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Cumberland County

1861 Census Index
Cumberland County
Nova Scotia

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    A=Westchester; B=Wentworth
    C=Pugwash; D=Wallace

    Name                     Reference
    Ackles, William          C3
    Agnes, W. G.             C12
    Akerly, Abraham          C11
    Akerly, William H.       C12
    Allen, James             D10
    Allen, William           D5
    Angerviine, James        D7
    Angervine, Edward        C7
    Angervine, John          D1
    Angervine, Joseph        D10
    Angervine, May           D10
    Angervine, Peter         B2
    Angervine, Peter         D10
    Angervine, Samuel        D10
    Angervine, Samuel        D10
    Angervine, Thomas        C5
    Angervine, William E.    D10
    Angervine, William L.    D10
    Angervine?, Samuel       D9
    Angus, Jerimiah          C2
    Angus, William           C3
    Annis, George            D8
    Annis, William           D3
    Ash, John                C8
    Ash, William             C1
    Atkinson, David          A3
    Atkinson, Garnet         A3
    Atkinson, James G.       C10
    Bacon, Andrew            B2
    Baisley, Samuel          D4
    Baker, Isaac             A2
    Barclay, Robert          B1
    Beaton, Angus            C11
    Beaton, Frank            D6
    Beaton, Samuel           C12
    Bebee, Adam              B1
    Bebee, Leonard           B3
    Belmont, Samuel          C5
    Benjaimin, June          C7
    Benjamin, Abraham        D3
    Benjamin, Jacob          D10
    Bennett, Henry G.        C12
    Bent, Cyrus              C8
    Bent, James              C10
    Bent, Rufus F.           C13
    Bentley, William         C9
    Bergman, Fredrick        C6
    Bergman, George          C10
    Bettes, Henry            D2
    Betts, Abraham P.        C8
    Betts, Benjamin          D11
    Betts, Benjamin          D9
    Betts, Daniel            C7
    Betts, David             D8
    Betts, Gabriel           D2
    Betts, Gilbert P.        B1
    Betts, Henderson         C5
    Betts, Henry             C4
    Betts, Jacob             C8
    Betts, John              D1
    Betts, John              D9
    Betts, Samuel            D9
    Betts, Sarah             D2
    Betts, Tom               D9
    Bigelow, Benjamin        C6
    Bigelow, Gideon          C1
    Bigelow, Isaac           C6
    Bigelow, John            C2
    Bigney, George           D4
    Bigney, James            B1
    Bigney, James            D8
    Bigney, Samuel           B2
    Bigney, Travis H.        B3
    Black, A. A.             C11
    Black, John H.           C9
    Black, Martin            C9
    Black, Rufus F.          C11
    Blair, George            D6
    Blair, James             D3
    Blair, James             D6
    Bland, Thomas            D8
    Bliss, Malcom            D10
    Borden, Levi             C11
    Bowlby, Abram            C10
    Boyles, James            D3
    Brick, Thomas J.         A3
    Britton, Henry           C3
    Brown, Abraham           C7
    Brown, David             B2
    Brown, Elisha            C10
    Brown, Francis           B2
    Brown, Henry             C4
    Brown, Isaac             C10
    Brown, Isaac, Sr.        C10
    Brown, James             B3
    Brown, James J. H.       C10
    Brown, John              C10
    Brown, Joseph T.         C7
    Brown, Wilson            C4
    Budd, John               A1
    Buenside, William        A3
    Calbon, Tebond           C4
    Cameron, Alex            C2
    Campbell, Angus          C8
    Campbell, Angus          D4
    Campbell, Archibald      C2
    Campbell, Dugan          D6
    Campbell, Duncan         D6
    Campbell, Margaret       C12
    Canada, Donald           D6
    Canfield, Benjamin       D5
    Canfield, Francis        A3
    Canfield, James          D3
    Canfield, James          D3
    Canfield, James          D8
    Canfield, John           D5
    Canfield, John B.        D3
    Canfield, Joshua H.      D5
    Canfield, Major          D3
    Canfield, Michael        D3
    Canfield, Robert         D3
    Canfield, Samuel         D5
    Canfield, stephen        D3
    Canfield, William F.     D5
    Cann, Thomas             C12
    Cann, William            C6
    Carr, John               C9
    Carson, David F.         D5
    Carter, George           C13
    Carter, John             C2
