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GLEN ROAD, Antigonish County

A settlement SW of Antigonish.

A descriptive term.  John Kell was the first to take up land there about 1817.  He had been
a sergeant in Lt. Col. Timothy Hierlihy's regiment and received a land grant in Dorchester
Township for his military services.  He lived in Antigonish, but about 1820 his sons, John,
William and Angus began to work the land on the Glen Road, where Roderick Kennedy
was already located.

In 1848 Donald McGillivray was teaching twenty-one scholars of the surnames Cameron,
Flinn, Debiassio, Gordon, Kell, Kennedy, McDonald, McGillivray, McLennan and McLellan.

New schoolhouses were built at both Upper and Lower Glen Road about 1865.  Upper
Glen Road was consolidated with Lochaber while Lower Glen Road on the old stage
coach road to Antigonish was consolidated with Salt Springs and West River.

There was a postal way office from 1860 to 1867 and in 1868 C. McGillivray was
the postmaster.

In 1956 the population was 69.