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Hutchinson's Directory
Cumberland County Extracts

The following entries are excerpted from Thomas Hutchinson's 1864-65 and 1866-67 editions of the Nova Scotia Directory. Note that unlike the census, these directories list only the heads of household. They are notorously incomplete and often miss many families in a community.

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    Adams, David           Shipwright             Two Islands
    Adams, Isaac           Farmer                 Two Islands
    Atkin, John            Merchant               Westchester
    Atkinson, David        Farmer                 Westchester
    Atkinson, John         Farmer                 Westchester
    Atkinson, Miss Jane    Farmer                 Westchester
    Barker, Isreal         Farmer                 Greenville
    Batty, Tom             Freestone Quarry       Wallace
    Bennett, A.N.          Saw and Shingle Mill   Wallace
    Berry, Charles         Farmer                 Two Islands
    Best, John             Farmer                 Two Islands
    Betts, Abner           House Joiner           Wallace
    Betts, David           Blacksmith             Wallace
    Bigney, James H.       Carpenter & Carr. Mkr. Wentworth
    Bigney, Lemuel         Merchant & Lumber Dlr. Wentworth
    Budd, John             Farmer                 Westchester
    Cameron, David F.      House Joiner           Wallace
    Campbell, James        Miller                 Westchester
    Canfield, Martin D.    Harnessmaker           Wallace
    Canfield, Miss Rebecca Teacher                Wallace
    Carter, Timothy        Farmer                 Westchester
    Chambers, Daniel       Shipwright             Wallace
    Chambers, John         Blacksmith             Wallace
    Chisholm, M.           Millwright & Carpenter Wentworth
    Chisholm, W.J.W.P.     Saw Mill Owner         Wentworth
    Christy, James         Rev.                   Wallace
    Coffin, Peleg          Farmer                 Westchester
    Cooke, John            House Joiner           Wallace
    Crane, Robert C.       Rev.                   Wallace
    Davidson, J.B.         Merchant & Ship Bldr.  Wallace
    Dewar, Duncan          Grist & Carding Mill   Wallace
    Doyle, Miss Margaret   Tailoress              Wentworth
    Drysdale, James        Mason                  Wallace
    Eagles, John           Cooper & Farmer        Greenville
    Eagles, Josiah         Farmer                 Greenville
    Embree, Alexander      Farmer                 Greenville
    Embree, Jacon          Farmer                 Westchester
    Fillmore, Ralph W.     Farmer                 Westchester
    Fisher, John           Shipwright             Wallace
    Flinn, Thomas          Tanner & Currier       Wallace
    Fraser, Simon          Miller & Mill Owner    Wentworth
    Froshner, John S.      Ship Builder           Wallace
    Fulton Stephen & Co.   Merchant & Ship Bldr.  Wallace
    Galling, John          Farmer                 Westchester
    Giles, Mrs. Jane       Farmer                 Greenville
    Griffin, Joseph        Farmer                 Greenville
    Halliday, Jonathan C.  Farmer                 Westchester
    Halliday, M.C.         Farmer & Saw Mill      Westchester
    Henderson, John Jnr.   Merchant               Wentworth
    Higgins, Charles       Carpenter              Wentworth
    Higgins, James         Farmer                 Greenville
    Higgins, Joshua        Farmer                 Greenville
    Higgins, William       Shoemaker              Wallace
    Howard, Ephraim        Blacksmith             Wentworth
    Huestis, Joshua        Way Office Keeper      Wallace
    Huestis, William P.    Merchant               Wallace
    Hunter, John           Millman                Greenville
    Jackson, William       Farmer & Saw Mill      Westchester
    Jardine, William       Farmer                 Westchester
    Kerr & Oxley           Saw & Grist Mills      Wallace
    King, David            Shoemaker & Tanner     Wallace
    Leggett, William       Blacksmith             Westchester
    Livingston, Archibald  Merchant               Wallace
    MacFarlane, Alexander  Barrister & c.         Wallace
    Mason, John W.         Farmer                 Two Islands
    Mason, Thomas          Farmer                 Two Islands
