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FRENCHMANS BARN, Antigonish County

Rock north east of Merigomish Island, Antigonish County.

It is a massive rock on the shore of Northumberland Strait, shaped like a building and
called "Frenchman's Barn" because a French ship was wrecked here in the 17th century.
Skeletons were found near the rock, also called "The Barn."

The first permanent settler in the district was John (Ban) Gillis from Morar, Scotland, who
chose a sheltered spot on a small cove near the bluff, built a log cabin and began to fish.
After about four years he returned to Scotland to bring his wife and son to his new home.
Probably the first white girl born on the Gulf shore was their daughter, Mary Gillis.

The government of Nova Scotia granted money to build a small wharf at the Barn to
shelter small vessels.