    Carter, Timothy          A3
    Carter, William          B1
    Carty, James             D3
    Carty, Thomas            D3
    Chambers, Catherine      D4
    Chambers, John           D9
    Chapman, Henry           D2
    Chapman, Samuel          D4
    Charleston, Silas        A1
    Chesnutt, John           C12
    Chesnutt, Richard        C6
    Chesnutt, Stephen W.     C1
    Chisholm, Alexander      B2
    Chisholm, Hugh           B3
    Chisholm, James          C6
    Chisholm, John           C12
    Chisholm, J.W.P.         B1
    Chisholm, Melialar       B2
    Chisholm, Thomas         C3
    Chisholm, William        C3
    Christie, James          D8
    Cirdikle, Hannah         B2
    Clark, Robert            D3
    Clark, William           D3
    Clarke, Anne             C9
    Clarke, James B.         C12
    Clarke, Joseph C.        C12
    Clarke, Mary             C12
    Coffin, Riley            C1
    Colburn, Alex            C6
    Colburn, Thomas          C12
    Colter, Andrew           C4
    Colter, Charles          C3
    Colter, Charles          C4
    Colter, Daniel           C4
    Colter, Daniel           D7
    Colter, George           C3
    Colter, Patrick          D7
    Colter, Patrick jr.      C4
    Colter, William          D8
    Cook, James              D11
    Cook, John               D11
    Cook, William            D11
    Cook, William            D8
    Cooke, Jacob             D1
    Cooper, Catherine        C1
    Cooper, John             C11
    Cooper, William          B2
    Corey, Thomas C.         C6
    Coulter, Archibald       C4
    Coulter, Arch. jr        C4
    Coulter, John            C4
    Cowely, John             C3
    Crane, Matilda           C13
    Crawford, Archibald      C4
    Crawford, John           C4
    Crawford, John W.P.      C4
    Crawford, J.W.F.         C4
    Crawford, Samuel         C4
    Crawford, Titus B.       C4
    Crawford, William        C4
    Creed, Charles           C11
    Crouthers, Joseph        C5
    Cummings, James          C6
    Cunningham, James        D2
    C----, James L.          C6
    Daniels, William         C3
    Davd, Martin             D7
    David, Fredrick          D6
    Davidson, James B.       D9
    Davison, Archibald       C13
    Dawson, Patrick          D4
    Delay, Dorothy           A2
    Demings, David           C9
    Demings, David D.        C1
    Demings, Elisha          C1
    Demings, James           C12
    Demings, Jessie D.       C1
    Demings, Joseph          C6
    Demings, L. Alex         C1
    Demings, William         C1
    Demings, William         C6
    Dempsey, John            C2
    Dewar, Alex              C1
    Dewar, Alexander         D2
    Dewar, Allen             C1
    Dewar, Daniel            D2
    Dewar, James             C1
    Dewar, Mary              D2
    DeWolfe, Charles B.      C12
    DeWolfe, Robb            C2
    DeWolfe, Thomas C.       C9
    Dickson, Thomas          C2
    Dingle, John             C8
    Donely, James            D10
    Dotten, James            D6
    Dotten, John             D6
    Dotten, John Sr.         D7
    Dotten, Joseph           C9
    Dotten, Joseph           D6
    Dotten, Joshua           D6
    Dotten, Richard          D9
    Dotten, Thomas P.        D4
    Doyle, Garnet            A2
    Doyle, John              C3
    Doyle, Samuel            A1
    Doyle, ----              B3
    Drysdale, James          D8
    Dunphy, Patrick          C9
    Eagles, John             A2
    Eagles, John             A2
    Eagles, Josiah           A1
    Eagles, Mary             A1
    Eaton, Amos jr.          C7
    Elliot, James A.         C12
    Embree, Alexander        A1
    Embree, Alexander        B2
    Embree, Henry            B1
    Embree, Jacob            A3
    Embree, Joseph           B2
    Evans, John              C3
    Farnham, Daniel          B1
    Feley, Charles           B3
    Fillmore, Arthur         C6
    Fillmore, Levi           C4
    Fillmore, Ralph          A3
    Filmore, James           D10
    Filmore, Peter N.        D6
    Fisher, Ebenezer         D10
    Fisher, John             D10
    Fitch?, Fredrick         C13
    Fleming, Alexander       D7
    Fleming, George F.       B1
    Fleming, James           B1
    Fleming, Stephen         B1
    Fleming, Thomas          B1
    Fletcher, W.S.           D9
    Flinn, Thomas P.         D9
