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Filmed in The Maritimes

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The first dramatic feature-length film made in Canada was the 1913 production of Evangeline filmed in Nova Scotia.

Nova Scotia

Black Harbour (1996) TV Series 
"Blackfly" (2000) TV Series 
"Breakfast Television" (1992) TV Series 
"Codco" (1986) TV Series 
"GWF Monday Night Attitude" (1997) TV Series
...aka "GWF Attitude" (1997) (USA: informal short title) 
"Lexx" (1997) TV Series
...aka "Lexx: The Dark Zone Stories" (1997) (Canada: English title) 
...aka "Lexx: The Series" (1997) 
...aka "Tales from a Parallel Universe" (2000) (USA: first season title) 
"Liography" (2001) TV Series
...aka "Liocracy" (2001) (Canada: English title: new title) 
"Made In Canada" (1998) TV Series
...aka "Industry, The" (1998) (USA) 
"Raw Is War" (1997) TV Series
...aka "WWE Raw Is War" (2002) (USA: new title) 
...aka "WWF Raw Is War" (1997) (USA) 
...aka "WWF Raw" (2001) (USA: new title) 
...aka "WWF Warzone" (1997) (USA: second part title) 
"This Hour Has 22 Minutes" (1994) TV Series 
"Trailer Park Boys" (2001) TV Series 
"Zomer van '45, De" (1991) (mini) TV Series 
Antigonish (1964) 
Baba's House (2002) 
Baby (2000) (TV) 
Bailey's Mistake (2001) (TV) 
Bay Boy, The (1984) 
...aka Bad Company (1984) (USA: video box title) 
...aka Un printemps sous la neige (1984) (France) 
Beefcake (1999) 
Big Timber (1922) 
Bird in the House (1997) 
Blessed Stranger: After Flight 111 (2000) (TV) 
Blue Moon (1999) (TV) 
Buried on Sunday (1992) 
...aka Northern Extremes (1992) 
Cadillac Girls (1993) 
Calm at Sunset (1996) (TV) 
...aka Calm at Sunset, Calm at Dawn (1996) (TV) (USA) 
Canadian Lancers (1952) 
Candy Mountain (1987) 
Catch a Falling Star (2000) (TV) 
Christmas Shoes, The (2002) (TV) 
Come with Me, My Love (1976) 
...aka Come with Me, My Ghost (1976) (USA) 
...aka Haunted Pussy, The (1976) (USA) 
Corvette K-225 (1943) 
...aka Nelson Touch, The (1943) (UK) 
Deeply (2000) 
Def-Con 4 (1985) 
...aka Defense Condition 4 (1985) (Canada: English title: complete title) 
Departure of the Second Canadian Contingent (1900) 
Devil at Your Heels, The (1981) 
Dolores Claiborne (1995)
Don't Knock the Ox (1970) 
Du grand large aux Grands Lacs (1982)
...aka St. Lawrence: Stairway to the Sea (1982) 
Eb & Flo (1998) 
Echoes of a Summer (1976) 
...aka Last Castle, The (1976) 
Encounter on Urban Environment (1971) 
Evangeline (1914) The first dramatic feature-length film made in Canada,  filmed in Nova Scotia.
Event, The (2003)  
Forever Young (1992) 
George's Island (1989) 
Glimpse of Hell, A (2001) (TV) 
Glooscap Country (1962)
...aka Au pays de Glouscap (1962) (Canada: French title) 
Goin' Down the Road (1970) 
...aka Voyage chimérique, Le (1970) (Canada: French title) 
Hanging Garden, The (1997) 
Happy Mother's Day, Love George (1973) 
...aka Run, Stranger, Run (1973) (USA: TV title) 
Heart of a Stranger (2002) (TV)  
High Tide at Noon (1957) 
Hole in One, A (2003) 
Home Improvements (1985) 
Homeless to Harvard (2003) (TV) 
If You Could See What I Hear (1982) 
