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Marydale Cemetery
Antigonish County, N.S.

Many thanks to Joe Quirk for this transcription!!


CAMERON, Ann 27Mar1898 (43 yrs)
    (husband, D.F. CHISHOLM)

CAMERON, Margaret 1856-1932 (76 yrs)
    (husband, Colin CHISHOLM)

CAMERON, Margaret M. 15Oct1874-02Feb1902 (28 yrs)
    (husband, D.J. McANULTY)

CARROLL, Alexander C. 1932-1940 (8yrs)

CARROLL, Mary E. 1872-1959 (87 yrs)

CARROLL, Mary J. 1844-1943 (99 yrs)

CARROLL, Mary M. 1941-1941

CARROLL, Richard 28Nov1890 (80 yrs)

CHISHOLM, Alexander 28Nov1878 (42 yrs)

CHISHOLM, Alexander 27Jun1864 (Age ??)
    (parents, Donald and Sarah CHISHOLM)

CHISHOLM, Alexander J. 26Feb1916 (17 yrs)
    (parents, Colin R. and Elizabeth CHISHOLM)

CHISHOLM, Alexander Joseph (M.D.) 01Dec1868-10May1896 (28 yrs)
    "Received his diploma at Bellevue, New York in March 1892"

CHISHOLM, Alexander V 1859-1927 (68 yrs)
    (wife, Mary FORBES)

CHISHOLM, Allan 1857-1905 (48 yrs)

CHISHOLM, Anne 1831-1912 (81 yrs)

CHISHOLM, Ann 08Jan1864 (either 66 yrs or 86 yrs)
    (husband, William McDONALD)

CHISHOLM, Archibald (no other information)
    (wife, Margaret MacDONALD, sons, Roderick and William, daughter Janite
CHISHOLM, Augustine 1849-1894 (45 yrs)

CHISHOLM, Catherine 1839-1923 (84 yrs)

CHISHOLM, Catherine 29Jul1906 (68 yrs)
    (husband, Daniel GRANT)

CHISHOLM, Catherine 16Feb1869 (85 yrs)
    (husband, Christoper CHISHOLM)

CHISHOLM, Catherine A. 1867-1920 (53 yrs)
    (husband, Dan L. MacDONALD)

CHISHOLM, Christy 08Oct1898 (75 yrs)
    (husband, Alexander McDONALD)

CHISHOLM, Christopher 08Mar1851 (80 yrs)

CHISHOLM, Christy 02Jun1837-17Sep1909 (72 yrs)
    (husband, Valentine CHISHOLM)

CHISHOLM, Colin 1845-1928 (83 yrs)
    (wife, Margaret CAMERON)

CHISHOLM, Colin C. 07Feb1914 (37 yrs)
    (wife, Margaret CHISHOLM)

CHISHOLM, Colin R. 01Nov1902 (53 yrs 11months)
    (wife Elizabeth CHISHOLM)

CHISHOLM, D.F. (no other information)
    (wife, Ann CHISHOLM)

CHISHOLM, Donald (no other information)
    (wife, Sarah CHISHOLM, son Alexander CHISHOLM)

CHISHOLM, Donald ___March___ (95 yrs)

CHISHOLM, Donald 1833-1912 (79 yrs)

CHISHOLM, Donald 14Feb1854 (86yrs)
    ("Native of Strathglass Inverness Shire Scotland)
    (wife, Mary CHISHOLM)

CHISHOLM, Donald 31Jan1908 (95 yrs)
(wife, Margaret McKENZIE)

CHISHOLM, Duncan 1887-1947 (60 yrs)

CHISHOLM, Duncan F. "Miller" 25Jan1887 (51 yrs)

CHISHOLM, Elizabeth 10May1918 (63 yrs)
    (husband, Colin R. CHISHOLM)

CHISHOLM, Elizabeth (no other information)
    (husband, Thomas CHISHOLM, son Rodrick CHISHOLM)

CHISHOLM, Georgina 1847-1918 (71 yrs)
    (husband, John CHISHOLM)

CHISHOLM, Isabella 1842-1904 (62 yrs)

CHISHOLM, James 07Feb1896 (82 yrs)
    (wife, Margaret McINTOSH)

CHISHOLM, Janet 13Dec1859-05Aug1934 (75 yrs)

CHISHOLM, Janite (no other information)
    (parents, Archibald CHISHOLM & Margaret McDonald, brothers, William and Roderick)

CHISHOLM, John 1840-1906 (66 yrs)
    (wife, Georgina CHISHOLM)