    Forsythe, George         C3
    Foshner, John A.         C7
    Foster, Robert           C7
    Foster, Thomas           C7
    Fountain, Aaron          C5
    Fountain, Atkinson       A2
    Fountain, Caleb          D9
    Fountain, Catherine      D1
    Fountain, Elias          A4
    Fountain, Ephraim P.     C8
    Fountain, Henry P.       C2
    Fountain, James          C5
    Fraham, Norman           D7
    Fraser, Alex             C2
    Fraser, Alex             C3
    Fraser, Allan            C2
    Fraser, Charles          C2
    Fraser, Donald           C2
    Fraser, James            C1
    Fraser, Simon            D3
    Fraser, Thomas A.        C6
    Fraser, William          C2
    Fraser, William          C2
    Fredinad, John           C1
    Frian, Thomas            D6
    Froshner, Andrew         C9
    Froshner, Andrew         D4
    Froshner, James H.       D6
    Froshner, John           C9
    Froshner, John P.        D7
    Froshner, Knap           C9
    Froshner, Martin         C1
    Froshner, Samuel         C9
    Froshner, Wellington     C5
    Fullerton, James E.      A3
    Fulton, Henry            D5
    Fulton, Jasper           B2
    Fulton, Stephen          D9
    Fulton, William Jr.      D8
    Galling, John            A3
    Garvin, Neil             B3
    Gato, Hugh               A3
    Gehan, Thomas            C3
    Giles, Isaac             A1
    Giles, Travis            A2
    Gillis, George           C7
    Gillis, John             C7
    Gillis, Roderick         C8
    Gilmore, David           D6
    Glenn, John              C9
    Glenn, Thomas            C9
    Godfrey, John            C2
    Godfrey, William         C7
    Goodwin, John            D1
    Gough, James             B1
    Gould, William           C12
    Grady, Patrick           C8
    Graham, Alexander        D2
    Graham, Daniel           D8
    Graham, John             D8
    Grant, Charles           C6
    Grant, James             C11
    Greenhan, Jerimiah       C3
    Griffin, Joseph          A1
    Hagerty, John            B2
    Halliday, Jonathan C.    A1
    Harmer, George           C1
    Harpell, George          D3
    Harrison, Peter          C4
    Harrison, Robert         C10
    Harrison, William        C4
    Harrison, William        D3
    Harrison?, William       D7
    Hart, George             B1
    Hatt, John               A2
    Heather, Henry           D7
    Heather, Samuel          C8
    Henderson, Alexander     D6
    Henderson, James         D10
    Henderson, John          B3
    Henderson, Thomas        D3
    Henessey, James          C6
    Hennesey?, William       D9
    Henry, Isaac             C4
    Heustis, Edward          D8
    Heustis, Elizabeth       D7
    Heustis, James           B1
    Heustis, James           D7
    Heustis, Joshua          D5
    Heustis, William R.      D4
    Hewson, Martin B.        C9
    Hickey, James            D5
    Higgins, Amos            B1
    Higgins, Charles         B1
    Higgins, David           C5
    Higgins, James           B2
    Higgins, James           C1
    Higgins, James           C4
    Higgins, James E.        C13
    Higgins, Joshua          A2
    Higgins, Nathan          A2
    Higgins, William         B2
    Higgins, W.D.            D9
    Hill, Hezikiah           C1
    Hobles?, Hance           C10
    Holiday, Martin          A1
    Holmes, Joshua           C5
    Horton, James A.         C12
    Horton, Susanna          D3
    Horton, William          D4
    Howard, David            C7
    Howard, Ephraim          C5
    Howard, James Samuel     C12
    Howard, Robert           D3
    Howard, Theophlus        C2
    Hums, George W.          C11
    Hurd, Benjamin           D10
    Hurd, William            D11
    Hussey, William          C8
    Hutchinson, Archibald    C12
    Hyat, Thomas             D11
    Jackson, William         A3
    Jaems, Joseph            C9
    Jameison, Daniel         D6
    Jameison, John           D5
    Jameison, Thomas         D8
    Jameison, William        D8
    Jameison, William        D9
    James, Benjamin          C7
    Jardine, William         A1
    Jennings, Thomas         C12
    Job, Jasper              A3
    Job, Robert              B2
    Job, Thomas              B1
    Johnson, Ralph           A4
    Johnson, Thomas          C3
    Jollimore, John          C12
    Jones, Thomas            C8
    J----, John              B2
