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Subject: [Antigonish] MacGillivray family Tree (part 1 of 5)
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Hi List, I received this family tree from Father Hugh MacGillivray. ONT.

It is believed that the ancestral home of the MacGillivray Clan was at
Lochaber, Scotland, but it was from Arisaig, Scotland that the progenitors
of the "Bridge" MacGillivrays sailed for this country.
According to Reverened Ronald MacGillivray (Sagart Arisaig), three
brothers, ANDREW, ALEXANDER, and ANGUS MacGillivray, left the home farm of
Arnapol and,along with "Red" John Mac Eachern, their brother-in-law, came to
this country in 1791 and settled at Dunmaglas, Nova Scotia. Their
half-brother Hugh came out at the same time and settled at

Donald MacGillivray (Domhnull Riabhach), brother to the above
MacGillivray's, married to Sarah MacDonald, came to Nova Scotia two years
later, in 1801.
(Their three sons and four daughters may all have been born in the Old
It is not known whether or not DONALD came directly to the South River
area with his family, or if he lived elsewhere for some years. At any rate,
he purchased, (deed dated December 9, 1812), four hundred acres of land which
had been granted to Joseph Langley in that same year. The land bordered on the
South River. This area is now called St. Andrew's. His property was directly
across the road from the bridge between the village of St. Andrew's and the
Dunmore Road (hence the name "The Bridge MacGillivrays").


HUGH (Ban)MAC GILLIVRAY (1700-)/Margaret MacEachern

AA - DONALD MAC GILLIVRAY: (1730-)/Margaret MacEachern
(Hugh,Catherine..+2 girls)
(cf.Hist.Ant.Vol.II.p.90) /Mary
MacGillivray:(Arisaig, Scotland.)
(Children: Andrew, Alexander, Angus, Hugh, Mary, Donald "Riabach")

A1 - ANDREW ("Andrew Ban")MacGillivray(1755-)/Janet MacDonald: came out
in 1791 to Dunmaglass.
(Children: Margaret, John, Hugh, Donald, Alexander,
Ronald, Mary, Marcella, John)..NOTE: there were two Johns!!
(cf. "History of Antigonish, Vol. I. p.40)

B1 - Margaret MacGillivray/ James Kell
/ Ronald MacDonald
B2 - John (Piper, Poet)MacGillivray(1774-1862)/ Margaret MacDonald
(Donald, Alexander, John, James, Margaret, Charlotte,
Catherine, Mary Flora). John remained in Scotland when his
father came to Nova Scotia. In 1818 he came, and took a
farm at Highfield (above Malignant Brook).
C1 - Donald MacGillivray
C2 - Alexander MacGillivray (died at an early age)
He was 6'5" tall!
C3 - John MacGillivray(1829-1902)/ Christina MacGillivray(1833-1920)
D1 - Kate MacGillivray
C4 - James MacGillivray(1844-): He was a member of the Queen's
Cavalry Division. He was allegedly poisoned. Died
at age 26. Buried at Brompton, London.
C5 - Margaret MacGillivray/ Alex MacDonald
C6 - Charlotte MacGillivray/ Alex MacDougall
C7 - Catherine MacGillivray/ Donald MacGillivray
C8 - Mary MacGillivray: Died at the family home in Highfield.
C9 - Flora MacGillivray: Died at sea at age 16 (on way out from
Scotland). Buried at Pictou.
B3 - Hugh MacGillivray/ Catherine MacDonald (1808-1896)
(Andrew, John, Alexander, Janet, Margaret, Marcella, Flora,
Mary, Catherine)
C1 - Father Andrew F. MacGillivray(1828-1900)
C2 - John MacGillivray/ Mary MacDougall
(Hugh, John, Catherine)
C3 - Alexander MacGillivray/ Anna Smith
(Hugh, Richard, Amelia)
C4 - Janet MacGillivray/ John MacLean
C5 - Margaret MacGillivray/ Angus MacLellan
C6 - Marcella MacGillivray/ John MacIsaac
C7 - Flora MacGillivray/ William MacLean
C8 - Mary MacGillivray/John MacGillivray
(Colin, Alexander, Annie, Sarah, Catherine, Angus,
Ronald, Hugh)
D1 - Colin MacGillivray(-1912)
D2 - Alexander MacGillivray (-1914)
D3 - Annie MacGillivray (Died as a child)
D4 - Sarah MacGillivray/ Theodore Burns
(Had 3 children who all died in infancy)
D5 - Catherine MacGillivray/ Daniel Burns
D6 - Angus MacGillivray(1865-)/Mary MacIntosh(1880-1946)
Angus was a member of the Nova Scotia Legislature.
