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DUNMORE, Antigonish County

A locality south east of Antigonish.  Named after the strong stone fort on the hill of Dunmore,
Perthshire, Scotland.  Called Big Brook and Middle South River.  Among the first settlers
were John McDonald (Borra dale) and five MacIsaac's - Duncan, Angus, John, Archibald
and Hugh, who had emigrated from Moidart, Scotland, on the ship "Nora" in 1801.
In the next few years came Hugh Boyd, the Camerons, John McDonald, Alexander McLean,
Archibald McLellan and others.

The first school in the St. Andrew's district was the one at the crossroads where
John MacDonald (Red) carried on a merchandizing*  business.  IN 1957 Dunmore
became part of St. Andrew's Consolidated School District.

About 1860 a new schoolhouse was built on the hill above the bridge on the east side
of the river.  The first teacher to open school in it was "Big" Andrew MacGillivray who
was to teach school at various parts of the county for over forty years.

*spelling as presented in book