The Inn Chef; On the eastern shore of PEI is The Inn at Bay Fortune, 
made famous by the television show The Inn Chef featuring chef, Michael Smith.
K-19: The Widowmaker (2002) 
...aka K*19: The Widowmaker (2002) (USA: poster title) 
Last of the High Kings, The (1996) 
...aka Summer Fling (1998) (USA: video title) 
Leaving Las Vegas (1995) 
...aka Leaving Las Vegas (1995) (France) 
Life with Billy (1994) (TV) 
Lifeforce Experiment, The (1994) (TV) 
...aka Breakthrough, The (1994) (TV) 
...aka Dead Men Talk (1994) (TV) (Canada: English title) 
...aka Silence de la liberté, Le (1994) (TV) (Canada: French title) 
Little Kidnappers, The (1990) (TV) 
Love and Death on Long Island (1997) 
...aka Amour et mort à Long Island (1997) (Canada: French title) 
Mafia Doctor (2003) (TV) 
Magic of Marciano, The (2000) 
Major Crime (1997) (TV) 
Margaret's Museum (1995) 
Mary Silliman's War (1994) (TV) 
Mes voyages en Canada de Jacques Cartier (1984)
...aka My Discoveries in Canada by Jacques Cartier (1984) 
Mounted Rifles at Drill (1900/I) 
Mounted Rifles at Drill (1900/II) 
My Bloody Valentine (1981) 
National Geographic Video: Secrets of the Titanic (1986) (V) 
Neptune Factor, The (1973) 
...aka Neptune Disaster, The (1973) (USA: TV title) 
...aka Underwater Odyssey, An (1973) 
New Waterford Girl (1999) 
Northwestern Mounted Rifles (1900) 
Off for the Boer War (1900) 
On the Shores of Nova Scotia (1947) 
Paradise Lust (1989) 
Passion and Prejudice (2001) (TV)  
Phase IV (2001)  
Pilot's Wife, The (2001) (TV)  
Pit Pony (1997) (TV) 5.4/10 (13 votes) 
Pièges de la mer, Les (1981)
...aka Cries from the Deep (1981) 
Prophecy, The (2002) (V) 
Rain (2000) 
Real Howard Spitz, The (1998)  
Recipe for Revenge (1998) (TV) 
...aka Harlequin's Recipe for Revenge (1998) (TV) (Canada: English title) 
Remember Africville (1991) 
Return of the Canadian Contingent (1900) 
Royal Leinster Regiment (1900) 
Royal Leinster Regiment on Parade (1900) 
Royal Leinsters on Review (1900) 
Rumor of Angels, A (2000) 
Sable Island (1956) 
Salt Water Moose (1996) 
Scarlet Letter, The (1995) 
Scotland, Pa. (2001) 
Sea Raiders (1922) 
Secret de Jérôme, Le (1994) 
...aka Jerome's Secret (1994) 
Self Defense (1983) 
...aka Siege (1983) 
Seven Islands (1998)
...aka Separate Interests (1998) 
Shipping News, The (2001) 
Simon Birch (1998) 
...aka Angels and Armadillos (1998) 
Snowballing Scene in Halifax (1901) 
Song Spinner, The (1995) (TV) 
Songs in Ordinary Time (2000) (TV) 
South Pacific 1942 (1981) 
Special Anne Murray Christmas, A (1981) (TV) 
Squanto: A Warrior's Tale (1994) 
...aka Last Great Warrior, The (1994) (International: English title) 
Stations (1983/II) 
Sweet Angel Mine (1996) 
Third Walker, The (1978) 
Three Days (2001) (TV) 
Titanic (1997) 
Town Without Christmas, A (2001) (TV)  
Two if by Sea (1996) 
...aka Stolen Hearts (1996) 
Veuve de Saint-Pierre, La (2000) 
...aka Widow of Saint-Pierre, The (2000) (International: English title) 
Virginia's Run (2002) 
Waiting Game, The (1998) (TV)  
Weight of Water, The (2000) 
...aka Poids de l'eau, Le (2002) (France) 
Win, Again! (1999) (TV) 
Wisegirls (2002) 

