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POMQUET, Antigonish County

A settlement east of Antigonish.  An Indian name with several spellings "Popumkek"
"Pogumkek" "Ponquette" and several translations, "sand beach, a good place for landing,"
"a sand beach with bushes growing on it"  "raining along."

In 1761 five Acadian families from the port of St. Malo in France entered the harbour
of Pomquet and landed on the island adjoining the beach.  Their names were Vincent,
Bourque, Broissard, Lamarre and Daigle.  Other early families at Pomquet were LaMost
or LaMotte, Duon, or Duot, Melanson and Dorion or Dorian.  In 1789 the following men
had been living there for sixteen years and asked for larger land grants, Joseph Dorian (Dorion)
with his wife and nine children, Simon Vinsan (Vincent) with his wife and nine children,
Joseph Broisard with his wife and four children, Pierre Duon with his wife and five children
and Louis Larnard and his wife.

The Acadians wer ejoined by immigrants from Quebec and from France.  Charles Brusar,
Jean and Jean Marie Brosard and John Brusard and Francis Rosia, natives of France, emigrated
from there about 1794 and were living at Pomquet in 1819.

The inhabitants supported themselves by fishing and farming. By 1827 James Taylor of
Pomquet had erected a shelling mill and kiln for oats and barley.  Lumber, shingles and
staves for barrels were sold at Halifax and Arichat and in Newfoundland for the fisheries in
the early 19th century.

One of the pioneer Roman Catholic priests in the district was Father Francois Lejamtel
second resident clergyman of Arichat from 1792 to 1819 and missionary to the Indians.
In 1803 Father Amable Richard settled at Tracadie a pastor of Havre Boucher, Tracadie
and Pomquet.  During the incumbency of Rev. Charles P. Martell who became pastor at
Tracadie in 1860 Presbyteries were built at Tracadie, Havre Boucher and Pomquet and
construction was begun on the first part of the Pomquet church.  In 1866 Pomquet was
separated from the original parish and joined with Heatherton under the care of Father William
Chisholm who preached fluently in French, English and Gaelic.  After November, 1875, Pomquet
was a separate parish of Holy Cross.

Before the end of 1816 Father Antoine Manseau had established a school at Pomquet but it
is not nown how long it lasted.  A school was established on the 17th of February, 1830,
with Moses Broissard as the master and in 1848 Melanie Morrell was teaching thirty-one
pupils at Pomquet and Isidore Delory was teaching twenty-four.  In 1956 the population
at Lower Pomquet was 238.