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Deaths in 1871 census

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1871 - CLARE

BOUDREAU, Agneau	2/12 Jul	d. Aug	male
BOUDRO, Augustine	70m	RC	d. Dec	consumption
COMEAU, Charlotte	25		d. May	pleurisy
COMEAU, Lewis		b. Oct	d. Oct
COMEAU, Phillip	1		d. Sep
DOUCET, Monique	52m		d. July	Erisaplis
DOUSET, Charles	11 day	d. Jun
DUGAT, John L.		9/12 Arp	d. Jan	unknown
LEBLANC, Charlotte	24m		d. May 	consumption
LEBLANC, Anne E.	9/12		d. May	
MALLET, John		28		d. Aug	consumption
RAYMOND, Jessa(male)4 das	d. Dec	congestion of lungs;bapt
TIBADEAU, William	1		d. Dec
THEMER, Adalaide	60w		d.Nov	consumption
TIBODEAU, Anne E.	3		d. Jan


AMIRAULT, Ellen	25		d. Feb	lung Disease
AMERO, Natalie		83w		d. Jan
BARR				1/12		d. Mar
COMEAU, Luc		34m		d. Jun	consumption, farmer
DOUCETT, Joseph	71m		d. Mar	farmer
GODETT, Mary		95		d. Jul
GODETT, Jane		71m		d. Mar
GODETT, Hilarion	10/12 May	d. Jan	Croup
LEBLANC, Lavina	10/12	d. May	whooping cough
LOUIS, Peter		1		d. Feb
LEBLANC, Genevieve	92w		d. Sep
LEBLANC, Domile	15		d.Jul	female
McALPINE, Allen H.	3/12		d. May 	lung disease, C of E
NICHOLS, James		1/12 Oct	d. Oct	Bapt.
ONCIL, Madelaine	60m		d. Nov
SABEAN, David		83w		d. Apr	farmer,bapt.
SMITH, Phillip		1/12 Sep	d. Sep	
THERIO, Elizabeth	60		d. Aug
WHITE, David		19		d. Jul	Consumption; bapt
WHITE, Daniel		27		d. Apr	consumption
WOODS, Norman		14		d. jan	lung disease, RC


BEVERIDGE, Carrie	4		d. Nov	croup
DEVAUX, Martha 	5		d. Jan	whooping cough; RC
DEVAU, Ann		76w		d. jan
DEVAUX, Peter		54m		d. Sep	farmer; consumption
FLOID, Evaline		9/12		d. Aug	whooping cough
FOLEY, Harvey		38m		d. Nov	yellow jaundice;RC,farmer
GORDEY, Elizabeth	30m		d. Feb	consumption; Bapt
LEBLIN, Collis		62m		d. Mar	dropsy; farmer
MARTIN, Angel		62m		d. Oct	Rumatic and Paulsey;farmer
PIERCE, Mina		15		d. Mar	consumption
RAYMOND, Benjamin	63m		d. Dec	cancer;ship builder


BABIN, Margaret Ann			d. Feb	
BLIN, Levina		3(13)	d. Mar	affection of brain
MULLEN, Ebenezer	23		d. Nov	suicide by hanging; 								lumberman

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