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PUGWASH - Continued

Borden Judah, blacksmith.
Borden Levi, J.P., merchant, commission agent and postmaster.
Campbell Angus, mason.
Clarke Joseph, physician and dentist.
Clay Edwin, physician and surgeon.
Conn David, grist and saw mills.
Creed Charles, J.P., physician and surgeon.
Dewar Alexander, lime dealer.
De Wolf Charles B. & Son, merchants and ship builders.
De Wolf Thomas C., J.P., farmer.
Elliott James A., merchant.
Gould William, boot and shoemaker.
Hitchens James, boot and shoemaker
Hollis H., tailor.
Jack John, teacher.
Jennings Thomas, merchant.
Jollimore John, tanner and shoemaker Jones Joseph, shipbuilder.
King Elias, blacksmith.
Lowden John D., brickmaker.
McDonald P. & M., merchants.
McDonald Angus, saddle and harness maker.
McKenzie Alexander, boot and shoemaker.
McKenzie Alexander, tailor.
McKenzie & Oulton, merchants.
McNab James, J.P., comptroller of customs.
McNutt Charles E., hotelkeeper.
Murray Peter, tailor.
O'Brien William, tailor.
Page Amos, carriagemaker.
Page Thomas, watchmaker.
Pineo, H. G. jun., merchant.
Pineo Hon. H. G., M.L.C., merchant
Rogers Daniel, blacksmith.
Rogers David J., blacksmith.
Rogers W. H., cancer doctor.
Ryan Thomas, joiner.
Scott David D., blacksmith.
Scaman Henry J., shipbuilder.
Seaman James, pilot and farmer.
Seaman John, pilot and farmer.
Seaman William H., tanner and shoemaker.
Seaman William N., butcher.
Smith Jacob G., shipbuilder.
Stevens A. A., merchant.
Stewart James, tanner and shoemaker.
Stewart Mrs. Martha, tavern keeper.
Tuttle Elijah, farmer.

Wadman, Charles, boot and shoemaker.
Walsh Maurice, hotelkeeper.

RAGGED REEF (See Joggin Mines)

Cameron William, liquors.
Cole Wells, shipwright.
Elderkin J. N. B., merchant.
Elliott Robert, blacksmith.
Fulmon Nicholas, physician.
Hatfield Archibald, shipcarpenter Hatfield Aaron, shipcarpenter Hatfield Moses, house joiner.
Hatfield Silas, fisherman.
Howard James K., mariner.
Kerr James, shipcarpenter.
McCully William, house joiner.
Morris James, shipbuilder.
Nichols Samuel, sparmaker.
Nichols William, blockmaker.
Page Miss Emma, teacher.
Parsons Daniel, shoemaker.
Parsons William, shipcarpenter.
Pettis George M., mariner.
Pettis John, shipwright.
Plushaw John, shinglemaker.
Plushaw William, shipcarpenter.
Sweet Edward, house joiner.
Wilson Mrs. A., midwife.
Yorke William, house joiner.


Graham John, shipbuilder.
Hatfield John shipbuilder.
Kerr Ebenezer, J.B., farmer.
Smith Charles, farmer.


Barnes James N., shipwright.
Barnes John, blacksmith.
Canham John, shoemaker.
Crowe George, carpenter.
Duncaster Joseph, carpenter.
Gould James, saw mills.
Hibbard George, merchant.
Jenks Abby, teacher.
McKenzie George, jun., carpenter.
McKenzie George, sen., carpenter.
Moffatt John, saw mill.
Moffatt William, merchant.
Porter James, saw mill.
Porter Joseph, saw mill.
Pugsley Michael, way office keeper.
Rae William, blacksmith.
Stevenson James, merchant.
Stevenson John, blacksmith.
Welsh Michael, shoemaker.