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A catalogue of published genealogies of Nova Scotia families   .pdf file


 The Herald Library : The Genealogy CDROM contains 2 parts.

•Part 1: Deaths Recorded Index: 1961 - mid July 1992.
Contains the date the obit appeared in The Chronicle-Herald and The Mail-Star, the name of the deceased and their hometown.

•Part 2: Vitals: mid July 1992 - December 31, 1999
Contains full text obituaries, births and weddings that appeared in The Chronicle-Herald, The Mail-Star and The Sunday Herald.

 Genealogical Research in Nova Scotia Punch, Terrence M., Halifax, N.S.: Nimbus Publishing, 1998. This newly revised fourth edition of Genealogical Research in Nova Scotia will guide you step-by-step through the sometimes confusing world of genealogical research - from a preliminary dig through your grandmother's attic, to a more thorough search at the Public Archives of Nova Scotia. 169 pages, bibliographical references, soft cover.

 Histoire de Sainte-Anne-du-Ruisseau, Belleville, Rivi่re-Abram. D'Entremont, Father Clarence J.  West Pubnico, NS 1995.

This is a French publication, 134 pages in length. It offers among other things, information on the first settlers in Ste.-Anne-du-Ruisseau (LeBlanc, Mius and Surette families), Belleville (Pothier, Babin, LeBlanc, LeF่vre, Dulain and Doucet families), and the LeBlanc family of Abrams River. It also gives a history of transportation, the religious life of the communities, early schools, and homes in 1871, etc. Soft cover.

 Captain Isaac Titus of Trout Cove, Nova Scotia: A history and genealogy of the Titus family of Nova Scotia, 1747-1997. Titus, Jerry. Yarmouth, NS 1997.

Isaac Titus was born on Long Island, NY in 1747. The Loyalist refugee escaped from Westchester County and came to Digby, Nova Scotia in the winter of 1783-84. A Captain in the Digby Regiment of the Militia, he settled at Trout Cove on Digby Neck in 1786. His life and his descendants are traced from the early settlements along Digby Neck, throughout Nova Scotia, Canada and the United States. A member of the 8th generation of the Titus family of Nova Scotia, Jerry Titus, follows the family from its early beginnings to the present day.

 NOVA SCOTIA Newspapers

The Young Acadian MICROFILM. v.1:no.1 (1883:Apr) - v.1:no.9 (Sept. 26, 1883).

Acadian (Wolfville. 1883).  MICROFILM  vol. 2, no. 1 (Oct. 12, 1883) - v. 7, no. 28 (Feb. 24, 1888).

The Acadian and Berwick times MICROFILM  v.7:no.29-52 (1888:Mar 02-Aug 10) - v.8:no.1-33 (1888/1889:Aug 17-Apr 05)

The Acadian and King's Co. Times MICROFILM v.8:no.34 (1889:Apr 12) -v.19:no.40 (1900:Dec)

Acadian (Wolfville. 1904?).  MICROFILM  1904, 1907 -  Jan – May, 1931

Wolfville Acadian MICROFILM  May 21, 1931 - Jun 26, 1971 Absorbed by: Advertiser (Kentville, N.S. : 1926) July 2, 1970  (see below)

Acadian Recorder (Halifax, N.S.: Weekly)  MICROFILM  Jan. 4, 1817 - Dec. 31, 1869

Advertiser MICROFILM Jan 4, 1900 – Oct 18, 1918 (incomplete)

Advertiser and Western Chronicle MICROFILM Jan 1, 1926

Advertiser (Kentville. 1926) MICROFILM Jan 15, 1926 – Sept 5, 1984 NEWSPAPERS Jan 2, 1985 – present

Advertiser (Kentville, N.S. : 1878)  Jan 4, 1900 – Oct 31, 1902

British Colonist: a literary, political and commercial journal MICROFILM July 25, 1848 – Sept 10, 1850

British Colonist and North American railway journal MICROFILM Sept 11, 1851 – Jan 20, 1855

British Colonist (Halifax, Nova Scotia: 1855) MICROFILM Jan 23, 1855 – 1874

Christian Messenger, and repository of religious, political, and general intelligence for Nova Scotia and New Brunswick MICROFILM 1837-1855

Christian Messenger (Halifax, N.S.) MICROFILM 1856 – 1884

The Church Times MICROFILM July – Dec 1848

Citizen (Amherst, N.S. ) MICROFILM Oct 31, 1973 – Sept 2, 1975(?)

