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Digby Muster Roll 1784

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Muster Roll of Discharged Officers and Disbanded Soldiers and Loyalists
May 29, 1784

This list has been compiled from several sources. As the spellings of the names varies from list to list the one used here is the one most frequently found. The Muster Roll was a census used to establish how many settlers had to be provided for. In addition to the information shown here the actual roll also indicates the following, numbers of males, females, children under 10, children over 10 and number of servants. Those marked with a * had their petition for provisions denied. In the preamble to the actual Muster Roll it is stated that there were some claims that were so unreasonable that the names were not inserted in the list. The abbreviation DO means Discharged Officer and DS means Discharged Soldier

A to K

Head of Household Description # in family    Settled In
Abbeste, Jno C, Capt Hessian Service 3 Digby
Absalom, _______* Negro Slave to Capt Young 1 Digby
Achton, Samuel Loyalist 1 Digby
Aclenburg, William Loyalist 2 Digby
Aikens, James Loyalist 1 Digby
Aikins, John Loyalist 2 Digby
Armstrong, Francis Loyalist 4 Digby
Armstrong, William Loyalist 1 Digby
Arnold, Phineas Loyalist from Port Mouton 1 Digby
Austen, Stephen Loyalist 1 Digby
Austin, James DS 1st NJ Volunteers 1 Digby
Austin, John Loyalist 1 Digby
Baiseley, William* Sailor 1 Digby
Baizely, James* Master of the "Peggy" 1 Digby
Balsor, Israel Loyalist from Port Mouton 1 Digby
Bane, George Loyalist 4 Digby
Barret, James Loyalist 1 Digby
Barret, Widow Loyalist 1 Digby
Barton, Jos. Colonel Disbanded Officer 3 Digby
Bates, Nathaniel Loyalist 2 Digby
Battman,Joseph Arrived in Transport"Joseph" 1 Digby
Baucher, John Loyalist 1 Digby
Baxter, James Loyalist 5 Digby
Bayeaux, Thomas Loyalist 9 Digby
Beardman, Andrew Loyalist 1 Digby
Bell, Jeremiah Loyalist 1 Digby
Bell, Rachel Loyalist 3 Digby
Belling, John Arrived in Transport "Joseph" 2 Digby
Beman, Ebenezer Loyalist 1 Digby
Beman, Elizabeth Loyalist 3 Digby
Beman, Thomas Loyalist 1 Digby
Berdsall, Jeremiah Loyalist 3 Digby
Bice, John Loyalist 1 Digby
Bignall, Robert Loyalist 3 Digby
Bishop, Jonathan Loyalist 1 Digby
Blackford, Martin Loyalist 1 Digby
Blanch, James Loyalist 2 Digby
Blocker, Jacob DS 38th Regt 3 Digby
Bonhann, Malachi DS 1st NJ Volunteers 1 Digby
Bonnell, Isaac Loyalist 2 Digby
Botner, Elias Loyalist 9 Digby
Botsford, Amos Loyalist 7 Digby
Bragg, John Loyalist 2 Digby
Brannagan, Thomas* Laborer 1 Not Settled
Brewer, Christian Loyalist 4 Digby
Brewer, Jacob Loyalist 1 Digby
Bride, Bachelor Loyalist 1 Digby
Briere, Johnsidere Loyalist 1 Digby
Briggs Gabriel Loyalist 4 Digby
Broadstreet, James Loyalist 1 Digby
Brown, John Loyalist 5 Digby
Brown, Peter Loyalist 1 Digby
Browne, James* A Sailor 2 Digby
Brull,(or Bull) Widow Loyalist 2 Digby
Brundige, Abraham Loyalist 1 Digby
Buckwait, Hannah Loyalist 5 Digby
Bull, William Robert Loyalist 1 Digby
Burbanks, William Loyalist 1 Digby
Burkett, James* Laborer 1 Not Settled
Burkett, John Loyalist 12 Digby
Burnet, Daniel Loyalist 1 Digby
Burns, Michael Loyalist 10 Digby
Burns, William Loyalist 9 Digby