    Keefe, Matthew           C3
    Keif, Matthew            C5
    Kennedy, Duncan          D8
    Kennedy, Louis           D8
    Kennedy, William         C3
    Kerwin, Michael          D5
    Killoway, John           C13
    King, Charles            B1
    King, Charles            B2
    King, Daniel             C4
    King, David              D5
    King, Elias              C13
    King, George             C3
    King, Joshua W.          C3
    King, William            D5
    Kirk, William            B2
    Lamont, Daniel           C9
    Langille, Benjamin       C12
    Langille, James          D1
    Langille, James          D2
    Langille, John           A1
    Langille, Lewis          C12
    Langille, Samuel         A2
    Langille, Thomas         D10
    Langille, Thomas jr.     C6
    Larson, Joseph           C9
    Larson, Thomas           C9
    Lawson, Robert           D8
    Layton, Robertson M.     D9
    Lefurgy, Thomas          C2
    Legett, James            D4
    Legett, William          A2
    Legett, William          A2
    Lingin, William          B1
    Livingston, Angus        D5
    Livingston, John         D4
    Livingstone, James       C6
    Livingstone, John        C9
    Logan, James             D6
    Logan, Thomas            D5
    Lowden, David H.         C1
    Lowden, John D.          C1
    Lullace, William         B2
    Lynch, Edward            C7
    Lynds, Jacob             B1
    Lynds, Robert            B1
    MacKay, Patrick          D4
    Malone, John             D5
    Manning, Benjamin        C1
    Markham, William         C6
    Matheson, Alex           C11
    Matheson, Angus          C4
    Matheson, Donald         C11
    Matheson, Donald         C13
    Matheson, Malcom         C6
    Matheson, Murdoch        C7
    McAulay, David           C10
    McAulay, John            C10
    McAulay, Peter           C12
    McBurnie, John           D4
    McCann, William          D10
    McCarthy, Charles        D4
    McCormack, David         C2
    McCulloh, James          A3
    McCurdy, Alexander       C8
    McCurdy, Daniel          B1
    McDonald, Alex           D1
    McDonald, Alexander      A3
    McDonald, Alexander      D4
    McDonald, Alexander      D6
    McDonald, Angus          C8
    McDonald, Angus L.       C3
    McDonald, Donald         A3
    McDonald, Donald         D1
    McDonald, Donald         D5
    McDonald, Donald         D9
    McDonald, Duncan         C6
    McDonald, Hugh           D5
    McDonald, John           D4
    McDonald, Kenneth        C11
    McDonald, Neil           D4
    McDonald, Paul           D3
    McDonald, Robert         D1
    McDonald, William        C11
    McDonald, William        D5
    McDonnell, Angus         C11
    McDougall, John          C6
    McFarlane, Alexander     C7
    McFarlane, Alexander     D8
    McFarlane, Daniel        C8
    McFarlane, George        C8
    McFarlane, John          D4
    McFarlane, John          D8
    McFarlane, Malcom        D7
    McGee, John              D4
    McGilvery, John          D10
    McInnes, John            D5
    McInness, Allan          D8
    McInnis, Allan           C12
    McInnis, James           C5
    McInnis, John            C9
    McIntosh, Catherine      D2
    McIntosh, David          D5
    McIntosh, Duncan         D2
    McIntosh, Hugh           B2
    McIntosh, John           B3
    McIntosh, John           D2
    McIntosh, John P.        D1
    McIver, Donald           C10
    McIver, George           D6
    McIver, Murdoch          C10
    McIver, Norman           C11
    McKay, Alex              C11
    McKay, Alex              C3
    McKay, Angus             D4
    McKay, Donald            D8
    McKay, John              D9
    McKay, Norman            C12
    McKenzie, Alex           C11
    McKenzie, Alex           C13
    McKenzie, Alexander      D1
    McKenzie, Angus          D6
    McKenzie, Colin          D1
    McKenzie, Daniel         D4
    McKenzie, David          C2
    McKenzie, Donald         C4
    McKenzie, Donald         D1
    McKenzie, Donald         D4
    McKenzie, George         D1
    McKenzie, George W.      D1
    McKenzie, Isabella       D4
    McKenzie, John           C4
    McKenzie, John           D1
    McKenzie, John           D4
    McKenzie, John           D4
    McKenzie, Kenneth        C10
    McKenzie, Kenneth        D5
    McKenzie, Kenneth        D7
    McKenzie, Roderick       C10