The Colonial Patriot MICROFILM  Dec 7, 1827 – May 20, 1834 (incomplete)

The Colonial Standard. CANADIANA NEWSPAPER  Jan 6, 1885 – Dec 14, 1886 (incomplete);  MICROFILM Jan 7, 1866 - Dec 30, 1873

Digby Weekly Courier MICROFILM Oct 1874 – Sept 17, 1937 (incomplete)

Digby Courier MICROFILM Sept 24, 1937 – Dec 1948

Eastern Chronicle and Pictou County Advocate Jan 1866 – Feb 1867

Eastern Chronicle (New Glasgow) MICROFILM April 11, 1867 – Dec 1873 (incomplete)

Evening Express and Commercial Record MICROFILM Jan 4, 1858 – Dec 30, 1872

Evening express (Halifax, N.S.) MICROFILM July 1 – Dec 31, 1873

Halifax Citizen MICROFILM Nov 5, 1863 – Jan 12, 1870

Daily citizen (Halifax, N.S.) MICROFILM Jan 13 – June 30, 1870

Citizen (Halifax, N.S.: 1870) MICROFILM Sept 1871 – Aug 25, 1877

Halifax Reporter MICROFILM Aug 9, 1860 – Sept 15, 1864

Halifax Evening Reporter MICROFILM Sept 17, 1864 – Nov 26, 1868

Halifax Evening Reporter and Daily and tri-weekly Times MICROFILM Nov 28, 1868 – July 31, 1879

Halifax Gazette, Halifax, N.S., March 23, 1752 - Dec. 30, 1800

Halifax Morning Sun MICROFILM 1862 – Jan 19, 1963

The Sun and Advertiser MICROFILM Jan 2, 1865 – Dec 30, 1867

Liverpool Transcript MICROFILM Jan 6, 1854 – Dec 26, 1867

The Morning Freeman MICROFILM Sept 20, 1851 – Nov 2, 1878 Note: Filmed with: Aurore des Canadas.

Morning Herald (Halifax, N.S.) MICROFILM July 22, 1884 - Dec. 31, 1891

Halifax Herald MICROFILM Jan. 2, 1892 - Dec. 31, 1952

The Halifax Chronicle Herald MICROFILM May 1948 – Dec 1959

Chronicle Herald (Halifax, N.S.) MICROFILM  Jan. 1953+

Morning Journal (Halifax, N.S.) MICROFILM April 12, 1854 – June 6, 1856

Morning journal and Commercial Advertiser MICROFILM June 9, 1856 – Jan 13, 1865

Morning Chronicle, Halifax, N.S., Tri-weekly edition, Jan. 1, 1862-Dec. 29, 1864; Daily edition, Jan. 2, 1865-Dec. 31, 1879

Unionist and Halifax Journal MICROFILM Jan 16, 1865 – July 2, 1869

News and Sentinel (Amherst, N.S.) MICROFILM May 31, 1904 – May, 1955

The NovaScotian or Colonial Herald MICROFILM Dec 29, 1824 – Dec 25, 1839 (incomplete)

NovaScotian (Halifax, N.S.: 1840) MICROFILM Jan 2, 1840 – Dec 26, 1870

Nova Scotia Royal Gazette MICROFILM March 19, 1801 – Dec. 26, 1870

Sunday Herald MICROFILM April 19, 1998 – present.

