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Antigonish Wills: Book B, 1843 – 1867

Transcribed by Marleen MacDonald-Hubley 2010








P. 1

Probate: Jan. 16, 1843

Patrick Hartley




Kenneth MacDonald

P. 3

Will: Jul. 14, 1839

Probate: Feb. 21, 1843

David Ballantyne

Cape George


David, Alexander, William, James, Janet (wf/o Matthew McNair), George, Anne, Thomas, Margaret (wf/o John Small), John, Jane (wf/o Donald Robertson), Helen (wf/o Robert Patterson)

Grandson David McNair

P. 11

Will: Jun. 28, 1842

Probate: Mar.03,1842

Miles MacMillan Sr.

U South River


Alexander, John (in Scotland), Duncan, Donald, Ann (wf/o Edward Hannigan), Mary (wf/o Alexander Cameron), Catherine (wf/o Michael Horahan)

Grandchildren Hugh, Angus, John, Donald (s/o Duncan)

P. 15

Will: Jul. 22, 1822

Probate: Apr. 01,1843

Donald MacLellan



Archibald, Angus, Donald, Mary, Peggy, Janet, unborn child

Brother Archibald; cousin Angus McGillivray

P. 17

Probate: Jul 20, 1843

Patrick McCloskey




Awarded to widow Anne McCloskey

P. 18

Will: Jan. 04, 1842

Probate: Sep. 28, 1843

Duncan MacLean

West River


Donald, Angus, Catherine, Mary, Nancy, Michael, Andrew, Alexander, James, John

John MacLean (s/o Angus)

P. 20

Will: Oct. 23,1843

Probate: No date

Michael Gallevan


Mary Carroll

Catherine, Mary, John, Patrick, Garret


P. 21

Will: Oct. 23, 1843

Arthur McKenna “saddler”


Sarah Blackburn



P. 23

Will: Dec.11, 1843

Michel Petitpas



Michel, Joseph, Luc, Benjamin, Victoire, Angelique, Anastasia, Marie, Susanne, Marguerite, Olive

Children of Michel Pate & Olive Petitpas (Michel Henri, Marie Angelique & Victoire Elizabeth

Will written in French

P. 25

Will: Jan. 03, 1843

John Ingles



William Kirk, John, unnamed daughters

Granddaughter Janet Sinclair

P. 27

Will: Feb. 02, 1842

Catherine Chisholm “Og”




All to Tracadie Nunnery

P. 29

Will: Feb. 20, 1829

Rory MacDougall

Malignant Brook


William, Hugh, Archibald, Catherine, Mary, Donald, Flora, Ann, Lydia, Jessie


P. 31

Will: Apr. 10, 1844

Alexander MacDonald “Red”

Addington Grant


Unnamed children

Farm to be sold to pay debts

P. 33

Will: Dec.27, 1843

John MacMillan

Ohio Lake


John, Margaret (wf/o Duncan MacInnis), Ann (wf/o Allan MacDonald)

Grandson Duncan MacMillan, granddaughter Mary MacInnis

P. 35

Will: Apr. 27, 1844

Edward M Cunningham


Rebecca Almira



P. 36

Will: Aug. 30, 1837

Janet MacDonnell

St Andrew’s


Roderick, Catherine MacGillivray, Mary Chisholm, Dorothy MacDonnell, Janet (wf/o Edward Connors)

Grandchildren-Margaret, Mary Rose, Catherine Hellen, Nancy Connors

P. 38

Will: Sep. 16, 1837

Murdock MacRae

Addington Grant


Alexander, Duncan, Donald, Mary (wf/o Hugh MacLean, CB), Margaret (wf/o Hugh MacDonald), Janet (wf/o William Forbes), Nancy (wf/o Angus Fraser)


P. 41

Will: Dec. 06, 1844

Donald MacPherson



Dougald, John

Land occupied by Alexander MacDonald “weaver” to be sold

P. 42

Will: Oct.02, 1838

Hugh MacDougald

Doctor’s Brook


John, Hugh, Samuel


P. 43

Will: Jan. 04, 1839

John MacIsaac

U. South River



Nephew-Angus s/o Duncan; brothers-Angus, Duncan, Archibald, Hugh; sisters-Margaret & Mary

P. 45

Will: Oct.05, 1845

Alexander MacKinnon

Cape George

Catherine (deceased)

Alexander, John Jr., Mary, Nancy, Flora, John Sr., Neil, Michael,


P. 47

Will: Aug. 07, 1845

John Gillis

Cape George


Donald, John, Margaret, Sally, Mary

Son-in-law Donald McDonald (husband/o Mary)

P. 48

Will: Jan. 16, 1844

Angus MacPherson



John, Donald, Catherine, Mary, Nancy

Brother-Dougald “Capach

P. 50

Will: Oct. 21, 1845

Duncan MacLaughlin

B S Doctor’s Brook


William, Ann, Sally, Peggy, Mary, Isabella


P. 51

Will: Aug. 05,1839

Morgan Connors

Little River


Richard, Thomas, Daniel, William

Son-in-law James O’Brien, Alexander Chisholm, Patrick Leydon and grandson Morgan Connors (s/o Thomas)

P. 54

Will: Feb. 24, 1830

John MacKinnon

Williams Point


Laughlin, John, Neil, Colin, Catherine, Effy, Hugh


P. 56

Will: Dec. 04, 1825

Mary Livingstone



Allan, Duncan, Angus, Colin, Christiana, deceased son John


P. 58

Will: May 20, 1844

Donald MacDonald

L. South River


Angus, Michael, Alexander & underage children John, Ewan, Rory, Allan, Donald, Catherine, Mary, Peggy, Flora, Rebecca

Son-in-law Alexander McDonald

P. 60

Will: Jan. 05, 1847

John MacDonald




Hugh, Ronald, David


P. 62

Will: Nov.23, 1846

John MacIsaac

Doctors Brook


Ronald, Stephen, Mary, Angus, Dougald (deceased-widow Mary)

Paid Dougald’s debts in Halifax (trader)

P. 66

Will: Sep. 27, 1838

Duncan Chisholm “Bui”



Duncan, Angus, Ellen


P. 68

Will: Apr. 14, 1842

Donald MacDonald “Red”

South River?