Moved to Boston:15 St Joseph St., Jamaica Plain.
(John, Andrew, Colin, Mary, Lizzie, Wilfred,
Alexander, Gordon, Dan)
E1 - John MacGillivray
E2 - Andrew MacGillivray
E3 - Colin MacGillivray
E4 - Mary MacGillivray
E5 - Lizzie MacGillivray
E6 - Wilfred MacGillivray/ Elizabeth Murdock
E7 - Alexander MacGillivray/ Helen MacDonald
E8 - Gordon MacGillivray(-1941): Lost his life in a
fire at Lismore, May 1941)
E8 - Dan MacGillivray (Canadian Army)
D7 - Ronald MacGillivray/ Mary MacAdam
(Hugh, Colin)
E1 - Hugh MacGillivray(-1930)
E2 - Colin MacGillivray/ Martha MacDonald
D8 - Hugh MacGillivray/ Annie B. MacGillivray
They moved to St Petersburg, Florida.
C9 - Catherine MacGillivray (unmarried)
B4 - Donald MacGillivray(1786-1872)/ Catherine MacDonald(1790-1838)
Donald came to N.S. in 1791, made his home at Antigonish
Harbor. Later moved to Glen Road.
(Charles, Janet, Mary, Kate, Ronald, Donald, John)
C1 - Charles MacGillivray(1816-1895)/ Ann Gillis(1824-1919)
Charles became postmaster at Glen Road. died Oct.6,
(Ronald, Alexander, Lauchlin, Angus, John, Donald,
Sarah, Kate, Jane)
D1 - Ronald MacGillivray(carpenter)(1854-1941)/Margaret
(Chares, Mary, Rose, Vincent, Ronald, Dan-Lawrence)
E1 - Charles MacGillivray/ Mary Grant:(Lexington, Mass.)
E2 - Mary MacGillivray / John Chisholm:(Vancouver,B.C.)
E3 - Rose MacGillivray / Joseph Grant
(Auctioneer):Brierly Brook
E4 - Vincent MacGillivray (d.Sept.'43) / Mary MacLean
E5 - Ronald MacGillivray:( Detroit)
E6 - Dan Lawrence MacGillivray (died young:1922)
D2 - Alexander MacGillivray(1872-1937)/ Flora MacGillivray(1875-1954)
(West Somerville, Mass.)
(Charles, Frank, Alexander, Ethel, Leonard, Mary,
Florence, George, William, Edward, Lillian, Irene)
E1 - Charles MacGillivray (USN..Secretary of
Baldwin Locomotive Works): Philadelphia
E2 - Frank MacGillivray(1897-)..Listed in 1920 census
as Angus F.
E3 - Alexander MacGillivray(1899-)
E4 - Ethel MacGillivray
E5 - Leonard MacGillivray
E6 - Mary MacGillivray(1907-)
E7 - Florence MacGillivray(1907-)
E8 - George MacGillivray(1909-)
E9 - Irene MacGillivray(1911): died as a child
E10- Lillian MacGillivray(1913-)
E11- William MacGillivray(1915-)
E12- Edward MacGillivray(1919-)
D3 - Laughlin MacGillivray(1869-1941)/Margaret Smith
(Helen, Charles, John, Allan, Robert, Arthur)
E1 - Helen MacGillivray/ Henry C. Hoffman: New York
E2 - Charles MacGillivray(1899-)
E3 - John MacGillivray
E4 - Allan MacGillivray
E5 - Robert MacGillivray
E6 - Arthur (Jesuit priest, wrote a book of poems)
D4 - Angus MacGillivray(d.June 17,1916 age 59.As a boy,
lived with S.A., Arisaig. Married June 17,1884.) /
Mary Cameron (teacher)
(Ronald C., Charles J., Mary Rose, John D.,
Margaret, Sarah)
E1 - Ronald C.MacGillivray: (Priest, chaplain WWI,
Lieutenant Colonel)
E2 - Charles J.MacGillivray Publisher of "Casket"
..historian) / Elizabeth Sears
E3 - Mary Rose MacGillivray/ D.C. Kennedy:
E4 - (Capt.) John D.MacGillivray/Margaret Wilmot:
E5 -Margaret MacGilivray(Peg): (bookkeeper at
Casket Office)
E6 -Sarah (Aya) MacGillivray: U.S.