    McAloney, John         Farmer                 Two Islands
    McBurnie, Robert       Shipwright             Wallace
    McCully, James         Farmer                 Greenville
    McCully, John          Farmer                 Greenville
    McCurdy, Daniel        Rev.                   Wentworth
    McDonald, Allen        Ship Builder           Wallace
    McDonald, Donald       Collier                Westchester
    McDonald, Mrs. Allan   Farmer                 Westchester
    McGrath, Michael       Stonecutter            Two Islands
    McKay, Donald          Merchant               Wallace
    McKay, John            Shipwright             Wallace
    McKay, Thomas          Farmer & Shipwright    Two Islands
    McLean, Angus          Mason                  Wallace
    McLean, Frederick      Miller & Millwright    Wentworth
    McLellan, Angus        Mail Carrier           Westchester
    McLellan, David        Blacksmith             Wallace
    McLellan, Samuel       Farmer                 Two Islands
    McLellan, Stephen      Farmer                 Greenville
    McLellan, Timothy      Farmer                 Greenville
    McLellan, William      Blacksmith             Wallace
    Mcleod, D.J.           Teacher                Wallace
    McLeod, James          Collier                Westchester
    McNab, William         Merchant               Wallace
    Meekins, Charles       Farmer                 Westchester
    Meekles, James         Farmer                 Westchester
    Meekles, John          Blacksmith             Westchester
    Miller, George         Farmer                 Two Islands
    Miller, G.             Seaman                 Two Islands
    Miller, James          Seaman                 Two Islands
    Mitchell, Miss Mary    Teacher                Wallace
    Mitchell, Robert       Physician & Surgeon    Wallace
    Moore, Isreal          Farmer                 Greenville
    Moore, Jeremiah        Farmer                 Greenville
    Moore, Samuel          Farmer                 Greenville
    More, Jacob            Farmer                 Greenville
    Morris, Samuel H.      Merchant               Wallace
    Morris, Thomas         Merchant               Wallace
    Munro, John            Rev.                   Wallace
    Murray, Michael        Farmer                 Two Islands
    Murray, Thomas         Farmer                 Two Islands
    Myers, Joshua          Farmer                 Greenville
    Nicolson, Nicol.       Collector of Customs   Wallace
    Oldright, Henry        Barrister & c.         Wallace
    Oxley, Joseph          Shoemaker              Wallace
    Pagan, Mrs. M.A.       Teacher                Wallace
    Page, Charlotte        Hotel keeper           Wallace
    Parrott, E.            Collier                Westchester
    Pequignot, Edward      Collier                Westchester
    Pequignot, Placed      Collier                Westchester
    Porter, Thomas         Farmer                 Westchester
    Purdy,  Amos           Merchant & Ship Bldr.  Wallace
    Purdy, Amos            Merchant & Lumber Dlr. Wentworth
    Purdy, Belcher         Farmer                 Westchester
    Purdy, Benjamin        Farmer                 Westchester
    Purdy, David           Way Office Keeper      Wentworth
    Purdy, Edwin           Mail Contractor        Westchester
    Purdy, George E.       Farmer                 Westchester
    Purdy, George L.       Farmer                 Westchester
    Purdy, G.K.            Farmer                 Westchester
    Purdy, G.S.            Miller & Farmer        Greenville
    Purdy, Jacob G.        Way Office Keeper      Westchester
    Purdy, James D.        Farmer                 Greenville
    Purdy, John R.S.       Farmer & Saw Mill      Westchester
    Purdy, Stewart A.      Farmer & Miller        Westchester
    Purdy, Theodore F.     Farmer                 Greenville
    Purdy, T.              Farmer                 Westchester
    Ralston, Graham        Farmer                 Greenville
    Ralston, John          Farmer                 Greenville
    Ralston, Thomas        Farmer                 Greenville
    Rindress, William      Shipwright             Wallace
    Rushton, Alfred        Chairmaker             Westchester
    Rushton, Benjamin      Farmer                 Greenville
