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CAPE GEORGE, Antigonish County

A cape between George Bay and Northumberland Strait and a settlement north of

.......Among the original grantees on the Cape were Archy Cameron, Malcolm
McLean, John Graham, Angus McDonald, John French McNeil,  Alexander, Donald
and John Chisholm,  Martin MacNeil, John and Angus McInnis, John McNeil,
Donald Smith, Angus Gillis and John MacDougall.  Some of these sold to men
who became the first settlers.  Donald McLean, John McNeill, John Campbell,
Donald McKinnon, Rory Breac McNeill and Donald McNeill, all Barra men and
soldiers in the American Revolutionary War.  John McDougall from Morar,
Scotland, Angus McInnis, Donald McInnis (Glic) Angus Mor MacDonald, Alexander
and Donald Chisholm, Alexander McPherson, John McMillan and Malcolm
Livingstone from Lochaber, Scotland, Charles Arbuckles, Neil and John
MacNeil, Allan and John MacDonald, Angus McInnes, Duncan McDonald Taylor,
Donald McEachern and Hugh McInnes of Airsaig, Scotland who owned the first
axe in the community.  John McDonald built the first grist mill.  The
district suffered from the Gale of 1811 and from the plague of the mice.