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Churches Of Dartmouth

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This page is currently under construction.

I am hoping to compile a full list of churches in Dartmouth,
including links to those with sites, contact information,
and any other information interesting to a genealogist.

St. Anthony's Parish
     29 Farrell St. 
     Dartmouth, N.S.
     B3A 4B2
     T: 902-463-1372
     F: 902-466-4580
Immaculate Conception Parish
     337 Pleasant St.
     Dartmouth, N.S.
     B2Y 3S4
     T: 902-466-5912
     F: 902-464-1817
Woodlawn United Church
     54 Woodlawn Rd, 
     Ph: 434-8302
Cole Harbour Woodside United Church 
     1246 Cole Harbour Road 
     Dartmouth, N.S. B2V 1N2 
Forest Hills United Church
    80 Chameau Crescent 
    Dartmouth, N.S. B2W 6J1 
    Rev. Blake Caldwell 
Grace United Church 
    70 King Street,
    Dartmouth, N.S. B2Y 4R3 
    Rev. Bill Fraser 
Communauté Catholique Francophone 
d'Halifax -Dartmouth
     P.O. Box 2820 
     201 av. du Portage 
     Dartmouth, N.É 
     B2W 4R4 
     T: 902-462-7111
Pope John XXIII Parish 
     35 Colby Dr. 
     Dartmouth, N.S. 
     B2V 1N7 
     T: 902-435-3090 
     F: 902-434-5787
   Web Site
 Port Wallis United Church
    263 Waverley Road, 
    Rev. Ivan Gregan 
Stevens Road United
Baptist Church
     2 Stevens Road, 
     Ph: 435-1456
St. Clement's Parish
    16 Gaston Rd. 
    Dartmouth, N.S. 
    B2Y 3W1 
    T: 902-469-1203 
    F: 902-469-1494 
St. James United Church
    15 Prince Albert Road 
    Dartmouth, N.S. B2Y 1L8 
    Rev. Glenn MacLean, 
 St. Paul's Parish
    199 Windmill Rd. 
    Dartmouth, N.S. 
    B3A 1G1 
    T: 902-463-5897 
    F: 902-466-6427
 St. Peter's Parish 
    10 Maple St. 
    Dartmouth, N.S. 
    B2Y 2X3 
    T: 902-466-6183 
    F: 902-466-2207 
Stairs Memorial United Church
    44 Hester Street, 
    Dartmouth, N.S. B3A 1K2 
    Rev. Sandra Carruthers 
St. Thomas More Parish
 1 Kuhn Dr. 
 Dartmouth, N.S. 
 B2X 1R1 
 T: 902-434-4190 
 F: 902-435-7267
St. Vincent de Paul Parish 
 320 Flying Cloud Dr. 
 Dartmouth, N.S. 
 B2W 4V8 
 T: 902-435-2500 
 F: 902-462-7987 
St John's Anglican Church
     Ph: 435-1880


Christ Church Anglican 
     61 Dundas 
     Ph: 466-4270
Church of the Nazareprofilene
     3 Henry, 
     Ph: 466-5822
St Andrew's Anglican Church 
     8 Locks Rd, 
     Ph: 435-2987
Colby Drive Bible Chapel
     131 Colby Dr, 
     Ph: 435-5967
Cornerstone Community Church
     86 Penhorn Dr, 
     Ph: 434-8712
Regal Road United Baptist
     6 Regal Road, 
     Ph: 434-7558
Emmanuel Christian St Alban's Anglican Church
     343 Pleasant, 
     Ph: 463-2493
Evangel Temple
     1412 Cole Harbour Road, 
     Ph: 434-3351
Iona Presbyterian Church 
     90 Lucien Dr, 
     Ph: 434-2203
First Baptist Church
     Ph: 466-2475
Forest Hills Fellowship Baptist Church 
     915 Cole Harbour Rd, 
     Ph: 434-3217
Hillside Wesleyan Church
     Cole Harbour Road, 
     Ph: 434-6333
     385 Caldwell Rd, 
     Ph: 462-8831

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