Burrell, Josiah DS Loy Am Regt 7 Digby
Burtrict, Donald Loyalist 1 Digby
Buskirk, Thomas Van Officer, Kings O.R. 3 Digby
Butterfield, Nathl. Loyalist 1 Digby
Caldwell, John In "Joseph" from Bermuda 4 Digby
Cale, William Loyalist 1 Digby
Campbell, Archiblad Loyalist 2 Digby
Campbell, Robert Loyalist 2 Digby
Chandler, William Loyalist 1 Digby
Charles, ________* Negro Slave of Capt Young 1 Digby
Christ, Jacob Loyalist 2 Digby
Clarke, Robert Loyalist 2 Digby
Cline, Peter Loyalist 1 Digby
Clossam, Anthony Loyalist 3 Digby
Clossam,Jonathan Loyalist 7 Digby
Clossam,Reuben Loyalist 4 Digby
Clubb, James Loyalist 3 Digby
Coatnam, Thomas Loyalist 1 Digby
Cobb, Nicholas Loyalist 2 Digby
Colens, John Loyalist 1 Digby
Comfort, John Loyalist 3 Digby
Connely, Michael DS 40th regt 1 Annapolis
Cossaboom, William Loyalist 6 Digby
Cousins, Thomas Loyalist 1 Digby
Craig, James Loyalist 5 Digby
Crane, Thomas Loyalist 1 Digby
Cranke, Joseph Loyalist 9 Digby
Crayford, Jane Loyalist 1 Digby
Crayford, Sarah Loyalist 1 Digby
Creighton, James Loyalist 1 Digby
Cross, William Loyalist 5 Digby
Cubberley, Stephen Loyalist 1 Digby
Cudmore, William Loyalist 1 Digby
Cunningham, David Loyalist 6 Digby
Cunningham, Richard DS 3rd NJ Volunteers 1 Digby
Cypher, Jacob Loyalist 4 Digby
Darge, James Loyalist 1 Digby
Darge, Jane Loyalist 1 Digby
Davenport, Thomas Loyalist 5 Digby
Davenport, William Loyalist 1 Digby
Dawkins, Edward In "Joseph" from Bermuda 2 Digby
Degan, William Loyalist 1 Digby
Dennsion, Edward Loyalist fr Port Mouton 1 Digby
Dennison, Patrick Loyalist fr Port Mouton 3 Digby
Denton, Joseph Loyalist 5 Digby
Denton, Stephen Loyalist 5 Digby
Dickson, Robert Loyalist 5 Digby
Digey, Arthur Loyalist 1 Digby
Donnelly, John Loyalist 1 Digby
Dowling, ______ Loyalist 2 Digby
Drake, Benjamin Loyalist 1 Digby
Drake, William Loyalist 1 Digby
Easton, Peter Loyalist 1 Digby
Edgar, James Loyalist 1 Digby
Edison, John Loyalist 9 Digby
Edison, Marshall Loyalist 1 Digby
Edwards, John Loyalist 1 Digby
Ellis, Ephraim Loyalist 5 Digby
Evans, Lemuel Loyalist 3 Digby
Ferguson, Charles Loyalist 1 Digby
Fisher, James Loyalist 1 Digby
Flaun, John Loyalist 3 Digby
Flauvell, Anthony Loyalist 4 Digby
Fleet, Andrew Loyalist 1 Digby
Florentine, Abraham Loyalist 4 Digby
Foreman, Edward Loyalist 2 Digby
Foreman, Stephen Loyalist 5 Digby
Forman, James DO Gar Batallion 5 Digby
Forrest, Edward Loyalist 1 Digby
Fountain, Stephen Loyalist 2 Digby
Fowler, Francis DS New York Volunteers 1 Digby
Franer, David Loyalist 1 Digby
Frost, Jacob Loyalist 2 Digby
Gammell, Thomas Loyalist 4 Digby
Geoffry, William DS N.J. Vounteers 1 Digby
Gisleas, Jacob Loyalist 4 Digby
Gilleland, William Loyalist 1 Digby
Gilmore, Robert Loyalist 1 Digby
Goldsmith, Stephen Loyalist 1 Digby
Goucher, Edward DS N.J. Volunteers 5 Digby
Goslin, James Loyalist 1 Digby
Grady, Norris Loyalist 1 Digby
Graham, Alexander Loyalist 2 Digby
Grant, Michael Loyalist 1 Digby
Grant, William Loyalist 1 Digby
Gray, Henry Loyalist 1 Digby
Green, James Loyalist 4 Digby
Green, Thomas Loyalist 2 Digby
Green, William Loyalist 1 Digby
Green, William Loyalist 4 Digby
Greenfield, Edward DS 57th Reg (laborer) 1 Not settled
Griffin, Edward Loyalist 2 Digby
Griffin, Obadiah Loyalist 2 Digby
Grigg, Thomas Loyalist 7 Digby
