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NORTH GRANT, Antigonish County

A settlement northwest of Antigonish.

The eastern section of the Yankee Grant was called the North Grant because it was north
of Antigonish.  The first settler on the road from Antigonish to the Gulf shore was one
MacCann who built a frame house using as corner posts four trees standing in their natural
position.  Neil and Ewan MacKinnon made the next clearing in 1824 on four hundred acres
they had purchased from Sir Charles Mary Wentworth.  A few years later settlers came named
Campbell, Delaney, Grant, Johnston, Kennedy, McDonald, McIsaac, MacKinnon, McLeod,
MacPherson, Ronan and Siggins.  IN the mid-nineteenth century they were joined by Irish
families who migrated by way of Newfoundland or Guysborough County.  In 1898 it was a
farming settlement with a population of 75.

The first school was kept in one end of the dwelling of Neil MacKinnon who had been teaching
school at Williams Point.  In 1831 he was still teaching there.  A new school house was built at
Upper North Grant in 1884.  In 1903 the school sections of Lower North Grant and Upper
North Grant were consolidated as North Grant section No. 61.

In 1889 the name of part of North Grant was changed to Strathmore but that name has
disappeared from common usage.

The population in 1956 was 134.