D5 - John MacGillivray(1858-1940)/ Margaret Finnell
(Lillian, Jean, Ronald)
D6 - Donald C. MacGillivray (d.Mar.2,1896. Was a guard
at Federal Penetentiary, New Westminster, B.C.) /
Christina Cameron
(Catherine Theresa, Charles, Gertrude, Donald J.)
E1 - Catherine Theresa MacGillivray (teacher. d.May 25,1943)
E2 - Charles MacGillivray (died young)
E3 - Gertrude MacGillivray (died young)
E4 - Donald J. MacGillivray (medical doctor):Dorchester, Mass.

D7 - Sarah MacGillivray / Angus J.MacInnis(contractor.d.Sept.22,1939)
(John R., Kate A., Charles, Marie, Jane, Dan A.,
Kennedy, Ronald,..two others died young)

E1 - John R. MacInnis (postmaster) / Kate MacLean:
(Purl Brook)
E2 - Kate A. MacInnis / Rod MacDonald: St Joseph's
E3 - Charles MacInnis / Anne MacNeil: Mabou
E4 - Marie MacInnis (RN) / Angus R.MacDonald
(merchant, Antigonish)
E5 - Jane MacInnis:(Sister Philip Neri, Sisters of
Charity: Trinidad, Colorado)
E6 - Dan A.MacInnis(contractor, Detroit) / Claire
E7 - Kennedy MacInnis / Lillian Roberts: Detroit
E8 - Ronald MacInnis / Catherine Seabalt: Detroit
D8 - Kate MacGillivray (d.June 23,1923)/ Donald Cameron
/ Duncan Fraser (d.Aug.11,1923 age 87.Nephew of Bishop)
D9 - Jane MacGillivray (died unmarried at St. Martha's Hospital:1971)
C2 - Janet MacGillivray (died single): Glen Road
C3 - Mary MacGillivray/ John MacKinnon: North Grant
(Charles, Mary, Ronald, Kate, Colin, Elizabeth, Daniel,
Agnes, William)
D1 - Charles MacKinnon / ?
D2 - Mary MacKinnon / Hugh MacDonald (blacksmith): Gulf
D3 - Ronald MacKinnon:South Boston
D4 - Kate MacKinnon / Hugh Mac Gillivray: Pleasant Valley
D5 - Colin MacKinnon: Boston
D6 - Elizabeth MacKinnon (never married): Boston
D7 - Dan MacKinnon
D8 - Agnes MacKinnon / ? : South Boston
D9 - William MacKinnon: Pleasant Valley
C4 - Kate MacGillivray/ Alex MacGillivray (mason): Salt Springs
(Austin, John A.)
D1 - Austin MacGillivray: Salt Springs
D2 - John A. MacGillivray: B.C.