Duncan, Margaret, Mary, Isabella, Catherine, Rory, John, Donald


P. 70

Will: Mar. 28, 1847

Alexander Cameron

West River


Alexander (underage), Ann, Flora, Catherine MacDonald


P. 72

Will: Apr. 03, 1847

Farquhar MacKenzie

Addington Grant


Donald, John, Mary


P. 74

Will: Feb. 18, 1841

Angus MacDonald

Big Marsh


Angus, Donald, Catherine, Flora, Mary, Jenny, Sally


P. 76

Will: Dec. 07, 1845

Mark Doran

Yankee Grant

Bridget Burke



P. 77

Will: Dec. 13,1845

John Tupaw



Petter, Lucid (wf/o Isaac Duon), Sophie


P. 79

Will: May 29, 1848

John MacGillivray

South River


Angus, Ronald, Hugh, Donald, married dgts-Mary, Catherine, Sally; unmarried dgts-Peggy, Esille, Nancy


P. 81

Will: Nov. 15, 1847

Probate: Feb. 08, 1848

John Torpey

Little River


John, Patrick, Thomas, Richard


P. 83

Will: Jun. 18, 1848

John Mooney “mason”



John, George, Peter, unnamed dgts


P. 86

Will: Apr. 04, 1848

John Carter



John, Bridget (Sears), Margaret

Granddaughter-Bridget Chisholm, grandsons-John & Patrick Sears

P. 88

Will: Jul. 20, 1846

Donald MacDonald “Brech

Manchester Road


Catherine, Ann, Christy, Mary, Peggy,

Son-in-law Alexander Chisholm

P. 90

Will: Oct. 16, 1848

Michael Murphy

Little River


Thomas & Mary Eliza (underage)

Mother-Unise Murphy (Thomas); brother-David, guardians-Thomas Murphy & Elizabeth Randall

P. 92

Will: Nov. 02, 1843

Duncan Stewart



Charles, Marjory, Hugh, Donald, Meg, Mary, Christy, Ann, Margaret, Catherine, unnamed infant daughter, Kenneth

Land at Ohio & Black River

P. 95

Probate: Nov. 02, 1848

John Monve




Granted to Maria

P. 96

Will: Oct. 08, 1839

John MacDonald “Glass”

U. South River


Hugh, Duncan, John, Ann, Mary,


P. 98

Will: Apr. 06, 1840

Donald Smith

Cape George


Angus, Elizabeth, Ann, Mary Ann (wf/o Angus MacEachern), Catherine (wf/o Duncan MacIsaac)


P. 100

Probate: Nov. 20,1849

Joseph Baxter




Awarded to Joseph Baxter & David Grant of North Grant

P. 100

Probate: Nov. 26, 1850

Alexander Baxter




Awarded to Joseph Pushee (hb/o wid/o Alexander Baxter)

P. 101

Will: May 24, 1849

Probate: Mar. 14, 1850

Moses Delorey



Moses, Fidell, Laurence, Simon (underage), Mary (wf/o Felix Potty)


P. 103

Will: Mar. 24, 1826

James Chisholm

L. South River


Alexander, Duncan & Donald (under age)

Brother-Archibald, Manchester Rd

P. 105

Will: Feb. 15, 1850

Dougald Livingston

Cape George


Mary (wf/o Allan MacEachern), Catherine, Ann, Janet, Sarah, John, Malcolm


P. 107

Will: Nov. 30, 1848

Angus Boyd

St Andrews


Alexander, Lucy, John, Angus, Duncan, Peter, Donald, Andrew

Son-in-law Donald Campbell

“Coppersmith Farm” to Alexander

P. 109

Will: Jun. 25, 1849

Probate: Jul. 03, 1851

Donald Chisholm

Manchester Road


Alexander, Donald, Hugh, Hannah, Mary

Grandson-Donald s/o Alexander

P. 111

Will: Jul. 14, 1845

William MacDonald “Doun

Black River


Alexander, Donald, William


P. 112

Will: Jan. 14, 1848

Codicil: Jun. 27, 1851

Donald Chisholm “Ban”

Hartshorne Grant


Rory, Peggy, Peggy, Anna, Catherine, Colin, William, Angus

Codicil-Peggy “Elder” married

P. 114

Will: Sep. 23, 1851

Archibald Chisholm

Little River



Nephew-Alexander (s/o John); John (s/o John); sisters-Isabel, Ann MacDonald, Catherine

P. 116

Will: Dec. 05, 1851

Probate: Dec. 30, 1851

Patrick Power



Elizabeth, John, William, unnamed young children


P. 117

Probate: Oct. 29, 1850

Alexander Chisholm

Black River



Awarded to John Chisholm, Pomquet

P. 118

Probate: Dec. 22, 1851

Rt. Rev. William Fraser




Awarded to Duncan Grant Esq. & John Fraser

P. 119

Will: Jun. 24, 1852

Probate: Feb. 17, 1854

Ronald MacDonald

Hallowell Grant


4 sons & 2 daughters (all unnamed)


P. 120

Will: Mar. 06, 1849

Donald Fraser

South River


Donald, John, Alexander


P. 121

Will: Jul. 19, 1845

Probate: Feb. 09, 1852

Catherine Chisholm

“Catherine of the Woods”




Brother-William; niece-Lucy MacLellan (dgt/o Kenneth MacLellan & wd/o Rory MacDonald) Inverness, Scotland; Alexander MacIntosh Sr. South River

P. 123

Will: Nov. 19, 1845

Probate: Feb. 16, 1852

Christy MacKenzie

South River




Sister-Catherine, Mary, nephew-Duncan (s/o Isabel), brother-Donald

P. 125

Probate: Mar. 04, 1852

John Dunn

Doctors Brook



Awarded to James & William Dunn, Merigomish

P. 126

Will: Mar. 15, 1842

Probate: Mar. 19, 1852

Donald Cameron




Sisters-Mary Stewart, Flora MacInnis, Jane Grant, Ann Cameron, Ann Ma   ary, Catherine Stewart, Christy Cameron, Mary MacDougald; brother-John & his son John

