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MERLAND, Antigonish County

A post office south east of Antigonish.

Formerly called Rear Tracadie, back settlement of Tracadie, the Irish
Back Settlement from its location on lands to the rear of Tracadie and
further from the water and from the Irish immigrants named Boyle, Daley,
Coffey, Power, Hagan and Dunn who settled there about the end of the
18th century.

In 1868 the name of the "Back Settlement of Tracadie" was changed to
Merland in honour of Father Vincent de Paul Merle, the founding Trappist
monk at the nearby Monastery at Tracadie.

Among the early grantees were families named Delorier or Delorey, Landry,
Pettipas, Benois or Benwaugh, Cote, deBassio, Boyle, Casey, Christian,
Carrol, Coffey, Dunn, Dueney, Durliegh and Walsh.

By 1898 it had one church and a population of 150.

MERLAND LAKE, Antigonish County

See Healey lake