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MONK HEAD, Antigonish County

A head of land on the south shore of Georges Bay.

See Monks Head.

MONKS HEAD, Antigonish County

A settlement on a point of land, North East of Antigonish Harbour which was named after
George H. Monk of the Royal Nova Scotia Volunteer Regiment who obtained a thousand
acre grant of land there in 1784.  He acted as Superintendent of Indian Affairs in Nova Scotia
and was a Justice of the Supreme Court of NS, 1801-1816.

John, Allen, Ronald and Annie MacDonald emigrated from Moidart, Scotland in 1827
and settled at Monks Head.  In 1898 it was a fishing and farming settlement with a
population of 90.  The population in 1956 was 151.

MONK POND, Antigonish County

A lake south of George Bay.

Named after Major George Henry Monk who had a land grant here.  See
Monk's Head.

Also called Duns Lake, from the Dunn family which was living here in
the 18901.