P. 128

Will: Mar. 16, 1842

Probate: Apr. 12, 1852

Christopher Grant

Black River


Duncan, John, Christy Ann, Donald

John Grant (s/o Rory)

P. 131

Will: Jul. 01, 1848

Probate: May 14, 1852

Archibald MacLellan

Cape Breton


Elizabeth, Ann, Dunbar

Granddaughter-Margaret, servant-Jean Ross

P. 132

Will: Sep. 23,1851

Probate: Jul. 07, 1852

William H. Brown

College Lake


William H. Jr., Agnes, Helen, Ellen, Mary

Grace McPhie, Joan Sutherland, Eliza Dever

P. 135

Will: Jun. 25, 1852

Probate: Sep. 23, 1852

Simeon Irish



Caroline, Simeon Jr, Harriet Hulbert, Grace Symonds, Teresa Thomson, Ruth Smith, Mary Wilkie


P. 137

Probate: Dec. 01, 1852

Jeremiah McKeough




Awarded to John McKeough, Little River

P. 138

Will: Nov. 01, 1850

Probate: Apr. 21, 1853

William McMillan

U. South River


Donald, Ann, Euphemia, John, Janet, Mary, Duncan, Alexander, Allan

Bro-in-law John McDougall

P. 140

Will: Dec. 18, 1852

Probate: Jun. 17, 1853

David Knowlan

Little River


John, William, Mary, Ann, Catherine (dgts under 21)


P. 142

Will: Jan. 28, 1854

Probate: Feb. 15, 1854

Michael Delaney

North Grant


Michael, Mary


P. 143

Probate: May 07, 1853

Alexander Kennedy

Gaspereaux Lake



Awarded to widow Catherine Kennedy

P. 144

Will: Mar. 14, 1836

Codicil: Feb. 25, 1844

Probate: Mar. 04, 1853

Ann McPhee

S Cape George


Sarah Wilson (Robert), Mary Moodie (late Thomas), Janet, Archibald, Angus, Dugald, Ann Taylor (William), Catherine McDonald (Allan), Eliza Wilkie (George), William


P. 147

Probate: Mar. 06, 1854

Archibald Fisher


Jane McDougald


Awarded to widow Jane McDougald

P. 148

Will: Oct. 20, 1853

Probate: Mar.09, 1854

John Talbot

Little River


Osborne,  Charles Ester Abigail, Unice Sheehan, Mary Sheehan-Kennedy, Amelia, Lydia

Son-in-law Michael Myers, sister-Buddy; also mentioned-John, Nathan, Thomas Oben, Charles and James Talbot but no relationship given

P. 150

Will: May 28, 1851

Probate: Feb. 28, 1854

John McDonald

Addington Grant


Isabella Sinclair, Mary

Grandsons-Alexander, Ronald, Grace

P. 152

Probate: Mar. 15, 1854

Lawrence Forrestall




Awarded to widow Mary Forrestall

P. 153

Will: Dec.05,1853

Probate: Jan. 23, 1854

Donald McIntyre

Black River


John, Nancy


P. 155

Will: Apr. 01, 1851

Probate: Mar. 23, 1854

Christopher Chisholm

St Andrews


Colin, William, Alexander, John, Janet, Helen


P. 157

Will: Mar. 03, 1854

Probate: Apr. 03,1854

John Thomson





P. 158

Probate: Apr. 12, 1854

Donald Chisholm

St Andrews


Hugh, Donald

Awarded to sons

P. 159

Will: May 18, 1840

Probate: May 06, 1854

John McEachern



Donald, Angus, John, Sally


P. 160

Will: Sep. 04,1851

Probate: May 09, 1854

John Chisholm “Doun

Pomquet Forks


Christina, John, Colin

Granddaughter-Mary, d/o John; son-in-law John Chisholm Pomquet

P. 162

Will: Apr. 20, 1854

Probate: Jun. 19, 1854

Alexander McDonald

Sailor’s son




Nephew-John McDonald (Hugh’s son); niece Christy (Hugh’s dgt), mother living; brothers John, Angus; sisters-Catherine, Janet

P. 163

Will: Jul. 12, 1837

Probate: Jul. 26, 1854

Donald McDonald “Ban”

Frenchman’s Barn


John, Archibald, Michael, Duncan

Land at Gulf Shore & Upper South River

P. 164

Will: May 05, 1854

Probate: Jul. 01,1854

John Tobin




Niece-Mary Murphy, sister-Margaret Murphy

P. 165

Will: Sep. 01, 1854

Probate: Sep. 16, 1854

John P. Christie


Theresa Frances

Unnamed small children


P. 166

Probate: Jun. 12, 1854

John Thomson




Property to be sold to pay debts

P. 177

Will: Nov. 23, 1853

Probate: May 02, 1854

Allan Livingston

Cape George


Angus, Alexander, Margaret, Elizabeth, Mary, Janet, Malcolm, Hugh, William, Lewis, Catherine McAuley, Agnes


P. 179

Will: Jan. 26,1853

Probate: Nov. 01, 1854

William Taylor



Eliza, Ann, Alexander, William, George, Sarah


P. 180

Will: Nov. 21, 1854

Probate: Jan. 26, 1855

William Crocket



James, William, Joseph, Robert, Mary, Janet, Amelia, Agnes, infant children

Land at Brierly Brook & Merigomish

P. 182

Will: Jan. 04, 1855

Probate: Jan. 24, 1855

William Quinn


North Grant



Nephew-Thomas Quinn; Mrs. Donald McIsaac; brother-Patrick Quinn; Thomas Londergan, Martin Corcoran; James Ryan; Patrick Walsh

P. 183

Probate: Dec. 29, 1854

John P. Christie




Awarded to widow Theresa Frances Christie, -land sold

P. 185

Probate: May 22, 1854

John Baxter




Awarded to Mathew Baxter-land to be sold


Probate: Oct. 12, 1854

Daniel Neulan

Little River



Awarded to Elisha William Randall-land to be sold


Probate: Oct. 12, 1854

Alexander Chisholm

Black River



Awarded to John Chisholm, Pomquet-land to be sold

P. 189

Probate: Apr. 14, 1855

Jane McDougall




Awarded to Hon. William Henry

P. 189

Probate: Apr. 20, 1855

Hon. Alexander McDougall




Awarded to widow Elizabeth McDougall

P. 190

Will: Nov. 03, 1854

Probate: May 25, 1855

Thomas Trotter




Granddaughter-Elizabeth Wilkie

P. 191

Will: Feb. 03, 1855

Probate: Jun. 14, 1855

Donald Stewart



Alexander, John, Helen


P. 192

Will: Apr. 02, 1855

Probate: Jun. 25, 1855

John McInnis Jr.





