antigonish a woman in Minnesta. With issue:
a.Mary b.?

Alex MacEachern son of John son of Angus son of John RED  b. Antigonish.

Angus MacEachern son of John son of Angus son of John RED b. Antigonish.

Archie MacEachern son of Angus son of John RED b? m.Mary MacGilivray.

Hugh MacEachern son of Angus son of John RED b.? m.Mary MacDonald,b.Brown’s Mountrain,
a.John  m. Ann MacLellan
b.Angus m.(1)Margaret MacDonald, (2)Catherine MacDonald.
c.Alex m.(1) Mrs Daley (2) Catherine MacDonald.
e.Archie m. Margaret MacDonald.
f.Flora m. Dan MacDonald.

Alex MacEachern son of Angus son of John RED m.Catherine MacGilivray.with issue:
a.Angus m. Catherine Bigley.
e.John A. m.Mary MacEachern.
g.Mary. M. Archie MacDougal.

Angus son of Donald son of John son of John RED. M.(1)Miss MacDonald.(2) Lizzie MacGilivray.
c.Kill in the war.

Donald,son of Angus,son of John,son of John,pioneer,married Oct 13 1908 to Margaret Catherine MacDonald,dau of Donald MacDonnald and Ann MacGillivray with issue:

a.Sarah Janet MacEachern dau of Donald,dau of Angus,dau of John,dau of John pioneer. b. 16 June 1914, Brown’s Mountain,Antigonish Co.d. 18 Feb 1996.m.Henry Lawrence Boutilier b. 12 Nov 1910, d.24 Oct 1984.

b.John,son of Donald,son of Angus,son of John,son of John pioneer  m. Emily Mason.

c.Donald,son of Donald,son of Angus,son of John,son of John pioneer.

d.Joe,son of Donald,son of Angus,son of John, son of John pioneer m.Alice E b. 08, Nov 1916.d.28 Jan 1994.

Mary Margaret Boutilier dau of Sarah,dau of Donald,dau of Angus,dau of John,dau of John pioneer.b.12 Dec 1934 Thorburn, Pictou Co.m.15 Sept 1956 to Daniel Freeman Naugle b.24 Apr 1932 Gay’s River,Halifax Co.

Lawrence Naugle, son of Mary Margaret, son of Sarah, son of Donald, son of Angus, son of John, son of John pioneer.

Angus MacEachern son of Donald son of John son of John RED (1856-1941)  married three times, as follows:
(1)Ann MacDonald(18 -1886): she, plus their son, died of diphtheria.
(2) (18 -189 ): there were two children in this marriage. (3)Elizabeth "Lizzie" MacGillivray(18 -19  ) of Bailey's Brook.

The second wife, or possibly the first, was from Lingan, Cape Breton Cy.. Angus and Elizabeth are buried at Our Lady of Lourdes Church, New Glasgow.

Angus apparently was something of an entrepreneur. At one time he and a Dunmaglas MacGillivray made an unsuccessful attempt to mine salt in the Dunmaglas area, having noted a salty spring. Also, when his sister Annie Bywater and niece Marion Bywater stayed with him in the spring of 1923 in New Glasgow, they noticed much vehicular traffic to and from his house during the nights. This and the "big car” he drove, taking them to Dunmaglas and other places, gave them reason to believe that his "entrepreneurship" had led to bootlegging.

a.Daniel MacEachern(1880-1886): died of diphtheria.
b.Dan Warren MacEachern(1895-1914/5): died in combat in France in ~WWI.
c.Dan Roderick MacEachern(1897~after 1941): see below.
d.Marion Adelia Bywater(b. 17 Aug 1898, Boston): married Robert Alexander Stanfield.

Mary E. Bywaters (1853 -) born in Providence, married Michael
Lynch(c. 1853-   ), a native of Massachusetts who was listed as a wood-turner.
They lived with her widowed mother.

a.Helen Lynch(1879-
b.Edman B. Lynch(1881-
c.John J. Lynch(1884-

information after 1885 not available.

Isabella(~'Isabel") MacEachern(l 867-after 1923) married M.J. Holland and resided in the Boston,  area. Their son, Charles Francis Holland, was born in Brookline, MA and died in1918 during an influenza epidamic.

Dan Roderick MacEachern (1897-after 1941) married a French Canadian girl, name unknown. They had several children and lived in New Glasgow, Pictou Co. In WWI  he joined the Canadian Army, developed typhoid during training and was discharged. He then joined the merchant marine and had the bad luck to be on a ship adjacent to the ships that collided in Halifax harbor Dec 6, 1917. The ammunition ship exploded(1654 dead). He and a shipmate, the only survivors from their ship, were on deck and were blown well up on land. "Roddy" was ‘'shell~shocked" after this and news of his brother's combat death, never fully recovering.

William James Bywater(b. 28 Feb 1855, in Providence; d. 21 Aug 1899, Boston[or Cambridgel, MA from pneumonia followed by dysentery) married Annie MacEachern (see MacEACHERN, p E-2) (1860-1943) in Boston in Nov 1889. He had worked in grocery stores since the death of his father in 1867, contracting rheumatic fever at 14, with disabling rheumatoid arthritis in later years. They are buried in Mount Hope Cernetary, Boston, as is their daughter Ellen.

