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St. Peter's Roman Catholic Church - Sheet Harbour - Marriage Register 1881 - 1888

[St. Peter's, 1890's]
No. Parties Residence Parents Date of Mariage Witnesses Priest
Page 10
91 Henry Quillinan
Mary DeWolfe
Sheet Harbour John Quillinan
Catharine Newcomb
William DeWolfe
Elizabeth Weeks
Aug 17, 1881 James Curry
Catharine Quillinan
Chas. J. Underwood
92 George W. Mason
Elizabeth Ann Day
Pope's Harbour George Mason
Susan Edwards
Susan Day
Nov 9, 1881 James Mason
Catharine Day
93 John J. McInnis
Mary Thorpe
Sheet Harbour John McInnis
Catharine McInnis
Stephen Thorpe
Elizabeth Spears
Nov 15, 1881 Thos. W. Sheehan
Elizabeth Kelly
94 Andrew McDonald
Ann Murphy
Sheet Harbour Angus McDonald
Mary McNeil
___ Murphy
Ann Redmond
Nov 28, 1881 John McGillivray
Lexie Lindsay
95 Matthew Murphy
Margaret Coady
Sheet Harbour Martin Murphy
Ellen Gaynor
James Coady
Margaret Butler
Jan 10, 1883 John McGillivray
Mary Dean
96 John Webb
Mary E. Fahie
Tangier William Webb
Harriet Maskil
James Fahie
Eliza DeBay
Jan 16, 1883 Edmond Fahie
Margaret Webb
97 Edward Monk
Mary Monk
Ship Harbour James Monk
Mary DeWolfe
Edward Monk
Mary Fahie
Jan 27, 1883 Philip Fahie
Bridget Fahie
98 Patrick Perry
Bridget Kiley
Sheet Harbour Patrick Perry
Margaret Dugan
Andrew Kiley
Isabella Wynock
Jan 31, 1883 Capt. Patrick Murphy
Sarah Kiley
99 William Davis
Harriet Monk
Ship Harbour David Davis
Susan Weeks
John Monk
Jane DeWolfe
__ 16, 1883 James DeWolfe
Annie Monk
100 Joseph Mason
Hannah Carr (widow)
Tangier George Mason
Mary Edwards
John Hawes
Sarah Hubley
April 23, 1883 Thos. Mason
Gertrude Hawes
Page 11
101 Alexander Paul
Mary Ann Cope
Ship Harbour Christopher Paul
Mary Babie
Peter Cope
Madeline Paul
May 8, 1883 Isaac Paul
Catharine Cope
102 William Hawes
Agnes Chapman
Sheet Harbour George Hawes
Sarah Herd
John Chapman
Jane McLean
May 17, 1883 John Murphy
Ellen Murphy
103 William McKay
Sarah Debay
Ship Harbour James McKay
Margaret Hubley
James Debay
Julia Richards
Sept. 3, 1883 Joseph Debay
Mary Debay
104 Alexander McKay
Ellen Debay
Ship Harbour James McKay
Margaret Hubley
James Debay
Julia Richards
Sept 3, 1883 John Debay
Richard Debay
105 Benjamin Dewolfe
Susan Martin
Ship Harbour James Dewolfe
Mary Keating
Joseph Martin
Susan Monk
Oct 30, 1883 Roderick Dewolfe
Margaret Dewolfe
106 James Westhaver
Eliza Lawlor
Sheet Harbour John Westhaver
Sarah Nordish(?)
Edward Lawlor
Mary Nox
John P. Westhaver
Ellen Murphy
107 Charles Kenny
Anne Murphy
Sheet Harbour William Kenny
Mary McGuire
widow of John Murphy
Nov 22, 1883 Martin Murphy
Mary Murphy
108 Thomas Young
Anabella Marks
Ship Harbour Joseph Young
Julia Young
John Marks
Mary Power
Nov 26, 1883 John Marks
Bridget Weeks
Page 12
111 Alexander Cope
Mary Paul
Sheet Harbour Francis Cope
Mary Quigley
Joseph Paul
Jane Keegan
May 1, 1884 John Martin
Catharine Cope""
112 Daniel Lawlor
Mary Ann Winters
Tangier Peter Lawlor
Fanny Myers
Thos. Winters
Mary Murphy
July 7, 1884 George Lawlor
Sabrina Sullivan
113 Francis Martin
Agnes Tracey
Sheet Harbour Joseph Martin
Susan Monk
James Tracey
Emily O'Brien
John McDonald
Mary Quillinan
114 Charles Conley Richards
Barbara Flaherty
Tangier Thomas Richards
Ann Purcell
John Flaherty
Mary Walsh
Aug. 25,1884 Larry Monk
Margaret Hughes
115 Alexander McDonald
Adelaide Corner
Sheet Harbour Angus McDonald
Sarah McIsaac
Ann Lawlor
Sept 25, 1884 Angus McPherson
Maggie Kenney
116 Alex McMaster
Margaret Curry
Sheet Harbour Alex McMaster
Margaret McDonald
Daniel Curry
Alice Redmond
Oct 15, 1884 Adam Cruikshank
Mary C. Curry
117 Daniel McPherson
Mary Dean
Sheet Harbour John McPherson
Elizabeth McDonald
Robert Dean
Bridget Murphy
