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FAIRMOUNT, Antigonish County

Settlement north of Antigonish.

Formerly known as "Upper Hallowell Grant," but changed to Fairmount because of the
beauties of the countryside by act of the Nova Scotia Legislature in 1892.

Among the original grantees were Richard and Elizabeth Cunningham, Mrs. Mary McCulla,
Hon. S. S. Blowers, Rt. Rev. Charles Inglis and Samuel Hood George.  Allan MacDonald
came to Fairmount about 1842 and the MacLeans and McLellans were early settlers.
By 1898 there was a store and a church and a population of 70.  As many of the farms are
now vacant, the school has been closed and the school district became part of the
"Fringe Area" in 1958.

The population in 1956 was 73.