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ST. JOSEPH, Antigonish County

This locality is situated south-west of Antigonish, named after the Saint.
It was at first part of the Ohio district.  In 1795 Alexander Fraser moved from
Pictou to a clearing near Gaspereaux Lake and became the first permanent
settler in what is now the parish of St. Joseph's.

The frame church built at St. Joseph was burned in 1926 but was rebuilt in brick.

St. Joseph or Ohio had been one of the first school district in the county operating
under the name of Pinkietown.  A school was conducted in the new section of
St. Joseph's in 1878.  In 1951 the sections of Cross Road, Ohio, James River,
Ashdale, Beaver Meadow and Stewart's Mills united to form St. Joseph High
School District.

Among the notable men born in the district were Monsigneur Ronald MacGillivray,
Very Rev. Daniel Chisholm and Rev. John Archie Chisholm.

ST. JOSEPH'S LAKE,  Antigonish County

A lake southwest of Antigonish.