C5 - Ronald MacGillivray(died young)
C6 - Donald MacGillivray/ ? MacEachern / Mary MacDonald
(John, Annie, Mary,...Hugh, Ruth-Amelia, Annie, Joseph,Flora)
D1 - John MacGillivray: Marshy Hope
D2 - Annie MacGillivray/ John MacPherson: Arisaig..West
D3 - Mary MacGillivray / John Gillis (baggagemaster,
E1 - Dan Gillis (CNR, Sydney Mines) /Claudia Fleming
D4 - Hugh MacGillivray(CNR) / Edna Hurst (RN): Canso
D5 - Ruth Amelia MacGillivray(Minnie)
D6 - Annie MacGillivray: Montreal
D7 - Joseph Bernard MacGillivray (killed: WW1)
D8 - Flora MacGillivray
C7 - John(Squire)MacGillivray / Ann Fraser: Purl Brook
(James, Kate, Andrew, Minnie, Daniel, John, Ronald)
D1 - James MacGillivray (died young)
D2 - Kate / Ronald MacGilllivray(mason): Watertown, Mass.
D3 - Andrew MacGillivray: Merose, Mass.
D4 - Minnie MacGillivray/ Dan Joe MacDonald: Glen Road
E1 - Joseph MacDonald / Josephine MacInnis
D5 - Daniel MacGillivray (died as a yound man)
D6 - John MacGillivray (dies as a child)
D7 - Ronald MacGillivray(-1943) /Annie MacDonald
(Joseph, Annie, Florence, John)
E1 - Joseph MacGillivray
E2 - Annie MacGillivray/ Garfield Urquhart
(Moved to Evarett, Mass.)
E3 - Florence MacGillivray/ Paul Callaghan
(Moved to Lexington, Mass.)
E4 - John MacGillivray: Cambridge, Mass.
B5 - Alexander MacGillivray(-1868)/ Catherine..?
(He left Antigonish in 1843, settled in Cardigan, P.E.I.)
(Jessie, John, Hugh,...there were 12 children in all..)
C1 - Jessie MacGillivray(1828-1933): died at 106!
C2 - John A. MacGillivray(1845-)/ Elizabeth MacDonald(1860-1916
(Alexander, John, Ronald, Mary, Gregory, Sarah, William)
D1 - Alexander MacGillivray(1876-)
D2 - John Andrew MacGillivray(1878-)
D3 - Ronald MacGillivray(1881-1954)/Mary Quinn
(Charles, Evelyn, Johm, Sadie, Regina, Alexander,
Beatrice, Roland, Helen)
E1 - Charles A. MacGillivray
E2 - Evelyn MacGillivray
E3 - John Joseph MacGillivray(1909-)
E4 - Sadie MacGillivray(1894-)
E5 - Regina MacGillivray
E6 - Alexander MacGillivray(1916-1979)/ Stella MacCormack(1921-)
(Walter, James, Grant, Charles, Melvin,Mary,
Evelyn, John, Regina, David, Ronald,Brenda)
F1 - Walter Joseph MacGillivray(1945-)/ Ann
Marie Wilson
F2 - James Roland MacGillivray(1946-)/ Marion
F3 - Grant Henry MacGillivray(191947-)
F4 - Charles Alexander MacGillivray(1948-)/
Anita MacDonald
F5 - Melvin Anthony MacGillivray(1949-)/Elinor Wood
F6 - Mary Ann Margaret MacGillivray (1951-)/James Doyle
F7 - Evelyn Elizabeth MacGillivray(1951-)
F8 - John Kenneth MacGillivray(1952-)
F9 - Regina Stella Marie MacGillivray (1953-)/Gerald Fay

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Subject: [Antigonish] MacGillivray family Tree (part 2 of 5)
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F10- David Anthony MacGillivray(1955-)/Cheryl Phalen
F11- Ronald Edward MacGillivray(1957-)
F12- Brenda Darlene MacGillivray(1962-)
E7 - Beatrice MacGillivray
E8 - Roland MacGillivray
E9 - Helen Jessie MacGillivray(1920-)
D4 - Mary MacGillivray(1883-)
D5 - Gregory J.MacGillivray(1890-1948): Struck and killed
by a taxi in Boston, May7, 1948. His remains
remained unidentified for 7 days, until Grant
Henry MacGillivray (F3 above) identified him and
took care of funeral arrangements.
