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Town of Digby Muster Roll

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Muster Roll of Discharged Officers and Disbanded Soldiers and Loyalists
May 29, 1784

This list has been compiled from several sources. As the spellings of the names varies from list to list the one used here is the one most frequently found. The Muster Roll was a census used to establish how many settlers had to be provided for. In addition to the information shown here the actual roll also indicates the following, numbers of males, females, children under 10, children over 10 and number of servants. Those marked with a * had their petition for provisions denied. In the preamble to the actual Muster Roll it is stated that there were some claims that were so unreasonable that the names were not inserted in the list. The abbreviation DO means Discharged Officer and DS means Discharged Soldier

L to Z

Head of Household Description # in family    Settled In
Labas, Henry Loyalist 1 Digby
Lacy, Lawrence* Mariner 1 Not settled
Ladner, Andrew Loyalist 1 Digby
Lake, John Mariner 1 Not settled
Land, Joseph Loyalist 4 Digby
Langly, Thomas Loyalist 1 Digby
Lasage, Minto Loyalist 1 Digby
Lawrence, Benjamin Loyalist 1 Digby
Lawson, John* Labourer 1 Not settled
Lazador, Jacob Loyalist 5 Digby
Lefurgey, Tunis Loyalist 1 Digby
Lefurgey, Henry Loyalist 7 Digby
Leishman, Robert* Master of Transport 1 Digby
Leonard, Daniel Loyalist 1 Digby
Leonard, James Loyalist 6 Digby
Leonard, John Loyalist 1 Digby
Leonard, Robert Loyalist 8 Digby
Letteney, William H Loyalist 5 Digby
Lewis, John Loyalist 5 Digby
Lewis, John Loyalist 5 Digby
Lincoln, Michael Loyalist 1 Digby
Long, Peter Loyalist 2 Digby
Longworth, Isaac Loyalist 3 Digby
Lowe, David Loyalist 3 Digby
Lowlett, William Loyalist 1 Digby
Ludlam, Jacob Loyalist 1 Digby
Lundy, John Loyalist 1 Digby
Lunn, William Loyalist 1 Digby
Magee, Samuel Loyalist 1 Digby
Majoribanks, Thomas Loyalist 7 Digby
Marple, Richard Loyalist 5 Digby
Marr, James Loyalist 9 Digby
McCasline, Dugald Loyalist 7 Digby
McDonald, Michael DS Queen's Rangers 1 Digby
McDougal, John Loyalist 4 Digby
McGee, William Loyalist 2 Digby
McGibbon, David, Lieut. DO 2 Digby
McGregor, Alexander Loyalist 1 Digby
McGuire, John Loyalist 1 Digby
McKay, John Loyalist 1 Digby
McKinney, William Loyalist 5 Digby
McLeod, John Loyalist 1 Digby
McMullen, Peter Loyalist 2 Digby
McNeil, Neil Loyalist 5 Digby
McNulty, Patrick Loyalist 1 Digby
McQueen, John Loyalist 3 Digby
Mead, Jonas Loyalist 1 Digby
Meade, Richard DS 1st NJ Volunteers 5 Digby
Merum, Joseph Loyalist 5 Digby
Miller, Mecheel DS 84th Regt 1 Digby
Miller, Jeremiah Loyalist 1 Digby
Millidge,Phineas,Ensign DO 1st NJ Volunteers 1 Digby
Millidge, Thomas, Major DO 1st NJ Volunteers 6 Digby
Milligan, John Loyalist 1 Digby
Minch, Andrew DS 1st NJ Volunteers 1 Digby
Mitchell, Widow Loyalist 4 Digby
Moore, Jeremiah Loyalist 5 Digby
Moore, John B Loyalist 6 Digby
Morehouse, John Loyalist 2 Digby
Morford, John Loyalist 1 Digby
Morris, Jacob Loyalist 1 Digby
Moulthorpe, Enoch Loyalist 1 Digby
Mumford, Joseph Asst Commissary 5 Digby
Murray, John Loyalist 1 Digby
Mussells, William King's Pilot 1 Digby
