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Proprieters of Land on Long Island circa 1787

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This list was provided by Frank Davis. In his letter he states that, although the document is not dated, it appears to correspond with the division on Sheet # 5 of the Crown Land Records and with the map of 1787 drawn up by John Greben. There is also information at the end of the list, contributed by John Thurber.

A list of Proprietors of land on Long Island in the Township of Digby, County of Annapolis, Province of Nova Scotia which was drawn by lottery under the inspection of Barthw Hains, Christopher Klingshear and John G Greben, being duly chosen by the Proprietors of the said Island

Proprietors of Farm Lots
100 acres each
Name Lot
1 James YOUNG 29 no entry
2 ? BRUDENELL 30 no entry
3 Niell McNIELL 31 Christian ALBERTIE
4 Christian KLINGSHEAR 32 Etheal DAVIS
6 John YOUNG 34 Richard HILL
7 ? CLAWSON 35 Phineas LOVETT
9 Michael PRIME 37 John GREBIN
10 Martin CARRIER 38 John HODGET
11 Niell McNIELL 39 Barthw HAINES
12 Christian ALBERTY 40 Thos BEAUX
13 Balsor ISRAEL 41 Thomas MILLEDGE
14 Niel McNIELL 42 Thomas HARRISON
15 Bord. THURBER 43 Balth ISAREL
16 Catharine HUBBARD 44 Barthw HAINES
17 Christopher KINGSHEAR 45 Jeremiah DOWMAN
18 Catharine HUBBARD 46 Barthw HAINS (alias Balser)
19 John YOUNG 47 Christopher KLINGSHEAR
21 Bart m HAINS 49 Ditto
22 Niell McNIELL 50 Ditto
23 Christain ALBERTY 51 Ditto
24 Ethel DAVIS 52 Charles McNIELL
25 John WRIGHT 53 Ditto
26 John YOUNG 54 Ditto
27 John SAXTON 55 Nath BATES
28 Michael PRIME 56 Ditto

The writing on this document was very difficult to read in places and so I have probably made errors. Also there were some spelling errors within the document itself. Notice the two spellings of Ethel
(# 24 & #32) Also the spelling of Klingshear (#4 & #17) If you can clarify or correct any of the names please let me know.
Frank Davis.


John Thurber sent me the information below:

The Proprietors list for the Farm Lots on Long Island (circa 1787) contains only a few of the pioneers who actually settled there. Those known to have settled at Freeport, from this list are: - Michael Prime, Balsor Israel, Borden Thurber, Bartholomew Hains, Charles McNeil, and Nathaniel Bates. Of the other early lot owners, some were influential figures of the day given grants “probably as gifts in recognition of past services and as back pay for service in the army. (quote from History of Freeport). Others were at Freeport for a short time, then moved to other areas. Looking at the list we find:

Lot# 2 - Brudenell-was Edward Brudenelli, Rector of the church at Annapolis, responsible for compiling the list of grantees at Long Island. ( info from the History of Freeport)

Lot# 3 - Neil McNeil was Lieutenant Colonel of a company of Loyalist soldiers. At Freeport for a short time, he moved to Digby where he was the first Collector of Customs for that port. ( History of Freeport)

Lot # 20 - Isaac Bonnell - settled at Digby, where he was Justice of the Peace. ( Isaiah Wilson)

Lot # 12 - “ Captain Albertie” (History of Freeport). Not known to have settled at Freeport.

Lots #24 & 32 - Ethiel Davis - settled at Brier Island ( Westport Census 1838)

Lot # 5 - William O’Brien - settled on Digby Neck (Isaiah Wilson)

Lot # 4 - Christian Klingsher (also written as Clingsher or Clingshire) is not known to have settled at Freeport.

Lot # 27 -John Saxton - lived on his lot for a short time, then sold to Francis Fillis. (From a deed at Weymouth, Liber 1.)

Lot # 33 - John Hodges - was also a grantee at Petite Passage ( Tiverton ), he lived at Westport for a few years, but is not listed in 1838 Census there.

Lot # 45 - Jeremiah Downer - Not known to have lived at Freeport.

Lot # 34 - Captain Richard Hill - Not known to have settled at Freeport.

Of the others, Clawson, and Thomas Beaux are names that I have not seen in my research. Milledge, Harrison, and Handorff (Hendorff), did not settle on the Island , that I am aware.

John D Thurber

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