D6 - Sarah Catherine MacGillivray(1892-)
D7 - William H.MacGillivray(1888-)
C3 - Hugh MacGillivray(1822-)/ Mary MacDonald(1821-1892)
(Neil, Alexander, Mark, Isabella, Angus, Vincent,
William, Joseph, Donald)
D1 - Neil MacGillivray(1822-1914)/ Mary Morrison(1849-1928
(Penelope, Hugh Aeneas,Hugh Joseph, Ronald Daniel)
E1 - Penelope ("Pansy") MacGillivray (1878-1960) /
(Leona MacGillivray)
F1 - Leona MacGillivray/ ? McGowan
/ Lucien Ouellette
(Lorraine, George, David, Raymond)
G1 - Lorraine Theresa Ouellette/ Robert
Bruin../Carl Binder
(Garth Bruin)
G2 - George Lucien Ouellette/Stephanie..?
(Suzanne, Wendy)
G3 - Major David Joseph Ouellette
(Kaitlyn, Meaghan, Kristen, Amy)
G4 - Raymond Charles Ouellette(1957-)
E2 - Hugh Aeneas MacGillivray(1897-): Married an
Indian Princess in Old Town, Maine. His son
Hugh was U.S.Navy,..Golden Gloves Champ in
Boston area.
E3 - Hugh Joseph MacGillivray(1881-): U.S. Army
E4 - Ronald Daniel MacGillivray(1883-1958)/ Agnes
G. Purcell(1892-).../ Mary A. Smith(1893-1965)
(Francis, Mary, Helen, Ronald)
F1 - Francis M.MacGillivray:(Hit and killed by a
truck while crossing the street in
front of his house, Sept.21,1920)
F2 - Mary MacGillivray(1912): lived 12 days only
F3 - Helen Penelope MacGillivray(1914-)
F4 - Ronald James MacGillivray/ Rita Menz
(Ron J.Jr., Russell, Roy, Robin, Ruth,
Rita, Regina, Renee)
G1 - Ronald James MacGillivray Jr./Karen.?
G2 - Russell MacGillivray/ Katherine..?
(Timothy, Jonathan, Jason)
G3 - Roy MacGillivray/ Giovanna Samojin
(Alessandro, Andras)
G4 - Robin MacGilllivray (f)
G5 - Ruth MacGillivray/ Richard Holmes
(Ethan, Erica)
G6 - Rita MacGillivray/ Richard Offen
(Seth, Shane)
G7 - Regina MacGillivray/ Michael
(Michelle, Britta, Zachary)
G8 - Renee MacGillivray/ David Virgin
D2 - Alexander MacGillivray(1845-1913)/ Mary Lavin(1849-
1883)../Euphemia O'Hanley(1861-1918
(Joseph, Edward, John Charles, Angus, Mary J.,
Bennett, John George, Charles, Stephen, John
Ireneus, Peter, Michael, Mary Christina,
Margaret, Katherine, Cyrus, Roderick)
E1 - Joseph Hugh McGilvray(1872-1916)/ Catherine M.
(John, Mary, Margaret, Joseph, John, Paul)
F1 - John McGilvray(1896-1896)
F2 - Mary Elizabeth McGilvray(1898-1978)
F3 - Margaret Theresa McGilvray(1900-1988)
F4 - Joseph Alexander Thomas McGilvray(1902-'60)
/ Mary Catherine Morrison(1906-1983)
(Joseph, Mary, Robert, Rita, James,

G1 - Joseph Hugh (Sonny) McGilvray(1928-9)
Died of pneumonia as an infant.
G2 - Sister Mary McGilvray(1930-)
G3 - Robert Bernard McGilvray(1931-)
/ Marjorie Ann Allison (1930-)
(Mary, Robert, Katheen, Joseph,
Marjorie, Patricia, Richard)
H1 - Mary Elizabeth (Betty) McGilvray
H2 - Robert Bernard McGilvray (1955-)/Marie P. Renaud
H3 - Kathleen Allison McGilvray(1957-)/Robert H.
Welch (1955-)
(Robert, Brianne)
H4 - Joseph Thomas(Jay) McGilvray('60)
/ Carol Anne Gillett
H5 - Marjorie Ann McGilvray(1963-)
H6 - Patricia Marie McGilvray (1965-)/Christopher
H7 - Richard Abert McGilvray(1967-)USN
G4 - Rita Marie McGilvray(1965-)/Francis L. Carey Jr.
