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OGDEN BROOK, Antigonish County

A brook flowing east into George Bay.

OGDEN POND, Antigonish County

A lake North East of Antigonish named after Benjamin Ogden, Jr.
(1765-1835) who received a grant of land at Antigonish near
Antigonish Harbour.  At the age of fifteen he was fighting for
King George III in the American Revolution as a volunteer in the
Prince of Wales Regiment, the unit which Timothy Hierlihy had helped
recruit in 1777 and in which his father was a lieutenant.  After the death
of Benjamin Ogden Sr. he came with his mother and brothers and sisters
to Nova Scotia and served with the Royal Nova Scotia Volunteer
Regiment as an ensign, later marrying Cornelia, a daughter of Colonel
Timothy Hierlihy.  When the Hierlihy estate was settled Benjamin Ogden
took his family to New York where he went into business with his brothers
Andrew and Albert.  Later he returned to Antigonish when his son Augustus
was threatened with tuberculosis because the doctor recommended that he
lead an outdoor life.  In 1830 Benjamin Ogden was an assistant judge of the
Interior Court and Sessions of the Peace and he died Sept. 6, 1835.  The
Ogden family lived on the farm at Antigonish Harbour.