    McKenzie, Roderick       C8
    McKenzie, Thomas         C12
    McKenzie, William        C1
    McKenzie, William        D7
    McKim, James W.          D7
    McKim, Margery           C10
    McKim, Mary              C3
    McKim, Mercy             C4
    McKim, Robert            D10
    McKinnon, Donald         C2
    McKinnon, Duncan         D1
    McKinnon, John           D1
    McKinnon, Robert         C10
    McLean, Alex             C13
    McLean, Colin            C10
    McLean, Donald           D3
    McLean, Janet            C11
    McLean, John             C10
    McLean, John             D3
    McLean, John             D3
    McLean, Neil             D9
    McLean, William          C12
    McLellan, Daniel         D4
    McLellan, David          D4
    McLellan, Timothy M      A1
    McLellan, William        D5
    McLeod, Alexander        C8
    McLeod, Alexander        D1
    McLeod, Angus            C12
    McLeod, Angus            C7
    McLeod, Ann              C7
    McLeod, Archibald        C11
    McLeod, Archibald        C7
    McLeod, Daniel           C6
    McLeod, Donald           C11
    McLeod, Donald           C11
    McLeod, Donald           C11
    McLeod, Donald           C11
    McLeod, Donald           C2
    McLeod, Eunice           C11
    McLeod, James            C2
    McLeod, John             B2
    McLeod, John             C12
    McLeod, Malcom           C11
    McLeod, Malcom           C11
    McLeod, Murdoch          C12
    McLeod, Neil             D8
    McLeod, William          C13
    McLeod, William          C3
    McMillan, Alex           D4
    McNab, Alexander         C9
    McNab, James             C9
    McNab, Peter             D2
    McNab, William           D6
    McNab, William Sr.       D2
    McNab?, Peter            D10
    McNeil, Donald           C8
    McNeil, John             D5
    McNeil, Malcom           C9
    McNeil, Neil             D9
    McNeil, Samuel           D2
    McNeil, William          D5
    McNutt, Charles P.       C13
    McNutt, Robert           C3
    McPhee, John             C8
    McPherson, Alex H.C.     C6
    McPherson, Catherine     C10
    McPherson, Hugh          C6
    McPherson, James         C3
    McPherson, John          C4
    McPherson, John W.       C6
    McPherson, Samuel        C6
    McPherson, Thomas        B2
    McPherson. Daniiel       D9
    Meekins, Amos            A3
    Meekins, Charles         A2
    Merrick, Samuel          C9
    Michel, James            B2
    Micholson, Norman        D8
    Mickle, Alexander        D6
    Miers, Edward            D4
    Miers, Isaiah            B3
    Miers, Jacob             B3
    Miers, John              B3
    Miers, Joshua            A2
    Milledge, Fredrick P.    C12
    Miller, Levi             C9
    Miller, Robert           C7
    Mitchell, James          C6
    Mitchell, John           C8
    Mitchell, Robert J.      C8
    Mitchell, Samuel         C8
    Mitchell, Samuel         D9
    Mitchell, William        D8
    Monroe, Daniel B.        D2
    Monroe, Hugh             D7
    Monroe, John             D7
    Montrose, Jessie D.      C8
    Montrose, John           C3
    Montrose, Martha M.      C5
    Montrose, William        C5
    Moody, George            D6
    Moody, Robert            D9
    Moody, William           C11
    Moody, William           D6
    Moody?, Roderick         D4
    Moor, Israil             A1
    Moor, Jerimiah           A2
    Moor, Samuel             A1
    Moor, Stephen            A2
    Mooring, Henry           C3
    Moren, Caleb             D3
    Moren, Daniel            C4
    Moren?, William          D7
    Morkler, John            C6
    Morrell, James           A4
    Morris, Alex             C1
    Morris, David            D2
    Morris, John             C6
    Morris, William          C1
    Morris, William          D7
    Morrison, Angus          D6
    Morrison, Daniel         D6
    Morrison, John W.        D5
    Morrison, Roderick       D6
    Mullins, Zalud?          D6
    Munro, William           C9
    Munroe, John             D9
    Murphy, John             C13
    Murphy, Mary             D3
    Murphy, Thomas           D3
    Murphy, William          C4
    Myers, John A.           D11
    M'Cann, Ellen            B3
    M'Cann, Samuel           B3
    M'Donald, Ellen          A3
    M'Donald, Hugh           B3
    M'Neil, Robert           B1
