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Petite Passage Petition

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November 1875
Extracted and contributed by Ken Eavis

To the Court Of General Sessions to be held in Digby, November Term 1875. May it please your Honorable Court, we the undersigned inhabitants of Digby Neck and Long Island, beg humbly to represent that Isreal Blackford for a number of years performed the duties of Ferryman on the East Side of Petit Passage and that some two years ago a Ferryman was appointed on the West Side to our great inconvience as we have frequently had to wait for an hour on the shore for the Ferryman to come from the West Side, therefore we humbly pray that your Honorable Court will please appoint a Ferryman for each side of the Passage, a privledge which we have always enjoyed till the past two years. We also beg you will please appoint Isreal Blackford ,Ferryman on the East Side of the Passage as he performed the duties for a number of years when the travel was so small that it paid almost nothing and as soon as the Ferry paid anything Mr Blackford was deprived of it, and as he has had a long experience and is well fitted for the duties of Ferryman we humbly pray your Honorable Court to give our Petition a favourable consideration and as in duty your Petitioners will even Pray

George A Morehouse John C Morse William Gidney Angus Gidney
Joseph Hankinson Edwin Gidney Edwin A Gidney Silas Westcott
Benjamin Frost William Tidd Joseph Tidd Ceriel Molanson
Ansley Tidd Joseph W Tidd Edwin Heasther Rubin Adanton
Willam A Denton Willam A Frost Stephen Smith Charles T Croal
Thomas Osigner Esq Amos H Outhouse Wesley Outhouse Whitfield Outhouse
Sic Ruggles Lyons Outhouse Joel Blackford Allan Outhouse
Isreal Outhouse Simon Blackford George Ribbins Milton Outhouse
Hanford Outhouse Gilmin Outhouse WW Denton James C Outhouse
William H Outhouse Morgan Powell Joseph Sturk Willington Smith
E Barlow Crowell Hiram Harris David A Tidd Augustine Tarrio
Isaah Shortcliff Vital Tarrio Henry B Small Willington Carty
Isaac W Sanders Joseph L Trask Thomas D Gidney Joseph White
Stephen Westcott John Tarrio Lemuell Merrett Charles Harris
Daniel Blackford John Harris John Mckay James W Morehouse
Harvey Eldridge John Leary Stephen Landres Hiram Hawkins
John A Blackford Reuben Crowell Benjamin Carty Calin Crowell
George C Crowell Joshua Gidney James Merrett Benjamin Doucett
Timanson Outhouse H Hillorehouse John Barr William H Crowell
Nickalas Outhouse Henry Gidney John B Gidney Daniel S Morehouse
John B Outhouse Uasrill Smith James Merrett Stephen S Morehouse
Benjamin Stanton Gilbert Merrett Richard Merry Gersham Morehouse
Holland Eldridge Harding Denton Stanlin Small ~

Blackford East Side, Scotten? on the West.


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