    Rushton, Elijah        Blacksmith             Westchester
    Rushton, Francis       Farmer                 Westchester
    Rushton, George        Farmer                 Greenville
    Rushton, Henry         Farmer                 Westchester
    Rushton, Isaiah        Farmer                 Greenville
    Rushton, Jermiah       Farmer                 Greenville
    Rushton, Nathaniel     Saw Mill               Westchester
    Rushton, Peter         Farmer                 Westchester
    Rushton, Purdy         Farmer                 Greenville
    Rushton, Ruben         Farmer                 Greenville
    Rushton, Samuel        Farmer                 Westchester
    Sabean, Thomas         Farmer                 Greenville
    Scott, Richard J.      Ship Builder           Wallace
    Scott, Thomas          Farmer                 Westchester
    Scott, William         Merchant               Wallace
    Seaman, Benjamin S.    Freestone Quarry       Wallace
    Singer, Isaiah         Farmer                 Westchester
    Smith, Albert          Farmer                 Two Islands
    Smith, Henry           Cabinetmaker           Wallace
    Smith, Robert          Farmer                 Two Islands
    Stenson, William       Hotel keeper           Wallace
    Stevens, Levi          Grist & Saw Mills      Wallace
    Stevens, William C.    Shoemaker              Wallace
    Stewart, James         Farmer                 Westchester
    Stewart, Mrs. Jane     Farmer                 Westchester
    Stewart, Robert        Farmer                 Westchester
    Stewart, William       Farmer                 Westchester
    Stonehouse, Edward     Farmer                 Westchester
    Stonehouse, Isaac      Farmer                 Westchester
    Stonehouse, Isaac Jnr. Farmer                 Westchester
    Stonehouse, John       Saw Mill               Westchester
    Stonehouse, Samuel     Farmer & Saw Mill      Westchester
    Stonehouse, William    Farmer                 Westchester
    Sutherland, James H.   Farmer                 Westchester
    Sutherland, John       Shoemaker              Westchester
    Sutherland, William    Farmer                 Westchester
    Thomas, John           Farmer                 Greenville
    Walsh, Michael         Tailor                 Wallace
    Wasson, Alexander      Farmer                 Two Islands
    Wasson, Hannah         Weaver                 Two Islands
    Wasson, James          Farmer                 Two Islands
    Wasson, John           Farmer                 Two Islands
    Wasson, John Jnr.      Farmer & Shipwright    Two Islands
    Wasson, Samuel         Farmer                 Two Islands
    Watson, James          Way Office Keeper      Two Islands
    Webb, B.               Farmer                 Greenville
    Webb, Charles          Farmer                 Two Islands
    Webb, Harris           Farmer                 Greenville
    Webb, Israel           Farmer                 Two Islands
    Webb, Nathaniel 1st    Farmer                 Westchester
    Webb, Nathaniel 2nd    Farmer                 Westchester
    Webb, Samuel           Farmer                 Two Islands
    Wells, Josiah          Farmer                 Greenville
    Wilbur & Treen         Grindstone Quarry      Wallace
    Woods, Charles         Seaman                 Two Islands


    Anderson, W.M.D.         Physician      Wallace
    Angwin, James            Farmer         Wallace
    Angwin, William E.       Farmer         Wallace
    Annas, George            Farmer         Wallace
    Argwine, Peter           Farmer         Wentworth
    Atkinson, David          Farmer         Westchester
    Atkinson, John           Farmer         Westchester
    Baker, Andrew            Farmer         Wentworth
    Battie, Tom              Quarry Super.  Wallace
    Bebic, Caldwell          Farmer         Wentworth
    Bebic, Seacord           Farmer         Wentworth
    Belts, Gilbert P.        Farmer         Wentworth
    Bennett, A.M.            Cabinetmaker   Wallace
    Betts, Abner             House Joiner   Wallace
    Betts, Ichabod           Farmer         Wallace
    Bigney, Lemuel           Farmer         Wentworth
    Blair, James Sen.        Farmer         Wallace
    Bugney, James Sen.       Farmer         Wentworth
    Campbell, Dugald         Farmer         Wallace
