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Fox River Hatfield Family Plot,
Cumberland County

Cemetery Location North 0000000 East 000000 UTM NAD 27, NTS MAP 21 H/7

(Coming from Parrsboro) Cross the bridge over the Fox River, and follow the road up the hill and around the corner. You need a road going to the left (it is either the first or second road to the left - if it is the correct road you should pass the old schoolhouse shortly after starting down the road). Shortly after the old schoolhouse you should go around an "S" turn. In the blueberry fields, some distance to the right you should see a tree standing by itself (assuming it is still there). The cemetery is located by this tree (surrounded by a fence I think). Most of the stones are in terrible shape, although there was a memorial stone to Capt. John Hatfield erected a few years ago that is in excellent shape. - recalled by R. Potter

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