Prince Edward Island

"Emily of New Moon" (1998) TV Series 
"Fire In Holbrooks" (2002) (mini) TV Series 
"Road to Avonlea" (1989) TV Series
...aka "Avonlea" (1989) 
...aka "Tales from Avonlea" (1990) (USA: video title) 
Anne of Green Gables (1985) (TV) 
Anne of Green Gables: The Sequel (1987) (TV) 
...aka Anne of Avonlea (1987) (TV) 
Frolic cé pour Ayder, Le (1980) 
Happy Christmas, Miss King (1998) (TV) 
Hundredth Summer, The (1964)
...aka Centième été, Le (1964) (Canada: French title) 
Just Jessie (1981) (TV) 

New Brunswick

"Daring & Grace: Teen Detectives" (1999) TV Series
...aka "Daring & Grace" (1999) (Canada: English title: short title) 
"Fire In Holbrooks" (2002) (mini) TV Series 
"Napoléon" (2002) (mini) TV Series 
...aka "Napoleon" (2002) (mini) (Europe: English title) 
"Starhunter" (2001) TV Series 
4th Floor, The (1999) 
Acadie, l'Acadie, L' (1971)
...aka Acadia Acadia?!? (1971) (Canada: English title) 
Bay of Love and Sorrows, The (2002) 
Bleeders (1997) 
...aka Descendant, The (1998) (USA: TV title) 
...aka Hemoglobin (1998) (UK) 
Blue Hill Avenue (2001) 
Blue Water (1924) 
Canoeman's Holiday (1956) 
Children of a Lesser God (1986) 
Eraser (1996) 
Exercise Running Jump II (1972) 
Frolic cé pour Ayder, Le (1980) 
Frozen with Fear (2000) 
Grand Manan (1943) 
I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997) 
In Her Defense (1998) 
...aka In Self Defense (1998) (Canada: English title) 
Irish Eyes (2002) 
Jericho Mansions (2003) 
Panoramic View of the Bay of Fundy (1901) 
Ricky 6 (2000) 
...aka Say You Love Satan (2000) (USA) 
Samuel Lount (1985) 
Secret Life of Algernon, The (1997) 
Sunrise at Campobello (1960) 
This Matter of Marriage (1998) (TV) 
...aka Harlequin's This Matter of Marriage (1998) (TV) 
Turlute des années dures, La (1983)
...aka Ballad of Hard Times, The (1983) 
Turning Paige (2001)
World Turned Upside Down, The (1985) 

Newfoundland / Labrador

"Codco" (1986) TV Series 
"Dooley Gardens" (1999) TV Series 
"Random Passage" (2001) (mini) TV Series 
"This Hour Has 22 Minutes" (1994) TV Series 
31st Annual Juno Awards, The (2002) (TV) 
Adventure of Faustus Bidgood, The (1986) 
Anchor Zone (1994)  
Audience, The (2001) 
Away from It All (1961) 
Bayo (1985) 5.8/10 (6 votes) 
Behind the Red Door (2002) 
Bingo Robbers, The (2000) 
Boys of St. Vincent, The (1993) (TV) 
...aka Collège St. Vincent, Le (1993) (TV) (Canada: French title) 
Codfish Industry in Newfoundland, The (1911) 
Contact (1997) 
Divine Ryans, The (1999) 
Encounter at Trinity (1957) 
Eskimos in Labrador (1911) 
Extraordinary Visitor (1998) 
...aka Un visiteur extraordinaire (1998) (Canada: French title) 
Forty-Ninth Parallel (1941) 
...aka 49th Parallel (1941) 
...aka Invaders, The (1942) (USA) 
Frazers of Cabot Cove, The (1949)
...aka Island Story, An (1949) 
Grande allure, La (1986) (TV) 
Great Arctic Seal Hunt, The (1928)
...aka Swilin' Racket, The (1928) 
John and the Missus (1987) 
Labrador (1919) 
Labrador and Newfoundland (1919) 
Lure of Labrador, The (1926) 
Misery Harbour (1999) 
...aka Flugten fra Jante (1999) 
...aka Flykten från Jante (1999) (Sweden) 
My Left Breast (2000) 
Naturen og eventyret (1953) 
Not with My Wife, You Don't! (1966)  
Orca (1977) 
...aka Killer Whale, The (1977) 
...aka Orca: Killer Whale (1977) 
Port aux Basques (1920) 
Price of Malice, The (1916) 
Rain, Drizzle, and Fog (1998) 
Rare Birds (2001)
Rosewood Daydream, A (1970) 
Rowdyman, The (1972) 
Sea Raiders (1922) 
Seal Hunting in Newfoundland (1912) 
Secret Nation (1992) 
Shipping News, The (2001)  
Stalking and Shooting Caribou in Newfoundland (1907) 
Stations (1983/II) 
Terry Fox Story, The (1983) (TV) 
Trunk, The (1995) 
Viking, The (1931) 
Violet (2000/II) 
Whale for the Killing, A (1981) (TV) 
Whales (1997) 
When Ponds Freeze Over (1998)  






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