P. 193

Will: Apr. 27, 1855

Probate: Jun. 25, 1855

Stephen Hulbert



Donald, Alexander, Mary (William Jr.) Pushie, Sally, William, Stephen, Ann, Statira


P. 195

Will: Jan. 13, 1844

Probate: Aug. 02, 1855

Donald McDonald

Meadow Green



Brothers-Angus, Samuel

P. 196

Probate: Sep. 29, 1855

Duncan Robeson




Awarded to widow Catherine, Pictou

P. 196

Probate: Oct. 16, 1855

Duncan Cameron

Glen Road



Awarded to widow Ann and brother John “merchant” Antigonish

P. 197

Will: Oct. 04, 1854

Probate: Aug. 01, 1855

Antonio DeBasio



John, Christina, 3 married daughters


P. 198

Probate: Oct. 31, 1855

Capt. George McDonald

17th Foot Reg’t




Awarded to Angus B. McDonald, South Harbour

P. 199

Will: Dec. 30, 1854

Probate: Nov. 07, 1855

Charles S. Symonds





Mother-land toward Ohio; Wife land at King’s county (had belonged to father)

P. 200

Will: Apr. 23, 1842

Probate: Nov. 23, 1855

Alexander McPherson

Cape George


James, Alexander


P. 201

Will: Apr. 14, 1854

Probate: Feb. 07, 1856

Margaret Brown



Helen, Agnes

Heir to Hector Lethgon who died in Bengal, East Indies

P. 202

Will: Jun. 16, 1853

Probate: Mar. 13, 1856

William Cashman

Old Gulf Road


Michael, Edward, Mary, Bridget, Anastasia, Elizabeth


P. 203

Will: Sep. 27, 1855

Probate: Apr. 03, 1856

John McDonald

Upper South River


Angus, Catherine, Sarah, Mary, Roderick, Annie, John

Grandson- Donald McDougall

P. 204

Will: Oct. 20, 1847

Codicil: Oct.09,1852

Probate: May 10, 1856

John McDonald “Ban”

Addington Grant


Rory, Hugh, Duncan, Anne, Archibald

Brother-in-law Donald McKenzie of Pomquet Cove.  Anne married in 1852

P. 205

Will: Apr. 02, 1855

Probate: no date

John Cummings

South River


Allan, John, Duncan, Donald, Mary, Alexander, Elizabeth, Margaret, Catherine


P. 205

Will: Sep. 13, 1841

Codicil: Jul. 11, 1849

Probate: Jun. 10, 1856

Hugh Cameron

South River


Dougald, John, Alexander, Duncan, Hugh, Donald, Mary, and married daughters-Christy, Catherine, Jane


P. 208

Will: Jun. 02, 1856

Probate: Jun. 14, 1856

Garret Sears



Thomas, Mary, Eleanor, Elizabeth, John


P. 209

Will: May 19, 1851

Probate: Jun. 23, 1856

Catherine McDonald

St. Andrew’s



Sisters-Ann M. Chisholm, Margaret Grant, Mary, Christy

P. 210

Will: May 19, 1841

Probate: Jan. 03,1857

Moses Summers



William, George, Hugh, Jenny, Johanna


P. 211

Probate: Dec. 05, 1856

John “Robert” McDonald

North Grant



Awarded to Ranald McDonald, North Grant

P. 211

Probate: Mar. 10, 1857

Jonathan Reed

North Grant



Awarded to his son, Alexander Reed, North Grant

P. 212

Will: Mar. 07, 1856

Probate: Mar. 02, 1857

Allan Cameron

B S South River


James, John, Donald, Lauchlin, Dougald, Hugh, Jane


P. 213


Capt. George McDonald

17th Foot Reg’t




Administrator-Angus McDonald “Ban”, Antigonish Harbour property to be sold

P. 214

Will: Apr. 03, 1856

Probate: Aug. 03, 1856

Neil McLeod



Archibald, Daniel, Thomas

Brother-in-law John McGillivray

P. 215

Probate: Sep. 06, 1857

Edward McGinley




Awarded to Nathan Duggan, Lochaber Lake

P. 216

Will: July 25, 1845

Probate: Nov. 09, 1857

Angus McPherson



Donald, Christopher, Hugh,

Land received from John & Katy McPherson

P. 217

Will: May 26, 1857

Codicil: May 27, 1857

Probate: Jun. 06, 1857

Donald McDonald



Rory, Hugh, Donald

Nephew-Hugh McDonald “fiddler’s son”

P. 219

Probate: Dec. 11, 1857

Hector McKinnon

Doctors Brook



Awarded to Donald McDonald, Cape George & Donald McLean, Malignant Brook

P. 219

Will: Dec. 30, 1851

Probate: Jan. 15, 1858

John McIntosh Senior

L South River


John, Alexander

Son-in-law Angus Grant of North Grant

P. 221

Probate: Jan. 29, 1858

Duncan Cameron

Glen Road



Awarded to John Cameron, Ad---, Australia (given 15 yrs to pay debts)

P. 222

Will: Feb. 07, 1851

Probate: Mar. 11, 1858

Charles McDonald

McAras Brook


Mary, Margaret, John, Donald, Charles, Catherine, Janet, Ann

Grandson-?ry, son of Alexander, Donald, son of Donald of Knoydart, granddaughters, Mary Gillis, Janet McDonald, dgt/o Charles