Oct 16, 1884 Daniel Chisholm
Lexie Lindsay
118 Martin Cruikshank
Bridget Redmond
Sheet Harbour Daniel Cruikshank
Ann Murphy
Catharine Redmond
Nov. 12, 1884 Adam Cruikshank
Bridget Hawes
119 James Perry
Ada Keefe
Sheet Harbour Patrick Perry
Margaret Dugan
James Keefe
Catharine Keefe
April 21, 1885 Richard Hodge
Mary Murphy
120 Alex Murphy
Bridget Quillinan
Sheet Harbour Edwrad Murphy
Catharine Wessel
Daniel Quillinan
Elizabeth Kenny
July 22, 1885 James Curry
Agnes Quillinan
Page 13
121 Thomas Purcell
Annie Curry
Sheet Harbour John Purcell
Sarah Cameron
Frederick Curry
Elizabeth Quillinan
Aug 26, 1885 Erwin Lindsay
Lexie Lindsay
122 James Curry
Lexie Lindsay
Sheet Harbour Frederick Curry
Elizabeth Quillinan
James Lindsay
Ann Murphy
Aug 31, 18? Erwin Lindsay
Emily Lindsay
123 Michael Furlong
Mary Hawes
Quoddy John Furlong
Mary Mahar
George Hawes
Sarah Hurd
April 4, 1886 Frank Hawes
Catharine Watt
D.P. McMinamin
124 Daniel Coady
Mary J. Quillinan
Sheet Harbour John Coady
Mary Flimm
Patrick Quillinan
Mary Hall
April 9, 1886 Michael Nelligan
Susan Murphy
125 Philip Fahey
Bridget Walsh
Ship Harbour John Fahey
Mary Osbourne
Thos. Walsh
Dilly Bozansa
June 20, 1886 Chas. Fahey ""
126 Patrick Hawes
Mary Deagan
Sheet Harbour Frank Hawes
Elizabeth Redmond
Patrick deagan
Mary Stuart
July 2, 1886 Clara Hawes ""
127 Michael O'Brien
Mary Feltmate
Tangier James O'Brien
Mary Murphy
Samuel Feltmate
Mary Wroth
Aug 4, 1886 Mr. and Mrs. James Abriel ""
128 Colin Chisholm
Annie Chisholm
Sheet Harbour William Chisholm
Maggie Fraser
John Chisholm
Isabel Chisholm
Aug 14, 1886 ""
129 John McInnis
Margaret Kenny
Sheet Harbour Colin McInnis
Christina McDonald
Charles Kenny
Hannah McFadden
Aug 28, 1886 Daniel Chisholm
Mary O'Reilly
130 Michael Nelligan
Susan Murphy
William Nelligan
Maggie Foomey
John Murphy
Maggie Quillinan
Sept 9, 1886 ""
Page 14
131 Angus Power
Norah Murphy
ShipHarbour Michael Power
Mary Newcomb
Edward Murphy
Eliza Newcomb
Sept 5, 1886 Vincent Power
Isabel Power
132 Thomas Casey
Rebecca Wessel
Sheet Harbour Daniel Casey
Mary Diggins
John Wessel
Margaret Hurd
Sept 20, 1886 Frank Hawes
Clara Hawes
133 Frank Paul
Emily Cope
Sheet Harbour Joseph Paul
Jane Keagan
Frank Cope
Mary Lydon
Sept 1886 ""
134 John Chisholm
Catharine Martin
Sheet Harbour Alex Chisholm
Mary Chisholm
Daniel Martin
Agnes Saunders
Oct 4, 1886 ""
135 William Fahie
Catharine Quillinan
Sheet Harbour John Fahie
Eliza DeBay
John Quillinan
Catharine Newcomb
Oct 10, 1886 ""
136 Edward Russell
Cassie Fahey
Ship Harbour Edward Rankin
Ann Fraser
John Fahey
Eliza DeBay
Jan 22, 1887 Charles Fahey
Catharine Fahey
137 George Wessel
Annie Hartling
Quoddy William Wessel
Joanna Keegan
Samuel Hartling
Jane Taylor
April 20, 1887 Thomas Glawson
Susan Furlong
138 Edward Fahey
Margaret Webb
Ship Harbour John Fahey
Mary Osbourne
William Webb
Harriet Maskil
May 7, 1887 James DeWolfe
Sarah Keating
139 Louis Tiscomin
Joanna DiMarcki
Sheet Harbour John Tiscomin
Catharine Podesta
Andrew DiMarcki
Caroline Anderson
Nov 20, 1887 Andrew diMarcki (Jr.)
Mrs. Pat Perry
140 John Marks
Elmira Warnell
Ship Harbour John Marks
Mary Power
John Warnell
Jane Gilchrust
May 2, 1888 ""
Page 15
141 Walter Rowe
Catharine Perry
Sheet Harbour John Rowe
Eliza Ellis
John Perry
Mary Murphy
May 15, 1888 Patrick Murphy
Helena Perry
142 James Dewolfe
Margaret Walsh
Ship Harbour Wm. Dewolfe
Elizabeth Weeks
Thos. Walsh
Dilly Boganza
Aug 18, 1888 ""
143 John P. Fahey
Amelia Murphy
Ship Harbour John Fahey
Eliza Debay
David Broderick(?)
Mary Murphy
Oct 10, 1888 James Fahey
Mary Fahey
144 Gregory Murphy
Sarah Keating
Ship Harbour William Murphy
Marjorie Siteman
Benj. Keating
Elizabeth Jackson
Oct 18, 1888 ""