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A Memorial Regarding Land Grants in Digby County- 1800

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A Memorial Regarding Land Grants in Digby County- dated April 15th 1800
Transcript Provided By The Admiral Digby Museum

          We the Committee appointed to take into consideration His Excellencys message of the l4th April 1800 to the Honorable the House of Assemble respecting the Settlers, Inhabitants and Proprietors of Digby do report as follows: That in the Township of Digby there are upwards of two hundred settlers who emegrated from the United States of North America at the close of the late dissentions there.
          That the said Settlers are now endeavoring to secure to them selves quick Titles to their lands which through the variety of location conveyances and survey they are now insecure in, which is owing to no fault in them nor can the same be attributed to the Government wholly; but to a concurence of untoward circumstances. That there are two grants pending over theTownship of Digby which must be escheated (viz) one to Alexander McNut and others dated 1765 and one to Amos Bothford and others dated l784 that then a New Grant accompanied by a new plan must be obtained in which every Settler with his job must be designated for which the settlers in said Township will have to pay a large sum of fees. In order to pave the way in making these escheats and obtaining said Grant so as to avoid all mistakes Injury and Unjustice that would unavoidable have happened Government was under the necessity of appointing Commissioners uninterested to investigate the legal and equitable Claim of every Individual on the spot. Which your Commission from their Examination beleive to be fully and amply done and a return thereof made so as to enable Government to effect the Grant in question. For the Accomplishment of which the Commissioners were obliged to employ Surveyors, Chain men and other assistants besides spending considerable part of their time in investigating different kinds of facts relating to the Subject. The expense of which amount to a very large sum so much that considering the inability of the Inhabitants it is to be apprehended they would be unable to pay consequently the Grant cannot be obtained; many of them will probably be discouraged and do as many others have done before them leave the County--
          Your Committee on due consideration of the Facts beg leave to recommend that a sum not exceeding two hundred pounds be drawn by Warrant on the Treasury by his Excellency the Lieut. Governor and paid to the Said Commissioners and by them applied towards defraying a part of the expenses that have and will accrue

April 15th 1800

                    Thomas Millidge
                    John M. Menagle
                    Mich Wallace




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