Wesleyan (Halifax, N.S.: 1838) MICROFILM Feb 28, 1838 – July 8, 1852

The Provincial Wesleyan MICROFILM July 15, 1852 – Sept 25, 1875

Wesleyan (Halifax, N.S.: 1875) MICROFILM Oct 2, 1875 – Dec 25, 1884

W.B.M.U. Tidings MICROFILM 1894 – 1905; BAPTIST COLLECTION Oct 1895 – July 1905

Tidings (Amherst, N.S.) MICROFILM 1906 – Dec 1991; BAPTIST COLLECTION 1906 – present

The Windsor Tribune MICROFILM Aug 21, 1886 – Sept 29, 1955

 ONLINE Books containing Digby

ONLINE : Some chapters in the history of Digby County, and its early settlers
Author: Hill, Allan Massie
Publisher: Halifax, Nova Scotia: McAlpine, 1901

ONLINE: Geography and history of the County of Digby
Author: Wilson, Isaiah W., 1848-1928
Publisher: Belleville, Ont.: Mika Studio, 1972

ONLINE: Les Fran็ais du sud-ouest de la Nouvelle ษcosse : le r.p. Jean-Mand้ Sigogne, ap๔tre de la Baie Sainte-Marie et du cap de Sable, 1799-1844
Author: Dagnaud, P.-M.
Publisher: Besan็on: Librairie centrale Veuve C. Marion, 1905

Digby Courier Index 1877-1895 : It contains nearly 4000 births, marriages ,deaths and other interesting things as found in the Digby Courier as compiled by Luella Marshall and published by the Western County Regional Libraries as a fund raiser the order form is available on their web site.  ALL proceeds to the libraries. Contact Yvonne LeBlanc, Office Manager: 

Digby  Courier  Surname Index 1896-1907 compiled by  Luella Marshall

Digby  Courier  Surname Index 1908-1919 compiled by  Luella Marshall

Digby Courier Index 1920-1929: It contains over 4550 births, marriages ,deaths and other interesting things as found in the Digby Courier as compiled by Luella Marshall.

Historic Digby , Images of our Past

by Mike Parker 

History of Digby County

by Isaiah W. Wilson 

Island  Keepers 

by Allison Mitchem        

 Historic Digby 

by Mike Parker  

Colonel David Fanning-Adventures of a Carolina Loyalist

by John Hairr

A Sketch of Glen G. MacNutt

by Kara L. MacNutt

Old  Railway Stations of the Maritimes 

by Peter M. Lutta

  The Descendents of Michael Prime -Pioneer Loyalist Settler at Grand
Passage, Long Island , Digby County , Nova Scotia compiled by William Henry Lyon           

The Scattering of the Descendants of Robert Hicks , Nova Scotia Branch
as compiled by Luella Marshall

A new book, ”The Maxwell Family of Saugus” a genealogical and historical reference book includes the Stevens family of Freeport, Digby County. Sam Maxwell was descended from that family by virtue of his Mother, Cornelia Ardis Stevens.

It traces the  Stevens back to England in about 1730 and includes Nova Scotia families starting in about 1760 in Halifax then Argyle near Yarmouth and in 1815 moved to Freeport, Long Island, Digby County where the family was prominent for many generations. Many Digby County families are mentioned, primarily through marriages, especially the Thurber's with whom there were many associations starting with Grandmother, Theresa Esther (Thurber) Stevens. A section is devoted to her Thurber branch and a special section on Samuel Thurber, her brother, and one of the original NWMP’s. The book incorporates many local sources which Sam Maxwell has greatly expanded and included numerous photos of family, homes and the area. Some of the families mentioned include; Teed, Whitenect, Thurber, Outhouse, Bent, Elliott, Perry, Crocker, Blackford, Churchill, Delaney, Morehouse, Sollows, Schollick, Marshall  ,Pitman, Prime, Ring and Daniels to name a few. Sam Maxwell

Donald Outhouse, "Glimpses of the Past from Long and Brier Islands," Sentinal Press, Yarmouth, 1998.  (442 pages)

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