Nash, George Loyalist 2 Digby
Nesbit, Mrs Loyalist 3 Digby
Nichols, Henry Loyalist 6 Digby
Nichols, Sarah Loyalist 3 Digby
Northrup, Joshua DS Loy Am Regt 1 Digby
Nugent, Michael Loyalist 3 Digby
Oakes, William Loyalist 1 Digby
O'Brien, William Loyalist 1 Digby
O'Hara, James Loyalist 2 Digby
Oliver, Ichabod DS 1st NJ Volunteers 1 Digby
O'Reilly, Dennis Loyalist 1 Digby
Osborne, Jabez Loyalist 1 Digby
Osborne, Thomas Loyalist 8 Digby
Ott, Jacob Loyalist 6 Digby
Owens, Francis Loyalist 2 Digby
Page, John Loyalist 1 Digby
Parker, Jane Loyalist 1 Digby
Parker, Simon Loyalist 2 Digby
Parkes, James Loyalist 3 Digby
Parkes, John Loyalist 1 Digby
Parr, John Loyalist 3 Digby
Patterson, Joseph Loyalist 1 Digby
Patterson, Widow Loyalist 3 Digby
Paul, John Loyalist 1 Digby
Peach, James, Jr Loyalist 1 Granville
Peters, Maurice Loyalist 3 Digby
Petil, Silas Loyalist 1 Digby
Petit, Benjamin Loyalist 4 Digby
Phillips, Jacob* Loyalist 1 Digby
Pierce, Richard Loyalist 1 Digby
Pierson, James Loyalist 2 Digby
Pilgrim, Francis DS 1st NJ Vounteers 2 Digby
Pinckston, Fleming Loyalist 2 Digby
Plumb, Jacob Loyalist 1 Digby
Pompey* Slave to Capt Young 1 Digby
Post, Gilbert Loyalist 2 Digby
Prime, Michael, Sr DS NY Volunteers 1 Digby
Plumb,David Loyalist 1 Digby
Prime, Michael, Jr Loyalist 1 Digby
Pugh, Hugn Loyalist 1 Digby
Punt, Catherine Loyalist 2 Digby
Purcell, Perez Loyalist 2 Digby
Purcell, Simon Loyalist 1 Digby
Purdy, Abraham DS NY Volunteers 1 Digby
Purdy, Daniel Loyalist 1 Digby
Purdy, Joseph Loyalist 1 Digby
Purdy, Matthew Loyalist 1 Digby
Pye, Roger Loyalist 5 Digby
Quigley, David DS NJ Volunteers 1 Digby
Raleham, John Loyalist 1 Digby
Ramsay, Philip Loyalist 1 Digby
Randoller, Emanuel Loyalist 7 Digby
Rashi, John Philip* Laborer 1 Not Settled
Ray, Robert Loyalist 6 Digby
Reid, Thomas Loyalist 9 Digby
Renell, John DS 57th Regt 1 Digby
Rey, George DS 1st NJ Volunteers 1 Digby
Rhoads, Helen Loyalist 1 Digby
Richards, Charles Loyalist 1 Digby
Richards, James Loyalist 2 Digby
Richards, Jesse Loyalist 1 Digby
Rierson, Cornelius Loyalist 1 Digby
Roberts, Joshua Loyalist 2 Digby
Robinson, Fred Loyalist 6 Digby
Robinson, James Loyalist 8 Digby
Rogers, Michael DS NJ Volunteers 1 Digby
Rollam, Matthew Loyalist 1 Digby
Roome, John Loyalist 8 Digby
Roop, Christopher Loyalist 1 Digby
Roop, Isaac Loyalist 3 Digby
Roop, Jacob Loyalist Digby
Roop, John Loyalist 3 Digby
Rose, John Loyalist 1 Digby
Ross, Alexander Loyalist 2 Digby
Ross, John Loyalist 2 Digby
Ruggles, Joseph Loyalist 1 Digby
Runyan, Peter Loyalist 1 Digby
Rush, Martin Loyalist 1 Digby
Rutherford, Henry Loyalist 6 Digby
Ryerson, John Loyalist 1 Digby
Sackett, Widow Loyalist 1 Digby
Sander, William Loyalist 6 Digby
Sanders, Joseph Loyalist 1 Digby
Sanders, Samuel* Sailor on "Peggy" 1 Not Settled
Sanders, William Loyalist 6 Digby
Sandford, Elijah Loyalist 2 Digby
Schooley, Andrew Serg. 1st NJ Volunteers 1 Digby
Shea, William Loyalist 5 Digby
Sherman, Robert Loyalist 1 Digby
Shipley, Phillip Loyalist 7 Digby
Shook, David Loyalist 4 Digby
Simpson, William Loyalist 1 Digby
Sizeland, Solomon Loyalist 2 Digby
Skinner, Benjamin Loyalist 1 Digby
Skinner, John Surgeon Hession Ser 1 Digby
Skriever, George Loyalist 1 Digby
