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MORRISTOWN, Antigonish County

A settlement N.E. of Antigonish.

The township of Morristown was established in 1856.  It was probably named after
John Morris who had surveyed the farms in the district.  Among the first grantees were
Nathaniel Roy Thomas, Mrs. Sarah Thomas and Benjamin Ogden.  About 1800 immigrants
from the Highland began to arrive in the district and to buy the farms of the former loyalist soldiers.
Among these Highland immigrants were Angus Ban McGillivray and William McGillivray of
Arisaig, Scotland, Ewan McGillivray and Angus and John McIsaac, Angus Kennedy and
Donald, Angus, and Alexander MacDonald.

There was a school there in 1827 and a new schoolhouse was built about 1880.

There was a postal way office from 1855 to 1867.  The population in 1956 was 89