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Confirmation Certificate - John DeBaie - 1915
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This is a "work in progress" and contains many items from the surrounding communities. Scrapbook items contributed by Clara May (Gerrard) Laybolt's great grandaughter, Dorothy Selig.
Thank You Dorothy.
The items are not yet typed, but scans of the items on page 1 have been done and posted. Some of them may be slow loading.

WEDDING - Clara Gerrard - Clarence Laybolt 1904?
WEDDING - Charles N Siteman - Ella Maud Ferguson - July 26th, 1905
WEDDING - William James Borgal & Annie L. Beaver - Aug1907
WEDDINGS - undated (1905-1907??)
Cottenburg & Harper
Rudoplh & Mailman
Connell & Conway
WEDDING - Maggie May Glauson -Sidney E. Prest - Sept 27, 1905
WEDDING - Janie Keating & Neil Newcombe - wedding - April 21, 190?
DEATHS - July 1888
Barbara Siteman
George Siteman
Eve Parker
DEATH - Ada Siteman - March 1888
WEDDING - Anna Robson & William Siteman Dec 26th, 1905
Sudden Death of Miss Jamieson - undated
To make available the items in the scrapbook Dorothy has created an index to the book by surname of person and what type of event it is. There is also an index of specific stories. If you see an item in the index that is not posted yet, then you can email Dorothy and she will send you a copy.
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A poem by Mary Ellen (O'Brien) (Richardson) DeBaie