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CLYDESDALE, Antigonish County

A settlement north west of Antigonish.

Known for many years as "Yankee Grant" because the first settlers were from New England,
the district had been granted in 1796 to Jonathan Blanchard, a native of New Hampshire who
had come to live at Truro, Nova Scotia.  About 1804 he persuaded Robert Campbell and
Moses Towns to emigrate from New Hampshire to his grant and they settled with their families
in log cabins in the forest at the foot of Brown's Mountain.  In 1810 they were joined by
John McPherson.  The New Englanders were joined later by a number of Presbyterian Scots.

In 1848 Kenneth McDonald was teaching twenty-two children named Adie, Baxter,
Chisholm, Connors, MacDonald, MacDermaid, MacLean, Mooney and Taylor.
A new schoolhouse was finished in 1877.

In 1876 Yankee Grant was renamed Clydesdale on the suggestion of Donald Chisholm,
father of C.P. Chisholm, M.L.C. (1854-1894) because the mountain stream which cut the
district in two suggested the River Clyde in Scotland.  The water supply for the town of
Antigonish is piped from a reservoir in this section.

The population in 1956 was 103.