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Leamington Cemetery, Cumberland County

Cemetery Location North 5049980 East 0414150 UTM NAD 27
Directionsaprox 7 1/4 km. from Springhill center, south on Route 2
Known FamiliesBlack, Blockley, Boss, Bradley, Canning, Casey, Choisnet, Churchill, Corbett, Crossin, Cummings, Davis, Doncaster, Forcey, Gilbert, Gilroy, Harroun, Hunter, Knowlton, Koq, Lewis, Lockhart, MacLeod, MacSaveny, McLaughin, Moore, Munroe, Murphy, Nelson, Perrin, Pettigrew, Rolfe, Rushton, Scott, Shaw, Simmonds, Smith, Spence, Stevens, Stewart, Terris, Thompson, Trousdale, Twombly, Urquhart, Vance, Webb, Whitewood, Young
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