    Nelson, Angus            C10
    Nelson, Jerimiah         D5
    Nelson, John             D10
    Newberry, J.W.           C2
    Newcomb, Jane            D9
    Nichols, Richard         B2
    Nicholson, John          C11
    Nicholson, William       D8
    Nicolson, Patrick        D7
    Ogilvie, Joseph          B2
    Ogilvie, Peter           B2
    Orchard, William         C8
    Orr, William             D8
    Oulton, Charles          C1
    Oulton, Charles          C5
    Oxley, Charles B.        C5
    Oxley, George            D7
    Oxley, Joseph            D8
    Oxley, William B.        D7
    O'Brien, Caleb           C2
    O'Brien, Dominik         C3
    O'Brien, George          C5
    O'Brien, Isaac           C5
    O'Brien, James           C5
    O'Brien, John            C5
    O'Brien, John            C8
    O'Brien, John 3d.        C5
    O'Brien, Joseph          D4
    O'Brien, Robb            C5
    O'Brien, Robert          C5
    O'Brien, Robert          D10
    O'Brien, William         C5
    Page, Amos               C7
    Page, Thomas             D8
    Page, William            C7
    Palmer, Alex             B3
    Palmer, Daniel           B2
    Palmer, Henry            B3
    Palmer, John             B3
    Palmer, Jonathan         B3
    Patriquin, Robert        B2
    Patten, Philip           D11
    Patterson, Joseph        C6
    Patterson, Nicholas P.O. C12
    Patton, James            D7
    Pears, James D.          C6
    Peel, John               C2
    Peel, John Sr.           C2
    Peers, Alex              C1
    Peers, Benjamin L.       C7
    Peers, Daniel B.         C8
    Peers, Ephriam           C5
    Peers, James C.          C5
    Peers, John H.           C5
    Peers, Samuel            C4
    Peers, William M.        C10
    Piers, Alexander         D6
    Piers, Caleb             D6
    Piers, Daniel            C7
    Piers, Ezekial           D6
    Piers, James B.          D9
    Piers, Robb D.           C5
    Piers, Solomon           D6
    Pineo, Edward            C13
    Pineo, Henry G.          C1
    Pineo, H. G., jr.        C10
    Pitt, Thomas             C9
    Porteous, Alexander      D11
    Porter, Thomas           A1
    Porter, William          C3
    Potreous, John           D2
    Power, John F.           D3
    Purdy, Aldophus          D10
    Purdy, Alex              B3
    Purdy, Amos              D2
    Purdy, Belcher           A2
    Purdy, Benjamin          A3
    Purdy, Chipman           A3
    Purdy, David             B1
    Purdy, Edwin             A1
    Purdy, Elijah            D1
    Purdy, George            A3
    Purdy, Gilbert           D1
    Purdy, Gilbert           D2
    Purdy, Howard            A1
    Purdy, Isaac A.          D1
    Purdy, Jacob G.          A4
    Purdy, James             D1
    Purdy, James             D2
    Purdy, Jasper            D2
    Purdy, John              A3
    Purdy, John              B3
    Purdy, John R.L.         A1
    Purdy, John W.           A3
    Purdy, Robert            C5
    Purdy, Rufus             B1
    Purdy, Rushton           A1
    Purdy, Samuel            D2
    Purdy, Samuel F.         A3
    Purdy, Sniffin           D2
    Purdy, Stephen           D2
    Purdy, Theodore          A1
    Purdy, Z----             A1
    Ralph, John              D3
    Ralph, Peter             D1
    Ralson, John             A1
    Ralson, Thomas           A1
    Ralston, Alex            A2
    Ralston, John B.         A2
    Read, James E.           C1
    Read, John               C7
    Read, John               C8
    Read, John B.            C13
    Read, Robert C.          C1
    Redmond, Alexander       C8
    Redpath, Andrew          D2
    Redpath, John            D2
    Reeves, John             D2
    Reeves, William          D3
    Reid, David              C11
    Reid, Donald             C11
    Reid, Leonard            B3
    Reid, Peter              C11
    Reid, Stewart            C4
    Reid, Thomas C.          C8
    Richards, Samuel         C1
    Richards, William        C10
    Rindress, Isaac          D10
    Rindress, Jacob          D11
    Rindress, James          D10
    Ripley, Robert           B1
    Robb, Robb               C11
    Robertson, Archibald     D7
    Robertson, Daniel        D7
    Robertson, Donald        D7
    Robertson, James         D7
    Robertson, James         D8
    Robertson, James         D9
    Robertson, John          C10