P. 225

Will: Feb. 22, 1850

Probate: Mar. 18, 1858

Charles McKinnon

North Grant


Mary, Margaret, Catherine, Elizabeth, Sarah, Donald, John


P. 226

Will: Dec. 07, 1856

Probate: Oct. 11, 1857

John McKinnon

House carpenter

St Stephen, NB



Land at North Grant inherited from father Dougald; father-in-law Ranald McDonald of Antigonish

P. 230

Will: Jan. 30, 1858

Probate: Apr. 22, 1858

Donald McDougall

South River



Aunts-Catherine, Ann, and, Mary McDonald; father- James McDougall; uncle Angus McDonald

P. 231

Will: Apr. 08, 1857

Probate: Aug. 06, 1857

Patrick Carrigan

Upper Ohio



Granddaughter-Mary Garvey, son-in-law Michael Ryan

P. 232

Will: May 09, 1856

Probate: May 03, 1858

Duncan Chisholm “Big”

Saint Andrews


Alexander, William, John Junior

Grandson-Alexander (son/o John)

P. 233

Will: May 17, 1853

Probate: Jun. 21, 1858

Margaret McEachern

Gaspereaux Lake


Flora, Isabelle, Donald, Ann, Margaret, Sally

Brother-Roderick McNair


Will: Mar. 20, 1853

Probate: Jul. 10, 1858

George Tramble



Step-son Michael Hall, John, George, Mary, William


P. 235

Probate: Sep. 20, 1858

Jonathan Reed

North Grant



Awarded to William Johnson, North Grant

P. 236

Will: 1858

Probate: Oct. 16, 1858

Dougald McGillivray



Angus, John, Duncan, Hugh, Ann


P. 238

Will: Oct. 18, 1858

Probate: Oct. 25, 1858

Colin Chisholm

SS Antigonish Harbour


John, Andrew, Roderick


P. 239

Probate: Nov. 15, 1858

James Salinger

Charlestown, PEI



Awarded to widow Bridget Salinger

P. 239

Probate: Oct. 04, 1848

Richard Lays “Saddler”




Awarded to widow Ann Lays

P. 240

Will: Nov. 02, 1858

Codicils: 2

Probate: Nov. 23, 1858

John Cameron

Addington Forks


Alexander, Hugh, Isabella Catherine

Lot at Keppoch to be sold

P. 242

Will: Aug. 05, 1854

Probate: Dec.15, 1858

Duncan McIsaac

South River


Donald, Angus


P. 243

Will: Dec. 18, 1858

Probate: Dec. 15, 1858

Donald Cameron

SS Back Settlement


Hugh, Lauchlin, John, Catherine, Janet


P. 245

Will: Dec. 15, 1858

Probate: Jan. 14, 1859

John McDonald

“Angus son”

Manchester Road


Lauchlin, Donald, Margaret, Flora, Catherine

Uncle-Allan, brother-Donald


Will: Dec. 27, 1858

Probate: Jan. 28, 1859

Alexander McDonald





P. 248

Will: Apr. 03, 1858

Probate: Feb. 15

John McDougall “Senior”

Hallowell Grant


John, Ronald, Ann McDonald (Alexander), Margery McGillivray (John), Allan, Catherine McDonald (John), Margaret


P. 249

Will: Mar. 05, 1859

Probate: Mar. 12, 1859

Flora Ann Hulbert




Sister-Mary Pushee (William), mother (wd/o Stephen)

P. 250

Will: Nov. 03, 1858

Probate: Mar. 31, 1859

Allan McDonald

Manchester Road


Allan, Thomas, Alexander, Old John, Donald, Young John, Angus, Sally, Isabella, Catherine

John McPherson

P. 251

Will: May 03, 1843

Probate: Apr. 07, 1859

James McPherson




Nephew- Hugh Chisholm & son James by 1st wife, nephew- Donald Chisholm; land at Addington Grant

P. 252

Will: Feb. 16, 1859

Probate: Apr. 01, 1859

Joseph McNeil

Brierly Brook


Mary, John, Annie, Neil


P. 253

Probate: Feb. 04, 1859

Angus Smith

Cape George



Awarded to Hugh McDonald of South River

P. 254

Will: Nov. 02, 1858

Probate: May 04, 1859

Donald Connors

Little River


Edward, Donald, John, Ellen


P. 255

Probate: May 16, 1859

Donald McDougald




Awarded to widow Mary McDougald

P. 256

Will: Feb. 21, 1849

Probate: May 21, 1859

Mary McMillan “widow”

Big Lake Ohio

John “senior”


Son-in-law Allan McDonald

P. 257

Probate: Jun. 01, 1859

John Gillis “blacksmith”




Awarded to widow Margaret Gillis

P. 257

Probate: Sep. 06, 1859

Patrick Higgins




Awarded to nephew John Ryan, Guysborough

P. 258

Will: Jan. 27, 1859

Probate: Sep. 15, 1859

Alexander McDonald



Donald, John, Stephen, Alexander, Catherine, Nancy, Margaret


P. 260

Will: Jul. 09, 1844

Probate: Oct. 08, 1859

Allan Cameron

U South River


John, Hugh, Charles, Ann, Jane, Mary, Isabella, Christiana


P. 263

Will: Mar. 25, 1834

Probate: Nov. 15, 1859

Alexander Chisholm



Roderick, Donald, Flora

Nephew- Colin “Og” Chisholm, Antigonish Harbour

P. 264

Will: Jul. 26, 1854

Probate: Nov. 17, 1859

Duncan Grant



Unnamed daughters and sons, and son Roderick

Sisters-Mary, Prell; brothers-Christopher, John and his son Duncan, Angus

P. 267

Will: Jun. 14, 1859

Probate: Nov. 07,1859

Donald McDonald



Donald, Catherine, Ranald

1acre of land set aside for a Chapel to be built

P. 268

Will: Sep. 19, 1859

Probate: Dec. 25, 1859

John McKenzie

L. South River


Isabella, Margaret

Sister-in-law Mary Chisholm

P. 269

Will: Nov. 18, 1859

Codicil: Nov. 18, 1859

Probate: Jan. 06, 1860

John Grant

South River



Sisters-Isabell, Mary; nephew of brother Christopher; cousin Duncan Grant & Christopher Grant of Pomquet Forks; Janet (Grant) McDonald, Colin s/o Roderick Chisholm; Isabell d/o Colin Chisholm; Alexander McDougall “black” South River; Donald McPherson Black River; friend Christopher McDonald

