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KEPPOCH, Antigonish County

A district SW of Antigonish, located on a mountain between the Ohio in the County of
Antigonish and the Garden of Eden in Pictou County.

Named for Keppoch in North Britain either the one near Strath Arisaig or the one in
Lochaber.  It was settled about 1820 by James and Donald McDougall and Alexander
and Charles MacDonald, and were joined a decade later by Big Allan MacDonald and
Donald McGillivray.  Alexander McDonald known as "The Keppoch Bard" was the son
of Big Allan MacDonald and lived here most of his life.

Keppoch became a flourishing district with church and school and a large population in spite
of the marginal soil on the high lands.  Sarah Miller was teaching twenty-eight children there in
1848 and a new schoolhouse was built about 1865.

Later on there seems to have been an attempt to get away from the name and the post offices
were called "Mayfield" and "Morven."  In 1892 Lower Keppoch became Glenwood.  During
World War II people continued to move away from the district and the few who remained
obtained their mail at the James River Station.  The farms have returned to the wilderness.