    Robertson, John          C2
    Robertson, M.            D7
    Robertson, -----         D8
    Robinson, Fredrick       C7
    Robinson, Peter          A3
    Roble, Thomas D.         C3
    Robles, Isaac            B1
    Rogers, Daniel           C1
    Rogers, Daniel J.        C9
    Rogers, David            C13
    Rogers, W.H.             C8
    Ross, Alex               C4
    Ross, Alexander          D5
    Ross, Alexander          D9
    Ross, Daniel             C4
    Ross, Daniel C.          C3
    Ross, David              D3
    Ross, Donald             C10
    Ross, Donald             C11
    Ross, Walter             C4
    Ross, William            C6
    Rufus, David             D1
    Rushton, Abraham         A1
    Rushton, Abraham         A2
    Rushton, Alfred          A2
    Rushton, Benjamin        A1
    Rushton, Beulin          A1
    Rushton, Charles         A2
    Rushton, David H.        A2
    Rushton, Elijah          A2
    Rushton, Enock           A1
    Rushton, George          A1
    Rushton, Henry B.        A2
    Rushton, Isaac           A1
    Rushton, Jasper F.       C2
    Rushton, Jerimiah        A1
    Rushton, John            A1
    Rushton, Joseph          A3
    Rushton, Letita          C2
    Rushton, Moses           A1
    Rushton, Nathaniel       A2
    Rushton, Owen            A1
    Rushton, Peter           A2
    Rushton, Samuel          A2
    Rushton, Samuel P.       C2
    Rushton, Simon C.        C2
    Rushton, Thomas A.       C7
    Rushton, Thomas P.       C2
    Ryan, John               C4
    Ryan, Thomas             C8
    Sabean, Thomas           A1
    Satoris, John            C9
    Sayne, Benjamin W.       B2
    Scott, Daniel            B3
    Scott, James             C1
    Scott, James             D8
    Scott, John              C9
    Scott, Richard           D9
    Scott, Robert            D9
    Scott, Robert J.         D10
    Scott, Thomas            A3
    Scott, Thomas            A4
    Seaman, Henry            C8
    Seaman, James            C13
    Seaman, James            C9
    Seaman, John             D10
    Seaman, John             D3
    Seaman, John J.          C13
    Seaman, P.               D8
    Seaman, Stephen          C8
    Seaman, William          D5
    Seaman, William H.       C8
    Seaman, William H., Sr.  C9
    Seaman?, John            D5
    Seaman?, William         D5
    Shea, John               C7
    Shiels, Thomas           A3
    Shipley, Samuel          B2
    Simons, Robert           D10
    Simpson, James           D9
    Simpson, Moore           C2
    Simpson, Samuel          C11
    Simpson, Thomas          C11
    Simpson, Thomas          D1
    Skerry, Cypriam          C5
    Skerry, Michael          C5
    Slack, Ezra              C5
    Slack, Robert E.         D3
    Slater, Thomas           D10
    Smith, Abram             D4
    Smith, Alexander         D2
    Smith, Benjamin          D8
    Smith, Charles           B1
    Smith, Henry             D5
    Smith, Jacob G.          C12
    Smith, John              B2
    Smith, John              C1
    Smith, John              D5
    Smith, Robert            D9
    Smith, William           B1
    Smith, William           D7
    Smyth, Francis           D5
    States, Janet            D8
    Stegner?, Charles        D6
    Stephens, Ruben          C5
    Stern, Robert L.         D9
    Stevens, Andrew          D11
    Stevens, A.A.            C1
    Stevens, Charles         B1
    Stevens, Charles         B3
    Stevens, George          B2
    Stevens, Henry           C5
    Stevens, Joshua          B2
    Stevens, Joshua N.       C10
    Stevens, Levi            B1
    Stevens, Levi            D2
    Stevens, Peter           C5
    Stevens, Peter G.        C10
    Stevens, Ranna           D3
    Stevens, Robert          D10
    Stevens, Samuel          B3
    Stevens, William         D10
    Stevens, William A.N.    C7
    Stevens, William C.      D9
    Stevens, -----           D7
    Stevenson, John          D4
    Stewart, Donald          C3
    Stewart, George          D2
    Stewart, Grace           A3
    Stewart, James           C12
    Stewart, James           D6
    Stewart, Janet           C1
    Stewart, John            C13
    Stewart, John            C6
    Stewart, Peter           C1
    Stewart, Peter           D6
    Stewart, Robert          A4
    Stewart, Robert          D6