    Caufield, Benjamin       Farmer         Wallace
    Caufield, Jessie         Farmer         Wallace
    Caufield, Robert C.      Farmer         Wallace
    Caufield, Samuel         Farmer         Wallace
    Caufield, Stephen        Farmer         Wallace
    Chambers, John           Blacksmith     Wallace
    Chisholm, Hugh           Farmer         Wentworth
    Chisholm, W.P.           Farmer         Wentworth
    Colter, Daniel           Farmer         Wallace
    Colter, Patrick          Farmer         Wallace
    Cooke, James             House Joiner   Wallace
    Cunningham, James        Blacksmith     Wallace
    David, Frederick         Farmer         Wallace
    Davidson, James B.       Merchant       Wallace
    Dewar, Donald            Miller         Wallace
    Dolton, Alexander        Farmer         Wallace
    Dolton, John Jun.        Farmer         Wallace
    Dolton, John Sen.        Farmer         Wallace
    Dolton, Joseph           Mail Carrier   Wallace
    Dolton, Thomas           Mariner        Wallace
    Ember, Henry             Farmer         Wentworth
    Evans, John E.           Farmer         Wentworth
    Fletcher, William        Watchmaker     Wallace
    Flinn, Thomas            Farmer         Wallace
    Fourshner, J.S.          Shipbuilder    Wallace
    Fourshner, Knapp         Farmer         Wallace
    Frazer, Simon            Miller         Wallace
    Fulton, Henry            Farmer         Wallace
    Fulton, James            Farmer         Wentworth
    Fulton, Silas            [none listed]  Wallace
    Fulton, Stephen          Merchant       Wallace
    Fulton, William          Merchant       Wallace
    Fulton, William Sen.     Farmer         Wallace
    Giles, James             Farmer         Westchester
    Halliday, M.C.           Farmer         Westchester
    Harrison, William        Farmer         Wallace
    Henderson, David         Farmer         Wallace
    Higgins, James           Farmer         Wentworth
    Horton, Solomon          Farmer         Wallace
    Huestis, Edward          Farmer         Wallace
    Huestis, James           Farmer         Wentworth
    Huestis, James           Farmer         Wallace
    Huestis, Jasper          Farmer         Wallace
    Huestis, John            Farmer         Wallace
    Huestis, Joshua          Postmaster     Wallace
    Huestis, William         Merchant       Wallace
    Hunter, John             Farmer         Westchester
    Hurd, William            Farmer         Wallace
    Jackson, William         Farmer         Westchester
    Job, Thomas              Farmer         Wentworth
    Kerry, Charles B.        Miller         Wallace
    Livingstone, Angus       House Joiner   Wentworth
    McDonald, Alex Sen.      Farmer         Wallace
    McDonald, Allan          Shipbuilder    Wallace
    McDonald, Donald         Farmer         Wallace
    McDonald, Duncan         Farmer         Wallace
    McFarlane, Alexander     Barrister      Wallace
    McFarlane, John Jun.     Farmer         Wallace
    McFarlane, John Sen.     Farmer         Wallace
    McFarlane, Peter         Farmer         Wallace
    McIver, George           Farmer         Wallace
    McKay, Patrick           Farmer         Wallace
    McKenzie, Alexander Sen. Farmer         Wallace
    McKenzie, Colin          Farmer         Wallace
    McKenzie, Donald         Farmer         Wallace
    McKenzie, George 1st.    Farmer         Wallace
    McKenzie, John 1st.      Farmer         Wallace
    McNab, Welwood           Farmer         Wallace
    McNab, William           Merchant       Wallace
    Miers, Jacob             Farmer         Wentworth
    Millar, John             Farmer         Wallace
    Millar, Stephen          Farmer         Wallace
    Mitchell, James          Farmer         Wallace
    Morris, Thomas M.        Merchant       Wallace
    Morrison, Angus          Farmer         Wallace
    Morrison, Kenneth        Farmer         Wallace
    Munro, David             Farmer         Wallace
    Munro, John              Farmer         Wallace
    Munro, Murdoch           Shipbuilder    Wallace
    Munro, Rev. John         Presbyterian   Wallace
    Nichols, Richard         Farmer         Wentworth
    Nicolson, Kenneth        Farmer         Wallace
    Nicolson, Nicol          Customs Coll.  Wallace
