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PINKIETOWN, Antigonish County

This locality is Southwest of Antigonish on the Ohio River.
Donald McDonald, an emigrant from Moidart, Scotland, took up 400 acres of land in the
Ohio district later known as Pinkietown, which was granted to him in 1828.

Other early settlers in the district were Angus McLean, also from Moidart,
Alexander McDonald, "soldier," Donald McPherson, Donald McInnes, who had fought
with the British during the American Revolution, Angus McInnis, and John MacDonald who
had received a ticket of location in 1821 and was living there in 1828.

The district was known as Ohio but in the 1890s it was called "Pinkietown" because two
young maidens living there who were a generation or two ahead of their time used rouge.
Another explanation is that they introduced the little shoulder shawls called "pinks."

At first the school section was divided between Beaver Meadow and Cross Roads, Ohio,
although a new school house was built there in 1865 or 1866.  The name became unpopular
with many inhabitants and the school section was called St. Joseph's.