(Leslie, Douglas, Claudia)
G5 - James Joseph McGilvray(1937-)/Barbara
Louise Doherty(1938-)
(Andrew, Maura)
G6 - Michael Anthony McGilvray(1946-)/
Judith Ann Brink(1948-)
(Jennifer, Amy Beth, Meghan)
F5 - John Francis McGilvray(1909-1984)/ Mary
Blanche Bailey(1917-1966)
F6 - Paul Augustine McGilvray(1912-1912):died at
three months of age.
E2 - Edward McGilvray(1874-1954)/ Catherine McGilvray
(Mary, Isabelle, George, Kathryn, Edmund,
Harriet, Albert)
F1 - Mary (May) McGilvray/ ? Solari
(Andrew,Louis, Robert, Lorraine)
F2 - Isabelle Sarah McGilvray (1901-1987)
F3 - George A. McGilvray(1902-1966)
F4 - Kathryn McGilvray/ Walter Brett
(Walter, Robert)
F5 - Edmund McGilvray(1910-1929)
F6 - Harriet McGilvray(-1970)/ Gerald Muldoon
(Gerald, John Paul, Joseph)
F7 - Albert Joseph McGilvray(1914-1991)/Katherine
(Albert, Donald, Charles)
G1 - Albert Joseph McGilvray(1952-)/Susan Fiatte
(Joseph, Emily, Kaitlyn, William)
G2 - Donald Edward McGilvray
G3 - Charles Patrick McGilvray(1956-)/
Robin Matthews(1958-)
(Samantha Lee)
E3 - John Charles McGilvray(1877-1953)/ Harriet J.
(Joseph, Gertrude, Marie)
F1 - Joseph McGivray(1909-1909): lived 7 days.
F2 - Gertrude McGilvray (1910-1986)/ James Judge
G1 - Carol Judge/ John Greco
(John, Neil, Ronald)
H1 - John Charles (Jay) Greco(1956-)/
Elizabeth Ann O'Brine
(Nicole, John)
H2 - Neil Jude Greco(1959-)/Janyce
H3 - Ronald Daniel Greco(1961-)/Jean
Manaceck (Jonathan)
F3 - Marie McGilvray (1912-)/ John J. Sheehan
(Harriet, Irene)
G1 - Harriet Sheehan/Paul McDonald
(Paul, John, Marie, Jeanne)
G2 - Irene Sheehan(1966-)/ James Martin
(Marie, James, Jennifer)
E4 - Angus Joseph McGilvray(1879-1947)/ Christina
(Roy, Frances, Hilda, Harriet, Joseph, Emmett
Harold, Olive, Elmer, Mary, Leona)
F1 - Roy Daniel McGilivray(1909-1964)/ Gipsy
Doris Young(1914-)
(Barry, Lorna, James)
G1 - Barry Roy McGilvray(1965-)/ Sylvia
Lorraine Newson(1940-)
(Daniel, Gregory, Edward,
G2 - Lorna Doris McGilvray(1951-)/
William Hamilton
G3 - James Wayne McGilvray(1943-1947)
F2 - Frances Stella Marie MacGillivray(1913-19)
F3 - Hilda Ann McGilvary (1915-1944)/ John J.Miller
(Hilda went blind, died in a house fire)
(Joseph, Harriet, John)
F4 - Harriet(Henrietta May)McGilvray(1916-19
F5 - Joseph Alexander McGilvray(1918-)
F6 - Emmett William McGilvray(1919-)/ Evelyn
Campbell(1912-) (Anna, Albert)
G1 - Anna Marie McGilvary (1944-)/ Ronald
J. Trueman
(Michael, Kevin)
G2 - Abert Joseph McGilvray(1950-)
F7 - Harold Bernard McGilvray(1920-)
F8 - Olive Mae McGilvray (1924-1979)/ John A.