P. 271

Will: Jan. 07, 1860

Probate: Feb. 03,1860

John Kell

s/o late James Kell




Mother-Mary McDonald of Antigonish; sisters-Mary & Jessie McDonald; brother Alexander Kell

P. 272

Will; Jun. 28, 1859

Codicil: Jul. 19, 1859

Probate: Apr. 19, 1860

Peron Hanrahan

Beech Hill


Richard, Peter, Ellen, Honora, Thomas


P. 273

Will: Feb. 10, 1853

Probate: May 15,1860

Archibald McDonald

Manchester Road


Donald, Angus, Allan (underage), Mary, Sarah Ann & Ann; niece Ann McDonald


P. 274

Probate: Jun. 28, 1860

Angus McDonald

Brierly Brook



Awarded to Hugh McKinnon North Grant

P. 274

Will: Jan. 07,1860

Probate: Jul. 21, 1860

Roderick McDonald

Little River


John, William, Margaret& other unnamed daughters


P. 275

Will: Jul. 18, 1859

Probate: Jul.24, 1860

Colin Fraser

Little River


Elizabeth, Margaret, Jane, Jessie, Nelly,

Son-in-law Colin Chisholm; nephews-John & William Fraser, son-in-law Alexander McDonald, brother- John Fraser

P. 276

Will: Apr. 24,1858

Probate: Jul. 30, 1860

Hugh Chisholm

St. Andrews


Alexander, James, Ann, Catherine, Thomas

Granddaughter-Catherine d/o James Cameron  Land at Black River & Manchester Road

P. 279

Will: Jul. 13, 1859

Probate: Sep. 03, 1860

John McGillivray



John, Mary, Catherine (deceased), Charlotte

Heirs of Catherine-Angus, Alexander, Mary, Donald

P. 280

Will; Jul. 17, 1860

Probate: Oct. 10, 1860

Alexander McKinnon



Archibald, Hugh, James, Bessie, Mary Taylor, Nancy McEachern, Margaret & Flora


P. 281

Will: Aug. 15, 1854

Probate: Nov.15, 1860

Donald McDonald

Williams Point


Alexander, Ranald, Donald, John, Hugh, Stephen in Arachat (blacksmith)

Brother John; Land at Williams Point, SS Harbour & Antigonish

P. 282

Will: Aug. 11, 1860

Probate: Dec. 03, 1860

Allan McDonnell

Town Point


Jessie Ann Cogswell (Charles S.), John


P. 283

Will: Nov. 19, 1860

Probate:Dec.04, 1860

John Sutton

North Grant


Elizabeth, Jane, Ann, William, Robert, George, James


P. 284

Will; Sep. 13, 1860

Probate: Dec. 04,1860

Alexander Chisholm

Brierly Brook

Cassie (?)

John, Donald, Nancy (?) & Isabella Chisholm

Ink spilled on page and is mostly illegible

P. 285

Probate: Feb. 09, 186o

John McPherson “Ban”

South River



Awarded to Angus McPherson South River

P. 285

Will: Feb. 18,1855

Probate: Dec. 21, 1860

John McKenzie

Frasers Grant


Lauchlin, William, Catherine, Ann, Flora, Margaret, John (underage)

Brothers-Donald & Valentine

P. 287

Probate: Oct. 04, 1860

Frederick Balmer “merchant”




Awarded to widow Mary Balmer

P. 288

Will: Aug. 10, 1860

Probate: Jan. 22, 1861

Mary Grant




Sister Flora McDonald (Tracadie Convent); Mrs John Grant James River; Christy d/o Angus Grant North Grant; Mrs Alexander McDonald Marshy Hope; little widow Alexander McDonald Beaver Meadow; Duncan, John & Christina Grant children/o Christopher Black River

P. 289

Will; Oct. 25, 1860

Probate: Mar. 11, 1861

Duncan McKenzie

Beech Hill


Farquhar, Donald, Mary, Jane


P. 290

Will: Mar. 22, 1861

Probate: Apr. 04,1861

Alexander McDonald



John (underage)

Contract with Robert Trotter to build church in Antigonish to be fulfilled

P. 292

Will: July 1844

Probate: Apr. 17,1861

John Taylor



William, Alexander, Thomas, unnamed daughters


P. 293

Will: Oct. 05, 1860

Codicil: Apr. 05, 1861

Probate: May 11, 1861

Alexander McDougall

BS South River


Hugh, Angus, Allan, Catherine, Ann, Margaret, Mary


P. 294

Will: Apr. 09, 1861

Probate: May 13, 1861

Donald McNaughton



John, Robert, Jane, Mary Ann, Catherine, Isabella, Margaret, Christy Ann



Will: Oct. 02, 1860

Probate: May 14, 1861

Alexander Chisholm “Og”

Antigonish Harbour


Donald, John, Jane, Roderick, Colin, Duncan, Margaret

Son-in-law Archibald Chisholm North River

P. 298

Will: Mar. 01, 1860

Probate: Jul. 23, 1861

Andre Benoit


Marine (deceased)

Angelique, Mary, Fabien, Simon


P. 299

Probate: Jul. 23, 1861

Hugh McAdam s/o Allan

Brierly Brook



Awarded to John McAdam

P. 299

Will: Nov. 02,1858

Probate: Aug. 20, 1861

John Chisholm

North River


John, Archibald, Christopher, Alexander, Jenny


P. 300

Admin: Sep. 07, 1861

Re: Frederick Bulmar



Fannie Elizabeth

Mary appointed guardian of daughter (see p. 287)

P. 301

Will; Sep. 09, 1861

Probate: Sep. 23, 1861

Richard Connors

North Grant

Mary Ellen

Francis, Tobias, Morgan, Joseph, William, Sarah


P. 303

Will: Nov. 09, 1861

Probate: Nov. 21, 1861

Alexander McAdam

West River


Angus, Hugh, Sally, William, Ronald, John, Janet, Catherine

Grandson-Alexander McAdam in Cape Breton; nephew Donald (s/o John) & Angus (s/o Ronald)