    Stonehouse, Isaac        A3
    Stonehouse, John         A3
    Stonehouse, Philip       A3
    Stonehouse, Samuel       A3
    Stonehouse, Wesley       A1
    Stonehouse, William      A3
    Strong, Hezgkiah         C3
    Stuart, Stephen          C6
    Sutherland, C.           C11
    Sutherland, Donald       D2
    Sutherland, Ezra         A2
    Sutherland, James        A1
    Sutherland, John         A2
    Sutherland, John         A3
    Sutherland, William      A2
    Swallow, Daniel          B3
    Swallow, John            B3
    Swallow, Joseph          B2
    Swallow, Thomas          B2
    S--berg, James           D7
    Tait, Robert             D7
    Tate, James              D3
    Taylor, Hugh             A2
    Teed, Alexander          B2
    Teed, Benjamin           B3
    Teed, Benjamin           D1
    Teed, Daniel             B1
    Teed, David              B1
    Teed, David              D1
    Teed, Henry              B1
    Teed, Isaac B.           D1
    Teed, John               B1
    Teed, John               D1
    Teed, Moses              C7
    Teed, Peter              D1
    Teed, Samuel             D1
    Teed, Thomas             B2
    Tero, Horatio            B3
    Thomas, John             C3
    Thompson, Abram          C6
    Thompson, Edwin          C7
    Thompson, Elisha         C3
    Thompson, Miles          C7
    Thompson, Robert         D1
    Thompson, Thomas         C1
    Thompson, William        C3
    Tingely, George          D3
    Treen, Aaron             D1
    Treen, Albert O.         D1
    Treen, Belden            B3
    Treen, Belden            D1
    Treen, Berry             B3
    Treen, David             B3
    Treen, George R.         D2
    Treen, Henry             D3
    Treen, John O.           D4
    Treen, Joseph            D1
    Treen, Mary Jane         D1
    Treen, Samuel            B3
    Treen, Samuel            D2
    Treen, Stephen           D4
    Treen?, Donald N.        D8
    Tully, Joseph            B1
    Tuttle, Baldwin          D9
    Tuttle, Catherine        C10
    Tuttle, Elijah           C13
    Tuttle, Elizabeth        D6
    Tuttle, George           C8
    Tuttle, G. D.            D7
    Tuttle, James            D10
    Tuttle, John H. G.       B3
    Tuttle, Joshua D.        C9
    Tuttle, Marcus           B3
    Tuttle, Margaret         C10
    Tuttle, Mary Anne        B3
    Tuttle, Rufus            B1
    Tuttle, Sarah            C10
    Tuttle, Stephen          C13
    Tuttle, Thomas           C9
    Tuttle, William          C9
    Tuttle, William 3d.      C10
    Tuttle, William G.       B3
    VanBuskirk, David        C2
    VanBuskirk, Gabriel      C7
    VanBuskirk, James        C2
    VanBuskirk, John         C1
    Vanemburgh, Sarah        C7
    Vincent, George          B2
    Vincent, Joshua          B1
    Wadman, Charles          C9
    Walker, Duncan           C2
    Walsh, Alexander         C8
    Walsh, Hannah            C12
    Walsh, James E.          D10
    Walsh, William           D7
    Warner, John C.          C13
    Waugh, John              C11
    Waugh, John              D5
    Waugh, Wellwood          D4
    Waugh, Wellwood          D5
    Waugh, William           C11
    Weatherby, Nathaniel     A3
    Weatherby, Sarah         A3
    Webb, Charles            A2
    Webb, Harris             A2
    Webb, John C.            A2
    Webb, Josiah             A1
    Webb, Mary Ann           A2
    Webb, Nathaniel          A2
    Webb, Samuel             A2
    Webb, Simon              A1
    Webster, Thomas          C12
    Wells, George            C10
    Wells, John G.           C10
    Welsh, Maurice           C8
    West, Levi               C6
    Whidden, David           B3
    Whidden, Eddy            D3
    Wilkison, Charles        C7
    Williams, Benjamin       C7
    Williams, Deborah        C7
    Williams, Nelson         C3
    Wills, Alex M.           C13
    Wilson, James            B3
    Wilson, William          C5
    Winsley, John            C6
    Wood, James              D10
    Wood, Peter              C3
    Woodbury, Amos           C5
    Woodland, Reid           D7
    Woods, Daniel            C12
    Woods, John              D10
    Woods, Rufus             D4
    Woodward, Robert         D10
    Woodworth, Solomon       C4
    Worth, Benjamin          C12
    Wright, William          C9
    Wynn, John               D4
    Wynn, John               D8