a.Ellen May Bywater(b. 15 Feb 1891, Boston; d. 22 Dec 1975, Hyannis, MA) became a secretary and office manager in Boston, New York, and Springfield, MA until retirement. She continued to reside in Springfield.
b.James Bywater(b.1892, Boston; died of diphtheria, age 9 months)
c.Leo Bywater(b. 1894,Boston: died of whooping cough, age 3 months)Robert Jarnes("Rob") Stanfield(IVAc)(Mar 6, 1672-Feb 12, 1967) was born in Brookline, MA and attended school until he was 14. He went to work helping his father, a gardener. a' Jun 24, 1896 he married Catherine Ann Matheson(see MAfliEsal, p. M-2) of New Boston, Cape Breton Island; she had cane to Brockline in 1893. lie initially worked as a deliver,nan for several rnarkets,before joining the Brookline Fire Department. He was retired inmediately prior to Wil, but very shortly volunteered and returned to work until the end of the war.

a.Ann Elizabeth Stanfield(twin)(May 10, 1897-Apr 3, 1981). Raised in Brookline, Ann became a secretary; for a nueeer of years she was the front lobby receptionist for 'ever Bros aorp, until the carpany relocated to New York. There-after, she worked for several advertising and other agencies in the Brooldine area until final retiranent at about age 70.
b.Robert Alexander Stanfield(twin)(May 10, 1897-Oct 29,1979):
ni. M~trion Adelia Hywater.

Robert Alexander("Bob") Stanfield(VC,)(May 10,1897-Oct 29,1979) was born in Brookline, MA. He attended schools there until high school years and then entered and graduated from Wentworth Institute as an electrician. He worked for the New England Telephone Co fran 1915 to 1960 in plant maintenance, with leave fran 1915 to 1919 to serve as an Electrician '5 Mate 1st Cl in the Us Navy. a' Jun 16, 1923 he married Marion Adelia Bywater(see BYWA~, p. B-7), who had been brought up in BrOoOline and graduated fran Brookline as. They lived in West Newton and Newonville until retiring to Ontharn, Cape Cod in 1960. He died of a heart attack in Hyannis, MA(1979); she moved to a retirenent hane in Willow Street, PA in 1987, until her death(heart attack) in May 1996.
a.Norman Theodore Stanfield(b. Aug 29,1924): m. Anne Douglas Pollard.
b.Ruth minor Stanfield(1927-1929)
C.Robert Hywater Stanfield(b. Oct 9,1931): m. Jean coates

'Norman Theodore Stanfield(VIFa)(b. Aug 29,1924) was born in Newton, MA and
attended ~Sewton schools. He entered MIT in 1942, was called to active duty in the Us Arry in March 1943, teen entered West Point. After graduation in 1946 he served until 1974, retiring as a oolonel. He served in various armor units and staffs in the US, Germany, Pakistan and Vietnam. an May 12,1951 he married Anne Douglas Pollard(b. Mar 15,1926, Washington,Dc) in Washington. Upon retirement fran the Us Arry they settled in Charleston, Sc, where he taught at Trident Thcnoical College and The Citadel for several yaars.

a.Norman Theodore Stanfield Jr(b. Feb 28,1952): rn. Kathryn Rattibone Thorpe.
b.James Douglas Stanfield(b. May 16,1954): m. Mavis Elizabeth Merchant.
Jan 99
 Robert Bywater Stanfield(VIFc)(b. Oct 9,1931, Newton, MA)graduated fran Tufts Univ. in 1953 (Chern Engr). After 2 years in the US Army he entered MIT and earned Ms and DSc degrees. On Jan 30,1960 he married Jean Coates(b. 1934,Concord, NH) of Needham, MA. he worked briefly for Eastman Kodak and then for Exxon Corp in Louisiana and England, but primarily in New Jersey. After retiring from Docon in 1986 he became a consultant and moved to Pipersville, PA.

a.Virginia Anne Stanfield(b. Feb1961): m. Jonny Gent.
b.Robert Coates Stanfield(b. Mar 1962, Boonton, NJ)
c.Susan Elspeth Stanfield(b. Nov 1963, Boonton, NJ)

Norman Thecdore('tTed") stanfield(viILa)(b. Feb 28,1952, Ft Knox, KY) attended
schools in  Texas, Germany, Kansas and Virginia, and then attended Virginia Tech. On Nov 28,1981 he married Kathryn Rattibone Thorpe(b. Mar 31, 1957, Great Falls, VA) in Great Falls In 1993 they moved from Great Falls to Austin, Texas where he( works for a personnel placement firm.

a.Nathan John Thorpe(b. Feb 25, 1979): name legally changed to Stanfield, Dec 1986.
b.Norman Theodore Stanfield,ftii.(b. Feb 17, 1983)

James Douglas Stanfield(VlILb)(b. May 16,1954, Ft Belvoir, VA) attended schools in Gemany, Kansas and Virginia and graduated from the University of Virginia in 1980. on Jun 5, 1981 he married Mavis Elizabeth Merchant(b. Feb 7,1957, Cy Tipperary, Ireland) of Springfield, VA, in Washington, DC. She is a graduate of George Mason Univ with a graduate degree from the pfliv of Virginia. In Jan'96 they moved to Kiev, Ukraine, where he ~5}mi' ~dvisor to the qovernnnt concerning electric mower matterM  -

a.George Douglas Stanfield(b.19 Aug 1988, Fairfax, VA)
b.David 'lames Stanfield(ba 30 May 1990, Fairfax, VA)

Virginia Anne( "Otrinie") Stanfield(VIIMa) (b. Feb 1961, Baton Rouge, LA) atteeded schools in New Jersey and England, then graduated from Colorado School of Mines (Geological Engr). 6 Aug 1983 she married Jonnie G&it of Colorado, a mining engi. peer, ~n fl~tain Lakes. NJ- ~ov r~side in Katy, 'IX wher~~ he works as a petroleum engineer.

a.Kelson Addrew Gent(b. 17 Jun 1988, Big Stone Gap, VA[?])
b.Kathryn Allison Gent(b. 14 Jun 1990, Tulsa, OK)