P. 305

Will: May 03, 1861

Probate: Jan. 13, 1862

William Murphy



Peter, Catherine, Margaret, Daniel, John


P. 306

Probate: Jan.02, 1862

Alexander McDonald

s/o Roderick

Williams Point



Awarded to Ranald & John McDonald Williams Point

P. 306

Will: Jun. 21, 1859

Codicil: Jul.04, 1861

Probate: Jul. 24, 1862

William Chisholm

Salt Springs


Alexander, Elizabeth, Duncan, John, William, Janet Adie, Flora Cameron, Mary Robertson, Catherine Fraser, Isabel McMillan

Son-in-law John McMillan

P. 307

Probate: Jun. 27, 1862

Elisha Randel

Little River



Awarded to his father John Randel

P. 307

Probate: Mar 04, 1862

Patrick Forrestell




Awarded to Michael Keating of Port Mulgrave

P. 308

Will: Mar. 05, 181

Codicil: Mar. 06, 1861

Probate: Jul. 18, 1862

Roderick McDonald

Williams Point


Alexander, Ronald, Flora, Mary, Christy

Codicil: Alexander died, land to his son John & siblings

Land at William’s Point, Beech Hill & Malignant Brook

P. 308

Will: May 12, 1862

Probate: Jun. 16, 1862

Alexander McDonald



Alexander, Christy, Donald


P. 310

Will: Aug. 03, 1860

Probate: Dec. 17, 1962

Angus McDonald Esq.

Meadow Green




P. 311

Will: May 30, 1862

Probate: Jan. 14, 1863

Robert Henderson

U. South River


Ann, Eliza, Catherine

Grandsons-James & Robert & John Angus McNaughton (s/o Allan & Elizabeth); James Cameron (s/o Dougald & Ann); Christy Ann Henderson (d/o Ebenezer & Catherine); granddaughters-Margaret, Christy Ann & Janet McNaughton

P. 313

Will: Feb. 16, 1861

Codicil: Feb.16, 1861

Probate: Jun.07, 1863

Donald Gillis

Williams Point


Angus, Isabella, Mary, Catherine, Anne, John

Grandson-Donald McGillivray, land at West River

P. 314

Will: Oct. 02, 1860

Probate: Apr. 15, 1863

Angus Gillis

U. South River


Alexander, Ranald, Angus, Hugh, Margaret, Mary, Ann, Catherine


P. 315

Will: Apr. 23, 1860

Probate: Apr. 27, 1863

Michael Carroll

North Grant


James, Ellen, Mary, John


P. 316

Will: May 23, 1861

Probate: Jul. 14, 1863

Allan Cameron

L. South River


Hugh, Laughlin, John, Dougald, Allan, Ranald, unnamed daughters

Father-John Cameron; brother-Alexander

P. 317

Will: Mar. 29, 1859

Probate: Aug. 12, 1863

John McGillivray

Malignant Brook


Hugh, Alexander, Donald

Land & Mills

P. 319

Will: Sep. 01, 1863

Probate: Jan. 06, 1864

Hugh McGillivray

Williams Point



Grandmother-Janet McDonald; aunt Flora McDonald; mother-Catherine McDonald; uncle-Ranald McDonald

P. 320

Will: Aug. 19, 1862

Probate: Jan. 02, 1864

Charles Melanson



Charles, Natalie, Marianne, Mary Landry, William, Babet Dunn, Adelaide Dunn

Grandson –Isaac (s/o Felix), Denis Broussard

P. 322

Probate: Feb. 12, 1864

Denis Egan




Awarded to Charles McNeil of Brierly Brook

P. 322

Will: Nov. 18, 1863

Probate: Feb. 19, 1864

Roderick Chisholm

Pomquet Forks




P. 324

Will: Jun. 04, 1863

Probate: Jul. 08, 1863

James Bray

BS South River


Denis, Margaret, John, Mary Carter, Ellen Martin, Ann Kelly

Granddaughter-Catherine; son-in-law John Carter & John Martin

P. 325

Will: Jan. 09, 1854

Probate: Mar. 21, 1864

Valentine Chisholm

Manchester Road



Nephew-Alexander McDonald; mother-Mary Chisholm

P. 327

Will: Apr. 29, 1852

Probate: Mar. 09, 1864

Charles McDonald


Mary McKinnon

Adopted son-Charles McKinnon


P. 328

Will: Dec.26,1863

Probate: Mar. 13, 1864

John O’Brien Senior

Little Tracadie


John, Sarah, Rebecca



Will: May 04, 1863

Probate: Nov. 20, 1863

Alexander McGregor

South River




P. 330

Will: May 18, 1863

Probate: Apr. 14, 1864

Mary Chisholm “widow”

Salt Springs


Alexander, Duncan, Janet, Elizabeth, Mary Robertson, Catherine Fraser, Flora Cameron, Isabella McMillan, John, William

Grandchild-Catherine Cameron

P. 331

Will: Nov.04, 1857

Probate: Apr. 19, 1864

Ellen Chisholm

Black River




P. 332

Will: Apr. 02, 1864

Probate: May 12, 1864

Catherine Power



Elizabeth McIsaac (Archibald)

Granddaughter Janet Chisholm

P. 333

Will: Feb. 10, 1864

Probate: Jun. 06, 1864

John McDonald

South River


John, Andrew, Duncan, Catherine, Ann, Donald, Alexander, Margaret

Grandson-Hugh McDonald (s/o John)

P. 334

Will: Jan.02,1864

Probate: Jun. 16, 1864

John McDonald

Antigonish Harbour


James, Allan, Alexander, unnamed daughters


P. 335

Guardian: Jun. 17, 1864

Ellen Power




Awarded to Duncan Chisholm (Ellen age 17)

P. 336

Will: Feb. 05, 1864

Probate: Feb. 16, 1864

John McDonald

North Grant


Flora McGillivray (Donald)


P. 337

Will: Jun. 12, 1863

Probate: Jun. 17, 1864

Peter Grant



Angus, Alexander, Catherine, Peter, Ann, Margaret, William, John, Mary McDonald


P. 338

Will: Dec. 12, 1860

Codicil: Mar. 03, 1863

Probate: Jul. 28, 1864

Rev. John Whidden



Mary Harrington (Stephen), Sophie McKeen (James), widow Harriet Irish (Richard), Jane, Susan King (Thomas), Lavinia, Gregory, Charles, John

Charles B Whidden, William H Pushee & Charles Bigelow named trustees of Calvinist Baptist Church & given the land

P. 344

Will: Nov. 11, 1863

Probate: Aug. 18, 1864

Duncan McDonald




Michael, unnamed daughters

Land and mill   Brother-Angus

P. 345

Will: Jul. 14, 1864

Probate: Oct. 12, 1864

Hugh McKenzie




Father-John McKenzie; brother Donald Esq.

