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Cumberland County

Marriage Records
of the
Parrsboro-Maccan Methodist Circuit

These records were transcribed by hand by Lew Bird in 1971. The microfilm is held by PANS, number 11181-X. The X apparently means that the use is restricted and you have to ask for it at the desk. The original is said to be held in the Trinity St. Stephen's United Church in Amherst.

Lew Bird used question marks to indicate that a name was difficult to read. I have kept these. Sometimes his handwriting was also difficult for me to read so I have added a few. The place names given may be the place the marriage took place rather than the place of residence. It is known that mistakes were made when this was originally transcribed so please verify any information you find interesting by consulting the microfilm. If someone has corrections to make I would be happy to hear from you. I hope this file will help to point you in the right direction but don't quote this as a primary source!

In 3 cases, only the year was given and because of this they won't be recognized by the program as dates and will be sorted to the top or bottom of the list if you try to sort by date. I entered the data as it apparently appears in the original. The order is more or less chronological. For easier searching you can also sort by surname of the groom or of the bride.

In 3 cases the month was given but not the day. The system automatically supplied the day as the first of the month. I have indicated these 3 cases by placing a * after the groom's surname. If you have any questions about the information, please contact me at:

Sandra Naehrig


Parrsboro-Maccan Methodist Circuit
Methodist Circuit
Marriage Records
(MS EXCEL .xls format) (40kb)