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WEST RIVER, Antigonish County

A river flowing east into Antigonish Harbour.

The first white settler at the West River was Alexander Fraser who had
emigrated from Scotland to Pictou, and who selected the spot for his farm
about 1795 after travelling and camping with the Indians.  About 1805
John Smith, a native of Moidart, Scotland settled with his wife on the lower
part of the river, having travelled along the Gulf shore in a dugout canoe.
Between the years 1810 and 1820 a number of older settlers from
Antigonish Harbour and Williams Point removed to the West River to cut
timber for the overseas timber trade and remained to farm the rich intervale
lands.  Nathan Pushee and Zephaniah Williams who had many descendants
were among these.

There was a school at the West River of Antigonish in 1827 and Edward
Williams was teaching there in 1848.  New school-houses were built at
Middle West River and Upper West River about 1865.  In 1905 the school
sections Lower Glen Road, Salt Springs and West River were consolidated
as West River section No. 47.

The population in 1956 was 90.