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The population of this large county, which, in 1861, amounted to 19,533, is of mixed origin. It is a fine agricultural county, being noted - especially its Northern section - for large and rich tracts of marsh,or marine alluvium. It also contains rich deposits of coal and freestone, which are worked to some extent. Its grindstones are among the most valuable of their kind in North America, or even in the world. Lumbering and shipbuilding are pretty extensively carried on in this county.


Ackler S., miller.
Atkinson William, blacksmith.
Bates John, blacksmith.
Bent Frederick, barrister.
Bent W. W., merchant.
Berry Robert, butcher.
Berry William, tailor.
Black C. & Son, merchants.
Bowser W., carriagemaker.
Brausfield J., tailor.
Buckerfield William H., barrister.
Burke Dennis D., tailor.
Chambers & Douglass, merchants.
Chandler Robert D., barristor.
Chapman Rufus, blacksmith.
Chipman Mrs. A., postmistress.
Christie Charles, carriagemaker.
Christie Charles, miller.
Clarke Miss, milliner and dressmaker.
Coffey Andrew, hotelkeeper.
Cove J. T. C., house joiner.
Crandall Sherman, butcher, (Porter Town)
Crane Charles, physician.
Crane William, shoemaker and tanner.
Delaney J. W., insurance agent.
Dickey Hon. R. B., barrister.
Dimock George, shoemaker and tanner.
Dimock Wilber, shoemaker and tanner.
Dunlap Thomas, merchant.
Dunphy Rev Patrick.
Embree E., merchant.
Freeman S. R., merchant.
Fullerton James, merchant. (Napan)

Fullerton William M., barrister.
Gourley Daniel, house joiner.
Greenfield S., tailor.
Hamilton William J., hotelkeeper.
Hickman James S., & Co., merchants.
Hill John, cabinetmaker.
Hillson John, house joiner.
Howe Mrs., milliner and dressmaker.
Huestis R. B., merchant.
King James, tailor.
Kinnear John D., barrister.
Lancey James, hotelkeeper.
Layton James, blacksmith.
Lusby John & Samuel, millers.
McCully Robert, barrister.
McFarlane Alexander, barrister.
McKay John C., shoemaker.
McLaughlin James, sen., merchant.
McLeod Malcolm, carriagemaker.
McLeod & Cooper, merchants.
Main W. D. & Co., merchants.
Mills David, house joiner.
Moffat A., merchant.
Moore Joseph, physician.
Moore Thomas, harnessmaker.
Morse C. J., physician.
Morse Clifford K., barrister.
Morse James S., barrister.
Morse Silas C., barrister.
Newcomb E., shoemaker and tanner.
Philips Miss, millner and dressmaker.
Purdy Benjamin, physician.
Purdy Silas, physician.
Paden Robert, shoemaker.
Page Amos, watchmaker.

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