Griggs, John Loyalist 3 Digby
Grogan, Richard Loyalist 3 Digby
Gunn, George Ast Qtr Mst.Hessian Ser 5 Digby
Haggerty, Patrick Loyalist 7 Digby
Hales, James Loyalist 1 Digby
Hall, Jacob Loyalist 3 Digby
Hall, Luke Loyalist 1 Digby
Halstead, Lydia Loyalist 1 Digby
Hand, Samuel Loyalist 1 Digby
Handselpiker, Conrad DS 2nd Batt NJ Volunteers 5 Digby
Hare, Thomas Loyalist 2 Digby
Harkin(or Starkin)Jacob Loyalist 1 Digby
Harris, Francis Loyalist 5 Digby
Harris, Peter Loyalist 1 Digby
Harrison, Christopher Loyalist 5 Digby
Harrison, Thomas Loyalist 1 Digby
Hartenberg, Dennick Loyalist 1 Digby
Hartewick, Lawrence Loyalist 5 Digby
Harvey, John Loyalist 2 Digby
Hatfield, Isaac Loyalist 6 Digby
Hatkes, John Loyalist 1 Digby
Havens, William Loyalist 1 Digby
Heaton, Peter Loyalist 3 Digby
Hein, Benjamin Loyalist 1 Digby
Hendorf, Fred,ensign Hessian Service 6 Digby
Hickey, John DS 2nd Batt NJ Volunteers 2 Digby
Hicks, Oliver Loyalist 4 Digby
Hill, John Loyalist 6 Digby
Hill, Richard, Capt. Loyalist 8 Digby
Hill, Thomas Loyalist 5 Digby
Hill, Zachariah Loyalist 7 Digby
Hilliard, Gershom Loyalist 3 Digby
Hinxman, Charles Loyalist 3 Digby
Hitchcock, John Loyalist 1 Digby
Hitchcock, Samuel Loyalist 7 Digby
Holdstock, Joseph* Laborer 1 Not settled
Holdsworth, James Loyalist 2 Digby
Holdsworth, John Loyalist 1 Digby
Holdsworth, Thomas Loyalist 1 Digby
Hollingshead, Anthony Loyalist 6 Digby
Hollingshead, George Loyalist 1 Digby
Holton, Peter Loyalist 2 Digby
Homes, Joel Loyalist 3 Digby
Hooten, John, Captain DO Loyalist 5 Digby
Howard, Samuel Loyalist 1 Digby
Howard, William Loyalist 1 Digby
Howe, Abishai Loyalist 1 Digby
Hubbs, Hannah Loyalist 1 Digby
Hugheston, James Loyalist 14 Digby
Huliome, Jeremiah Loyalist 3 Digby
Hunenger, Henry Loyalist 1 Digby
Hunt, Frederic Loyalist 6 Digby
Hunt, Theodis Loyalist 2 Digby
Hunt, Thomas Loyalist 1 Digby
Irwin, James Loyalist 3 Digby
Israel(or Balsar) Irad Loyalist 2 Digby
Jackson, John Loyalist 1 Digby
Jaroleman, Jacob Loyalist 7 Digby
Javis, Ichabod Loyalist 4 Digby
Jenkins, Griffiths Loyalist 7 Digby
Jenkins, David Loyalist 1 Digby
Jiggetts, Joseph Loyalist 1 Digby
Johnson, Henry Loyalist 1 Digby
Johnson, Joseph DS NY Volunteers 3 Digby
Johnson, Lawrence Loyalist 7 Digby
Johnson, Martin Loyalist 6 Digby
Johnston, George Loyalist 3 Digby
Johnston, Joseph Loyalist 1 Digby
Johnstone, Nicholas Loyalist 5 Digby
Jones, Benjamin Loyalist 5 Digby
Jones, Elijah DS NY Volunteers 1 Digby
Jones, Elisha DS NY Volunteers 3 Digby
Jones, Elizabeth Loyalist 1 Digby
Jones, James Loyalist 3 Digby
Jones, John Loyalist 2 Digby
Jones, Mary Loyalist 1 Digby
Jones, Nathaniel Loyalist 1 Digby
Jones, Stephen Loyalist 1 Digby
Jornea, William Loyalist 1 Digby
Justicon, Isaac Loyalist 1 Digby
Kein, Jesse Loyalist 2 Digby
Kelley, Matthew Loyalist 2 Digby
Kennedy, Thomas DS 82nd Regt 3 Digby
Ketchum, Jehiel Loyalist 5 Digby
King, Harmonions Loyalist 1 Digby
Kingland, William Loyalist 1 Digby
Kipp, Samuel Loyalist 1 Digby
Kipp, Thomas Loyalist 4 Digby
Knipchild, Henry, Lt Hessian 4 Digby
Kysh, Anthony, Ensign DO NJ Vounteers 6 Digby
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Compiled by Elaine Deion, 1999





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