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A settlement northwest of Antigonish and also a brook flowing northeast into
Northumberland Strait.

It was named after Dr. Alexander MacDonald [1782-1876] a graduated of
medicine from the University of Edinburgh who was the first physician and
surgeon in the County of Antigonish.  In 1810, he settled at Antigonish but
he travelled widely to care for the sick and was greatly beloved by the

Among the early grantees were Donald and John McNeil, Angus McDonald,
Alexander McLean and Charles Robertson.  Donald Campbell, Peter Gillis and
Donald McIsaac settled there.

In 1848, Alexander McDonald was teaching twenty-five scholars named Campbell,
McDonald, McDougald, McIsaac and McPherson.

By 1864 this farming settlement contained a post office, blacksmith shop,
grist mill and saw mill.  In 1898 the population was 100.