    Ogible, Peter            Farmer         Wentworth
    Oxley, Charles           Farmer         Wallace
    Oxley, William B.        Miller         Wallace
    O'Brien, Joseph          Master Mariner Wallace
    Page, Thomas             Innkeeper      Wallace
    Piers, Ezekiel           Farmer         Wallace
    Piers, Solomon           Farmer         Wallace
    Porteous, John           Farmer         Wallace
    Purdy, Adolphus          Farmer         Wallace
    Purdy, Amos              Farmer         Wentworth
    Purdy, David             Farmer         Wentworth
    Purdy, Edwin P.          Mail Courier   Westchester
    Purdy, Gabriel L.        Farmer         Westchester
    Purdy, Gilbert           Farmer         Wallace
    Purdy, Isaac             Farmer         Wallace
    Purdy, Jacob G.          Farmer         Westchester
    Purdy, James D.          Farmer         Westchester
    Purdy, John R.L.         Farmer         Westchester
    Purdy, Rufus             Farmer         Wentworth
    Purdy, Samuel 1st.       Farmer         Wallace
    Purdy, Stephen 1st.      Farmer         Wallace
    Purdy, Stewart A.        Farmer         Westchester
    Purdy, Theodore          Farmer         Westchester
    Ralston, Thomas          Farmer         Westchester
    Redpath, Andrew          Farmer         Wallace
    Reed, Samuel             Farmer         Wentworth
    Reves, William           Farmer         Wallace
    Rindress, James          Farmer         Wallace
    Rindress, Thomas         [none listed]  Wallace
    Robertson, Archibald     Farmer         Wallace
    Robertson, James         Farmer         Wallace
    Robertson, John          Farmer         Wallace
    Ross, David              Farmer         Wallace
    Rushton, Ezra            Farmer         Westchester
    Rushton, George          Farmer         Westchester
    Rushton, Samuel          Farmer         Westchester
    Scott, Richard           Master Mariner Wallace
    Scott, Richard Sen.      Gentleman      Wallace
    Seaman, B.S.             Merchant       Wallace
    Simpson, Thomas          Farmer         Wallace
    Smith, Abner             Farmer         Wallace
    Smith, Henry             Cabinetmaker   Wallace
    Smith, William           Farmer         Wallace
    Smith, William           Farmer         Wentworth
    Stevens, Levi            Miller         Wallace
    Stevens, Nathaniel       Farmer         Wallace
    Stevens, Ranna           Farmer         Wallace
    Stevens, Roselle         Farmer         Wallace
    Stevens, William         Farmer         Wallace
    Stevenson, John          Blacksmith     Wallace
    Stewart, William         Farmer         Westchester
    Stonehouse, Isaac        Farmer         Westchester
    Stonehouse, Samuel       Farmer         Westchester
    Stonehouse, William      Farmer         Westchester
    Sutherland, Donald       Farmer         Wallace
    Sutherland, William      Farmer         Westchester
    Swallow, John            Farmer         Wentworth
    Swallow, William         Farmer         Wentworth
    Teed, Azor H.            Farmer         Wallace
    Teed, Belden             Farmer         Wallace
    Teed, Benjamin           Farmer         Wallace
    Teed, Isaac              Farmer         Wallace
    Teed, John               Farmer         Wallace
    Todd, John               Farmer         Wentworth
    Treen, John              Farmer         Wallace
    Treen, Joseph            Farmer         Wallace
    Treen, Samuel            Farmer         Wallace
    Treen, Stephen           Farmer         Wallace
    Tuttle, Baldwin          Farmer         Wallace
    Tuttle, James            Farmer         Wallace
    Tuttle, John H.G.        Farmer         Wallace
    Tuttle, Marcus           [none listed]  Wentworth
    Tuttle, William          [none listed]  Wentworth
    Waugh, John              Farmer         Wallace
    Waugh, Peter             Farmer         Wallace
    Waugh, Wellwood          Farmer         Wallace
    Webb, Josiah             Farmer         Westchester
    Webb, Nathaniel          Farmer         Westchester
    Woodland, Patrick        Farmer         Wallace
    Woodland, Richard Sen.   Farmer         Wallace


Names are spelled exactly as they appear in the directory.
The 1866-7 edition did not include listings for Two Islands or Greenville.