Small, Christian DS Hessian Yagers 3 Digby
Smith, Abner Loyalist 1 Digby
Smith, Alexander Loyalist 4 Digby
Smith, Ebenezer Loyalist 3 Digby
Smith, Jacob Loyalist 3 Digby
Smith, James Loyalist 1 Digby
Smith, Jasper Loyalist 1 Digby
Smith, John Loyalist 1 Digby
Smith, John (listed twice?) Loyalist 1 Digby
Smith, Joseph Loyalist 5 Digby
Smith, Joshua Loyalist 2 Digby
Smith, Peter DS 3rd NJ Vols 3 Digby
Smith, Samuel Loyalist 1 Digby
Smith, Shubael Loyalist 1 Digby
Snelling, Henry Loyalist 1 Digby
Snoograp, Andrew Loyalist 1 Digby
Sowles, David Loyalist 1 Digby
Spulit, Anthony Hessian Officer 3 Digby
Stanton, James Loyalist 2 Digby
Stearns, Benjamin Loyalist 5 Digby
Stewart, James* Mate of "Peggy" 2 Not Settled
Stewart, John Loyalist 4 Digby
Stewart, Nathaniel Loyalist 2 Digby
Street, Samuel Loyalist 2 Digby
Street, William Loyalist 1 Digby
Stricht, John Loyalist 2 Digby
Stump, John Loyalist 4 Digby
Tarrant, William Loyalist 1 Digby
Taylor, James Loyalist 4 Digby
Thomas, Joseph Loyalist 1 Digby
Thomas, Joseph Loyalist 4 Digby
Thomas, William, Capt Loyalist 7 Digby
Thompson, Samuel Loyalist 1 Digby
Thompson, Alexander Loyalist 6 Digby
Thompson, Samuel Loyalist 1 Digby
Thurston, Lawrence Loyalist 6 Digby
Tice, Abraham Loyalist 1 Digby
Tidd, Samuel Loyalist 2 Digby
Timpany, Robert, Major DO 9 Digby
Titus, Daniel Loyalist 1 Digby
Titus, Edmund Loyalist 2 Digby
Titus, Isaac Loyalist 7 Digby
Titus, Jacob Loyalist 1 Digby
Titus, Locey Loyalist 1 Digby
Tobias, Christian Loyalist 6 Digby
Tobias, Daniel Loyalist 1 Digby
Totten, James Loyalist 1 Digby
Totten, Joseph Loyalist 2 Digby
Totten, William Loyalist 3 Digby
Townshend, Thomas Loyalist 2 Digby
Triender, James Loyalist 2 Digby
Trouner, Mesial Loyalist 1 Digby
Tyson, Nathan Loyalist 2 Digby
Valentine, William Loyalist 1 Digby
Valleau, Peter Loyalist 1 Digby
VanBuren, Ramaner Loyalist 1 Digby
VanCleke, Levi Loyalist 2 Digby
VanCleke, Simon Loyalist 4 Digby
VanTassel, Abraham Loyalist 8 Digby
Velser, Daniel Loyalist 7 Digby
Wady, Humphrey Loyalist 6 Digby
Waggoner, Richard Loyalist 1 Digby
Walker, Adam Loyalist 5 Digby
Walker, Peter DS NY Vounteers 2 Digby
Walker, Peter Loyalist 2 Digby
Walt, Thomas Loyalist 2 Digby
Walters, William Loyalist 1 Digby
Waltin, Jonathan Loyalist 2 Digby
Ward, Ebenezer Loyalist 5 Digby
Ward, James Loyalist 5 Digby
Ward, Jonah Loyalist 1 Digby
Ward, Thomas Loyalist 6 Digby
Warl, Thomas Loyalist 1 Digby
Warn, Samuel Loyalist 4 Digby
Warregan, Patrick Loyalist 5 Digby
Warrengton, James Loyalist 1 Digby
Watters, Samuel Loyalist 2 Digby
Welch, Morris Loyalist 6 Digby
Weld, Morris Loyalist 6 Digby
Welton, Bethel Loyalist 1 Digby
Welton, Ezekiel Loyalist 4 Digby
Williams, John* Free Negro 2 Digby
Williams, Richard Loyalist 4 Digby
Wills, Hannah Loyalist 2 Digby
Wilson, Abraham Loyalist 3 Digby
Wilson, Robert Loyalist 1 Digby
Wilson, John* Master of Transport 2 Digby
Winderhold, Joseph Loyalist 1 Digby
Woods, George Loyalist 1 Digby
Wortman, Phillip Loyalist 1 Digby
Wright, John Loyalist 1 Digby
Yandle, Joseph Laborer 1 Not settled
Young, James Loyalist 1 Digby
Young, William Assistant Surgeon 2 Digby
Yule, Alexander Seaman 1 Not settled
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