(Glenna, Eva, Dorothy, Roy, Barbara)
G1 - Glenna Anne Campbel(1951-)/ Roger
(Jason, Jeffrey)
G2 - Eva Elaine Campbell(1947-)/Francis
M. Lannigan(1948-)
(Lori Lynn, Terri Anne)
G3 - Dorothy Leona Campbell(1954-)/
Terrence John MacDonald(1952-)
(Tara Diane, Bradley Terrance)
G4 - Roy Andrew Campbell(1956-)
G5 - Barbara Jean Campbell(1958-)/Timothy
David Brennan(1949-)
(Darcy Scott)
F9 - Elmer Archibald McGilvray(1926-)/ Helen
Theresa Anstie(1926-1990)
(Linda, Diane, John, Carole, Robert,
G1 - Linda Ann McGilvray(1951-)
G2 - Diane Christina McGilvray (1953-)/
Basil MacLeod
(Mark Allan)
G3 - John Bernard (Jack)McGilvray(1954)
/ Charotte Langille
/ Jean Squires(1959-)
(Tracy Ann, Robert, Janalea,
G4 - Carole Ann McGilvray (1955-)/ John Peters
/ ErnestYoung(1959-
(Cory Peters)
G5 - Robert Elmer(Bobby) McGilivray(1960-
/Tina MacDonald
(Crystal Dawn)
G6 - Cathy Elaine McGilvray(1961-)
F10 - Mary Jane McGilvray(1928-)/ Louis P.Anstie(1922-)
(Cyrilina, George, Mary, Deborah, Shellie, Linda)
G1 - Cyrilina Geraldine Marie(Bimmy) Anstie
/ George Lawrence Campbell
(Erin, Lawrence, Mallory
G2 - Mary Shirley Marlene Anstie(1955-)/
Reginald Harry Peters(1955-)
(Marcie, Cindy, Stacey, Sherri Lee)
G3 - Deborah Anne Anstie(1956-)/ Emmett J.
(Shannon, Brad)
G4 - George Louis (Bus) Anstie(1958-)
G5 - Linda Christina Anne Anstie(1963-)/
James Roderick Squires
(Mandy Christina)
G6 - Shellie Gertrude Anstie(1966-)
F11-Leona Gertrude McGilvray(1931-1987)
E5 - Mary Jane (Johanna) McGillivray(1880-1943)/Henry P.
E6 - Bennett McGilvray: died as a child
E7 - John George (Rusty) McGilvray(1883-1999)
Rusty's mother died giving birth to him.

[Alexander remarried(1884)/Euphemia O'Hanley]

E8 - Charles MacGillivray(1888-)
E9 - Mary Christina(Mamie) MacGillivray
(1889-1960)/John Power (1868-1950)
E10- John Ireneus MacGillivray(1890-)
E11- Roderick MacGillivray(1891-)
E12- Peter MacGillivray(1893-): became blind
E13- Stephen MacGillivray(1895-1944)
E14- Katherine(Katie) MacGillivray(1896-)
E15- Margaret Elizabeth(Maggie)MacGilllivray(1898-)
E16- Cyrus Francis MacGillivray(1900-1978)/ Mary
E17- Michael Joseph MacGillivray(1902-1984)
Went bind in his early 40's
D3 - Mark MacGillivray(1851-1937)/ Elizabeth Lavin(1957-)
(John M., Mary, Catherine, John G., Francis
Margaret, Loretta, Emanuel, Charlotte, Isabella,Alice)
E1 - John Michael MacGillivray(1881-1912)/ Mary Ann
MacNeil. "Johnny Mike" was also known as
"Tall Jack". Died of Brights Disease.
(Florence, George)
F1 - Florence MacGillivray (1909-)/ Michael J.McVane
(Mary Catherine, Barbara Anne, Theresa,
Michael Joseph, Jean Marie, Doris Anne,
Judith, John Albert, Mary Lou, Virginia Lee)
F2 - George MacGillivray(1910-1910)
E2 - Mary Anne MacGillivray (1884-)/ ? Maher
E3 - Catherine J. MacGillivray(1885)
E4 - John G. MacGillivray(1888-)
E5 - Francis MacGillivray(1889-1910)..16 yrs.
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