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A settlement near Antigonish, situated in the midst of fertile farming lands.

A descriptive name as the beavers had a dam across the river.  It was part of
the Hartshorne-Addington grant.  The first settler in the district was Hugh
Fraser (son of James Fraser of Bridgeville, Pictou County) in 1800, but in
1803 he sold his farm to John and Hugh McDonald.   Murdoch McRae, a native of
Kintail, Scotland settled on the Beaver Meadow in 1811.  The beaver's dam was
broken down by John MacDonald and Murdoch MacRae, who coveted the flooded

The first log school was located on the line between the properties of
Alexander MacRae and Ronald MacDonald, and the next two were on the same
site.  John Chisholm was the first teacher, holding school there in 1831.
James Munro an old soldier was the second teacher and other teachers were
Norman McDonald, John Ross, W. Grant, John Cameron, James Nicholas, John Boyd
and Alexander McGillivray.  Population in 1956 was 55.