P. 346

Will: Aug. 17, 1864

Probate: Nov.29, 1864

James Cameron

BS South River


Alexander, Allan, Janet

Brother-Donald, Lauchlan


Will: Jul. 17, 1853

Probate: Dec. 10, 1864

Angus McInnis




Ronald, Charles, Lauchlan, Andrew, John, Hugh, Catherine, Mary, Ann, Flora, Sally, Margaret


P. 349

Will: Oct. 03, 1864

Probate: Oct. 30, 1864

Mary Ann Lay






P. 359

Will: Nov. 13, 1864

Probate: Jan.03, 1865

Malcolm Chisholm

Malignant Cove


Alexander, Donald, Charles, Dougald, Margaret Bell, Janet



Probate: Jan. 11, 1865

Alexander McEachern




Awarded to widow Cecelia McEachern

P. 361

Will: Oct.03, 1860

Probate: Jan. 12, 1865

Joseph Smith Esq.



Richard and other unnamed children


P. 362

Will: Dec. 13,1864

Probate: Feb. 11, 1865

John Baptiste Rogers



Benjamin, Marcel, Marian (son), Osite, Sarah, Delaide, Mary, Begitte, Marcan(?)


P. 364

Probate: Jan. 26, 1865

Patrick Locke

Little River



Awarded to widow Anastasia Locke

P. 365

Will; Nov. 28, 1864

Probate: Mar. 13, 1865

Hugh Cameron

BS South River



Brother-Lauchlan, John;  father Donald; 1st Cousins Lauchlan (s/o Angus) & Donald (s/o Allan)

P. 366

Will: Jul. 04, 1864

Probate: Mar. 13, 1865

John McIsaac

South River


Angus, Isaac, Jane, Ann, Margaret, Catherine, Sarah, Mary, Hugh, Lauchlan, Duncan, John


P. 369

Will: Mar. 15, 1859

Probate: Mar. 27, 1865

Edmund Gorman

Little River


John, Edmund, Thomas, Margaret, Ellen Descard (& children)


P. 371

Will: Mar. 24, 1860

Probate: Mar. 29, 1865

Dominique Laurence Philippare




Mary, Faceile, Lucia, Anastasia, Catherine, Ann, Susanne, & Margaret Doirong; Jane (d/o Julien Doirong); Docity (?) Doirong

P. 373

Probate: Mar. 30, 1865

Samuel McDonald

Meadow Green



Awarded to nephews Angus & John McDonald of Meadow Green

P. 373

Probate: Apr. 18, 1865

William Dunne

Monk’s Head



Awarded to widow Flora Dunne

P. 374

Probate: Apr. 28,1864

Patrick Laylor




Admin: Hon. William Henry

P. 374

Will: Mar. 21, 1863

Probate: Apr. 29, 1865

John McDonald “Malcolm”

North Grant


Catherine, Jane, Hugh, John


P. 375

Will: Aug. 12, 1857

Probate: May 29, 1865

John Grant



Angus, Dougald, Rev, John, Flora, Mary, Catherine, Donald (deceased)


P. 376

Will: Oct.05,1864

Probate: Jun. 19, 1865

Alexander McLean

West River


Angus, Duncan, Ann, Flora, Mary (1), Jessy, Catherine, Mary (2),

Sister-in-law- Catherine McGillivray; brother- William

P. 376

Will: Feb. 16, 1858

Probate: May 23, 1865

Catherine McDonald

Meadow Green



Brothers- Angus & John McDonald

P. 376

Will: Mar. 08, 1858

Probate: Jun. 23, 1865

Teresa McDonald

Meadow Green



Brothers-Angus & John McDonald

P. 376

Will: Nov. 20, 1862

Probate: Jul. 01, 1965

Angus McDonald

BS South River


John, Angus, James, unnamed children


P. 377

Will: Jan. 02, 1865

Probate: Jul. 04, 1865

Roderick Chisholm



Colin, Donald, Duncan, James, Roderick

Brothers-James, Alexander; nephew-Alexander Chisholm

P. 378

Will: Feb. 20, 1865

Probate: Sep. 04, 1865

Angus Campbell

Old Gulf Road


John, Donald, Alexander, unnamed daughters


P. 378

Will: Jun. 20, 1865

Probate: Sep. 18, 1865

Archibald Chisholm

Gaspereaux Lake


Thomas, Ann, Margaret, Flora, Archibald, Margaret (2), Roderick, John

Brother- John “Tony”

P. 390

Probate: Dec. 20, 1865

George Mooney

Idaho, US



Awarded to John Purcell of Antigonish

P. 390

Probate: Feb. 05, 1866

John Chisholm “blacksmith”

Malignant Cove



Awarded to widow Christiana Chisholm

P. 391

Will: Jul. 28, 1865

Probate: Feb. 26, 1866

Donald McDonald

South River


Angus, Alexander, Samuel, John, Hugh, Peter, Allan, Donald, Sarah, Ann, Mary, Catherine

Grandson- John McDonald.   Donald’s inheritance changes (if he does/doesn’t marry Elizabeth McGillivray).  Estate includes land & Mills in different locations. 

P. 396

Will: Jan. 29, 1864

Probate: Oct. 24, 1867

John McMillan “the elder”



Donald, Malcolm, Allan

Land at Lochaber, Antigonish & Ohio

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