CHISHOLM, Maggie B. 1886-1921 (35 yrs)

CHISHOLM, Maggie 13Mar1874 (11 days old)
    (parents, Colin and Margaret CHISHOLM)

CHISHOLM, Margaret 08Nov1905 (Age ??)
    (husband, Colin C. CHISHOLM)

CHISHOLM, Mary 17Nov1846 (70 yrs)
    ("Native of Strathglass Inverness Scotland")
    (husband, Donald CHISHOLM)

CHISHOLM, Mary 06Feb1869 (56 yrs)
    (husband, Angus McDONALD)

CHISHOLM, Mary 06Dec1894 (26 yrs)
    (parents, Colin and Margaret CHISHOLM)

CHISHOLM, Mary E. 12Dec1863 (6months)
    (daughter of Valentine CHISHOLM)

CHISHOLM, Mary J. 1862-1924 (62 yrs)

CHISHOLM, Roderick (no other info)
    (Parents, Archibald CHISHOLM and Margaret MacDONALD, brother William, sister Janite)

CHISHOLM, Rodrick 19Mar1884 (38 yrs)
    (parents, Thomas and Elizabeth CHISHOLM)

CHISHOLM, Sarah (no other info)
    (husband, Donald CHISHOLM, son Alexander CHISHOLM)

CHISHOLM, Thomas (no other info)
    (wife Elizabeth CHISHOLM, son Rodrick)

CHISHOLM, William (no other info)
    (parents, Archibald CHISHOLM and Margaret MacDONALD, brother Roderick, sister Janite)

CHISHOLM, William 05Dec1909 (64 yrs)

CHISHOLM, Valentine 01May1821-09Apr1884 (63yrs)
    (wife Christy CHISHOLM)

CHISHOLM, Valentine 12mAR1864 (23 yrs)

DRUHAN, John (no other info)
    (wife, Janet FORBES)

FORBES, Alexander (no other info)
    (wife, Mary FORBES)

FORBES, Catherine 02Mar1892 (50 yrs)

FORBES, Christina 29Nov1891 (48 yrs)

FORBES, Christina 25Feb1912 (68 yrs)
    (husband, Donald FORBES)

FORBES, Donald 08Jul1917 (86 yrs)
    (wife, Christina FORBES)

FORBES,Donald 03Mar1862 (14 months)
    (parents, Donald and Mary FORBES)

FORBES, Janet 19Aug1905 (67 yrs)
    (husband, John DRUHAN)

FORBES, John (no other info)
    (wife, Isabella CHISHOLM)

FORBES, John 05Apr1869 (39 yrs)

FORBES, Mary 23Mar1874 (32 yrs)
    (husband, Alexander FORBES)

FORBES, Mary 1868-1965 (97 yrs)

GRANT, Mary (no other info)
    (husband, Alex McDONALD)

GRANT, Daniel (no other info)
    (wife, Catherine CHISHOLM)

MACDONALD, Allen 1897-1911 (14 yrs)
    (parents, Dan MacDonald and Catherine CHISHOLM)

MACDONALD, Dan J. 1852-1932 (80 yrs)

MACDONALD, John (no other info)
    (marker is an iron cross with paper inside small window, paper is falling apart, unable to read)

MACDONALD, Margaret (no other info)
    (husband, Archibald CHISHOLM, sons Roderick & William, daughter Janite)

MCANULTY, D.J. (no other info)
    (wife, Margaret M. CAMERON)

MCDONALD, Alexander (1840-1914 (74 yrs)
    (wife, Catherine CHISHOLM)

MCDONALD, Alexander (Down) 17July1898 (83 yrs)
    (wife, Christy CHISHOLM)

MCDONALD, Alex (no other info)
    (wife, Mary GRANT)

MCDONALD, Angus 11May1905 (93 yrs)
    (wife, Mary CHISHOLM)

MCDONALD, Catherine 1849-1929 (80 yrs)

MCDONALD, Donald 05Nov1859 (44 yrs)
    (parents, William McDONALD and Ann CHISHOLM)

MCDONALD, John 06Mar1845 (26 yrs)
    (father, Thomas McDONALD)

MCDONALD, Mary 1860-1936 (76 yrs)

MCDONALD, Roderick 16Jan1864 (Age ??)

MCDONALD, Thomas 05Dec1824 (32 yrs)

MCINTOSH, Margaret 06Jan1898 (71 yrs)
    (husband, James CHISHOLM)

MCKENZIE, Margaret 10Feb1883 (62 yrs)
    (husband, Donald CHISHOLM)